SIM2 C3XLink Reference The stunning world class SIM2 C3X Link reference 3 chip DLP HD projector featuring 3 high-definition chips, 6500:1 Contrast Ratio and 2500 ANSI Lumen of Brightn...4200.00

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The stunning world class SIM2 C3X Link reference 3 chip DLP HD projector featuring 3 high-definition chips, 6500:1 Contrast Ratio and 2500 ANSI Lumen of Brightness in a unique high gloss Italian design. This amazing projector provides a picturewith a clarity, contrast, colors, vividness and light output that sets a standard in high-end 3 chip DLP HD projector in the $20,000 range. The SIM2 C3X Link reference 3 chip DLP HD projector will provide a stunning picture quality with perfect uniformity across the screen with either a 100", 106", 110", 120", 123" or 144" screen.   The SIM2 C3X Link is regarded as one of the best 3 chip DLP projectors you can buy today for your private theater. An absolute stunner! A jaw dropper, I believe the screenshots shown speaks for them self. At High-End Palace projector certified trade-ins are shipped next day for free, gets a new light bulb and gets our $1000 reference calibration at no extra charge.   Only $4200! Buy the $23,995 SIM2 C3X Link 3 chip DLP high-end projector with the L1 lens and a new light bulb from High-End Palace for just $4200!     WHAT YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT PROJECTORS       The SIM2 C3X Link 3 chip DLP HD projector is truly a ground breaking projector in picture quality performance. The look? Simply stunning! A gorgeous well design chassis with beautiful lines. Performance wise it provides a picture quality with such an amazing realism, brightness, smoothness, 3D picture depth and natural lifelike colors saturation that you feel you are simply there.    The SIM2 C3X Link HD projector comes with the Link controller that has every possible input you can possibly need, HDMI, DVI, S-Video, Standard component even the 5 BNC component reference input and the magical SIM2's proprietary optical cable that provides the best cost no object connection between the Link controller and the three chip DLP projector with no loss of resolution.   Here are a few things that you must know as a consumer when considering buying any projector since there are well over 220 home theater projectors to choose from $2500 to over $100,000. How would you know which one is right for you?   Here are the ten most important things you most know when purchasing of a projector for your theater.   1. What type, design, size and quantity of the HD chips/panels used in the projector (Is it a 1 Chip or 3 Chip projector?) 2. The light output of the projector provides (ANSI Lumens?) 3. The quality, design and efficiency of the light engine 4. The quality of the lens (The optics) 5. Flexibility, features and housing design 6. The quality of the processing 7. Where is it manufacture and assemble? 8. History of the company making high-end projectors with proven record of superb picture quality. 9. Reliability (A product that will give you no trouble, an investment that will last!) 10. The quality of the overall picture, the fidelity of the projector. (NOTE: Quality and transparency of a picture has nothing to do with specs or resolution on paper.)     I am sure by now you as an educated consumer have a few projectors in mind that you are considering. If you are looking for a truly superb reference picture quality for your next projector here is what you need in a nutshell, a high quality 3 chip DLP HD projector with a high quality lens that provides between 2000 to 3000 lumens for screens sizes from 100" to 144".   SIM2 has been at the top of their game for many years now making ground-breaking technology for high-end projectors. Now days there are over 80 different manufactures making projectors but there is only a handful of manufactures that makes true reference projectors for the high-end theater perfectionist. SIM2 is considered by the  motion picture industry and videophiles as one of the best in the business, one of the top five high-end DLP projector manufactures in the world.     Even Francis the American film director, producer, and screenwriter of the movie "THE GODFATHER" uses SIM2 DLP projectors for his studio and home and he has tried and seen everything in the book of high-end projectors.   SIM2 offers two optional $3000 all glass lenses for the C3X Link the T1 or T2 for greater flexibility; these lenses are extremely sharp high quality lenses for short and long throw. When it comes to lenses there is no substitute for high quality lenses, is like high-end photography, a high quality lens will provide superior overall clarity, contrast, color saturation, better detail and edge to edge sharpness. There is no difference for high-end projectors; high quality lenses for high-end projectors will provide superior overall clarity, contrast, color saturation, better detail and edge to edge sharpness, a picture quality that it's simply in another level of performance.   The SIM2 C3X Link 3 chip DLP HD projector features the patented world class ALPHA™ Path 3-Chip Light Engine, the heart of any projector, 3 DarkChip™DLP HD chips, 6500:1 contrast ratio, 2500 ANSI Lumens, a beautiful big solid remote with large buttons that light up in blue and a unique chassis design with curves that screams high-end, luxury. You know by looking at this projector that it had to be Italian, is made and assemble in Italy, no wonder it's called the Ferrari of the 3 chip DLP projectors.    For inquiries and sales contact Larry at High-End Palace Open every day from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM Tel: 786 388-8050 / Fax 786 388-8051 E-mail address: Website:



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