SIMAUDIO600Ihere's your chance to get your hands on one of the finest amp's in the world. introducing the moon evolution 600i. this is a dual mono integrated amplifier. im the original owner. and its less then...6200.00


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here's your chance to get your hands on one of the finest amp's in the world. introducing the moon evolution 600i. this is a dual mono integrated amplifier. im the original owner. and its less then a year old. bought in the summer of 2011. the unit is like brand new super low hours. The 600i is impeccably made in every way. from its fully balanced dual-mono architecture (unusual in an integrated amplifier) down to the feel of its remote control. The unit exudes a sense of luxury and refinement that overlays some serious hardware inside the chassis. The 600i is software-controlled, imbuing the amplifier with a host of convenience features. You can adjust the gain of each input independently so that there are no volume jumps when switching sources, select any input as a “theater bypass” when using the i600 with a multichannel controller, name each input for viewing on the large front-panel LED display, and set the maximum volume for any input. The software can be updated via an RS232 port. A SimLink port allows you to connect other Simaudio components for integrated control and operation. Four unbalanced inputs and one balanced input are provided. The line-output jacks allow the 600i to be used as a preamplifier to drive an external amplifier. These single-ended jacks can be configured as fixed-level or variable-level outputs. A large display (dimmable) shows the selected input, volume, or balance setting. Output terminals are high-quality WBT binding posts. The remote control, machined from a solid block of aluminum, offers direct selection of inputs, volume and balance controls, mute, and power buttons. The remote’s lower section includes controls for Simaudio’s CD players. The remote is gracefully curved and fits nicely in the hand, unlike some aluminum remotes that feel chunky and awkward. here's what one reviewer said. I had high expectations for the 600i based on my previous experience with Simaudio’s integrated amplifiers, but that didn’t prepare me for just how great this amplifier sounded. Dropping the 600i into a world-class, reference-quality system (including the $97,500 Rockport Altair loudspeakers), I was startled not just by the 600i’s specific sonic attributes, but by its sheer ability to communicate musical expression. And this was with the 600i replacing $145k worth of BAlabo preamplifier and amplifier—a tough act to follow if ever there was one. The 600i never failed to involve me in the performances, encouraged long listening sessions, and continued to reveal strengths over the weeks the amplifier was in my system—all signs of a great product. The 600i sounded like expensive separates, not an integrated amplifier. The first thing that struck me was how resolved and dimensional the music sounded. The soundstage was richly layered, with depth portrayed along a continuum and a real sense of bloom around images. More importantly, the 600i resolved individual instruments and musical lines anywhere along that depth continuum, creating a sense of musical vividness. This paid dividends in the 600i’s ability to communicate the composer or performers’ intentions. Many amplifiers—even some expensive ones—tend to obscure the timbres (and thus musical contributions) of quiet instruments when in the presence of louder ones, diluting musical expression. The 600i’s resolution of low-level instruments, along with the outstanding clarity of timbre, fostered the impression of a richer and denser canvas, and along with it, a greater sense of life and vibrancy. The Simaudio 600i is simply a great product in every way—design, execution, tactile feel, ergonomics, and musical expressiveness. The sonic presentation hit all the audiophile criteria—outstanding dynamics and bass, low levels of timbral coloration, spectacular soundstaging—but the 600i went beyond these specific performance attributes to deliver a truly compelling music experience. I was particularly struck by the 600i’s ability to “rise to the occasion” when placed in a system of world-class source components and loudspeakers. Switching from the B&W 802D to the nearly six-figure Rockport Altairs, the 600i showed me more of the amplifier’s strengths rather than exposing its limitations. If you want the sound quality of a separate preamplifier and power amplifier in a compact, beautifully engineered package, I can’t think of a better choice than the Simaudio 600i..........................IM NEW TO AUDIOGON. BUT I DO HAVE PERFECT FEEDBACK ON EBAY THANK YOU..
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