SILNOTE AUDIO 1.5 meterMorpheus Reference w/ Cardas RCA's 24k Gold/ Silver SILNOTE AUDIO   1.5 meter Morpheus Reference w/ Cardas RCA's 24k Gold/ Silver  World Class Silnote Audio CablesThe voices and instruments are right in the room with you. I said to myself a couple of times, “how in the world am I going to take these cables off of my CD player”. That was the only thing I hate...199.00

SILNOTE AUDIO 1.5 meter Morpheus Reference w/ Cardas RCA's 24k Gold/ Silver World Class Silnote Audio Cables [Expired]

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The voices and instruments are right in the room with you. I said to myself a couple of times, “how in the world am I going to take these cables off of my CD player”. That was the only thing I hated about this review. It was crazy how the Poseidon’s disappeared and just got out of the way of the music. A few times I had to just take off my reviewers hat and just enjoy the music.".....................Bill Glenn Spiritual Audio "This is some of the best midrange I have heard. The sound is clear, fast and natural with a wonderful dark background . The highs are clear and extended without any harshness or sibilance, very smooth and dynamic in presentation. " ..............................Marvin Bolden Stereo Mojo. "You know what it feels like when you walk out of those high dollar rooms. And you start thinking; I wish my system at home sounded like that. Well I am getting that same sound right here in my own listening room." Bill Glenn........Spiritual Audio . "I was enjoying this CD so much it was hard to change to my second reference recording, Speak Low by Boz Scaggs (a Stereomojo recommended CD). Boz was there in the room with me, sax, bass, drums and keyboards were located in their own space with voice up front."..............................Marvin Bolden Stereo Mojo The AXPONA SHOW in JAX Florida was a huge success. Thank you to our many wonderful customers for coming out and showing your support. We all had a great time. (Please see pic in this listing) Like us on Facebook! Copy and paste the following link: The month of May 2012 we here at Silnote Audio are celebrating our 2 year anniversary. It's been 2 years and close to 4000 customers as we continue to grow with cutting edge technology in cable design. The customer is our first priority and we strive to make sure you are elated with our products. Delivering a exceptional quality product at a price to performance ratio that is second to none continues to be our focus. A big thank you going out to all our wonderful customers for making this possible! Welcome to Silnote Audio, where music is our passion. Here at Silnote Audio we build audio cables that are elegantly engineered and meticulously designed with the listener in mind. We use only the finest precious metals and materials. All conductors are individually polished by hand. All Silnote cables are custom hand crafted in house with extreme attention to detail, tested on state of the art equipment, and go through a "burning in" process. We listen to and test every cable we design. A quote from one of our dealers, " The quality of your cables remind me more of a fine piece of jewelry than they do an audio cable , and the sound quality compares to the very best (cost no object) cables, they are a work of art" .Silnote Audio Cables have been compared to and out performed other cables costing many times more. Our cables will take your system to a whole new level. We guarantee it. All Silnote Audio cables are meticulously hand crafted here in the USA. All Silnote Audio Cables go through a high current burn in process using a "Industrial Cable Burn In Generator" before they are sent to our customers. All Silnote Audio Cables offer a lifetime warranty. Proudly hand crafted in the USA. We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover card as payment. We ship world wide. All sales outside the USA must use paypal. Shipping outside the USA via USPS priority air only at $38.50 You are buying direct from Silnote Audio. For a limited time we are offering Factory Direct wholesale pricing. This allows us to pass along the huge savings to our customers. Here we have a 1.5 meter pair of the excellent Morpheus Reference w/ top line Cardas RCA's. The Morpheus Reference has an emotional involvement, true tonal accuracy, dynamic scale, and a very articulate presentation that places it among the very best. The Morpheus Reference is proudly displayed in our dealers showrooms. The Morpheus Reference is one of our top of the line 24k Gold, Silver, and Copper cable. Featuring ultra pure conductors of the most precious metals including 24k Gold, Silver, and Copper. The blended conductors are in a unique helix configuration with a internal dielectric. The Morpheus Reference excels at both frequency extremes with ample amounts of air, natural timbre of instruments, and deep well defined bass. The mid's are rich,life like,and palpable with holographic placement that extends beyond the speakers. The Morpheus paints a beautiful musical picture with detailed and full scale dynamics. All cables are treated with Caigs DeoxIT Gold for the ultimate connection.No expense is spared on building the Morpheus. Our cables have been compared to some of the best available. Silnote Audio cables have received rave reviews and recognition all over the world. FEEDBACK: Mark, "I don’t mind at all if you use my comments. You have every right to be proud of your products. Your cables convey music not audiophile hype. Well I got home and hooked them up and was floored to say the least. One of my test selections is the overture to Candide with Bernstein on DG. My room exploded with the all the excitement this piece has to offer without the over emphasis and edginess in the upper registers. Body, weight, color, timing, breadth, etc, etc… I was in audio heaven. Next I put on piano discs and the upper registers of the piano had clarity, color and sparkle but not edginess or over emphasis. I have to say this is the best my system has sounded. I had no idea I could get the level of sheer musicality I am now getting from my system by changing to your interconnects and speaker cable. I am really enjoying these Morpheus Reference cables. Combined with the Poseidon Signature and your Poseidon Ultra Reference Speaker cables my system is sounding better than ever. I just can’t imagine it sounding better. Thanks for your thoughts…. And again for your truly musical cables. " Jim Email: Mark- "I want you to know I will provide a RAVE review for you and your cables on audiogon feedback. I used your cables on my tuner (a Linn Pekin) and WOW: the sound was like a live recording rather than a radio station. I'm hearing variations in the sound of guitar strings which are amazingly natural, not like a recording but like a real instrument. You are the KING of cable. I thought someone would outbid me and am very surprised to have won them at the agreed price. I guess I chose an "off" night and it worked out. (I promise to call my local dealer and tell them about your cables!) I don't think there is ANY cable out there that is better than yours except your Poseidon (I'm taking you at your word for that since you invented it). I've gathered together a used stereo system that would cost 20,000 new and it never sounded like that until I got your cables. They are like stereo components rather than cables. Again, YOU ARE THE KING! " Dr.Keith Petrosky "Amazing value. Replaced interconnects (Stealth Metacarbon) worth 15 times their price, and they sound wonderful. True value and well-made. Good folks with whom to deal." Buyer: Thomasj (237) on 06-27-11 re: Cables "Cables (Morpheus Reference II RCA interconnects) look and sound beautiful. Great seller. Fast shipment. Good communication. I highly recommend Silnote Audio cables and I will buy from Silnote Audio again." Buyer: Doug_in_virginia (27) on 06-27-11 re: Cables " The Silnote Audio POSEIDON USB is the real deal. I compared it to my fully broken-in top-shelf ($550) USB cable and the Poseidon beat it after 10 hours of run-in. WOW! I cant wait for it to fully break-in. Dont hesitate. THANKS Mark! " "These cables are giant killers that`s for sure!The big boys should be shaking in their boots! Make sure you snap them up at these fantastic prices! Just superb sounding xlr interconnects! Highly recommended to all! A+A+A+A+A+" "This cable far exceeded my expectations. It is a flat out steal at the price. It reproduces dynamics and musical textures with great naturalness and ease. Emotionally involving and hard to stop listening. A great product!" "Mark and the team at Silnote are first class all the way. The Morpheus XLR's are excellent interconnects.....highly recommended!!! " "Wow.. truly fantastic cables.. already sounds better than the 900$ cardas xlr/rca, (borrowed from a local hi fi shop). I'm only 30 hrs (+/-) into the recommend break in period (50 - 100 hrs) and all I can say is my "bottom" feels the bass" "No such thing as double positive? Wow, these things feel like they've doubled my soundstage and definitely cure some noise and brightness in my system! And I'm just going on first impressions here!" "The Silnote Reference II ic is incredible! I've had ic's in my system costing literally 4 times as much and the Ref II is now my reference. Great guys to do business with. Highly recommended!" "Mark was very professional and he makes some really nice cables. I used his Morpheus LE Reference interconnects to replace a pair of Straightwire Virtuoso RCA's, and I'm not changing them back.They sound great! Thanks again, Mark!" "Mark, another well made , excellently packaged and quickly shipped cable. Anxious to spend extended listening time to some music with it in my system - expecting it to be as pleasurable as with your other cables I have txs" "Mark and Silnote audio are outstanding examples of how an audio company should be run. I am a thrice repeat customer who really appreciates an outstanding product which far exceeds its rather modest price tag. Thanks so much Mark!" "Great Transaction. Cables shipped quickly and I look forward to extended listening sessions as they break in. Initial listening confirms these are great sounding interconnects. Quality construction which is first class." Thank you and good luck on the auction. Please contact us with any questions. 540-206-4835 or Website: Thank you Silnote Audio
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