Trinnov AudioAmethystTrinnov Audio Amethyst plus microphone - preamp with speaker room optimizer!For sale is my ex demo Trinnov Amethyst at a heavily reduced price. Also included is the 3D calibration microphone. The Trinnov Amethyst is the perfect centerpiece of any traditional or modern Hifi...4501.00

Trinnov Audio Amethyst plus microphone - preamp with speaker room optimizer! [Expired]

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For sale is my ex demo Trinnov Amethyst at a heavily reduced price. Also included is the 3D calibration microphone. The Trinnov Amethyst is the perfect centerpiece of any traditional or modern Hifi installation and incorporates:

  • an 11-source preamplifier with built-in Speaker/Room Optimizer,

  • Trinnov’s innovative Hybrid Phono Preamp,

  • a Network Renderer,

  • built-in Wifi connectivity for simplified operations,

  • 3D microphone for room calibration,

  • a 24 bit/192kHz DA Converter and

  • a 2-way intelligent active crossover engine.

11 Source High-End Preamplifier

  • 2 balanced analogue sources on XLR connectors

  • 1 single-ended analogue source on RCA connectors

  • 1 single-ended analogue source on RCA connectors switchable to Phono

  • 2 AES/EBU digital sources on XLR connectors

  • 2 Coaxial S/PDIF digital sources on RCA connectors

  • 2 Optical S/PDIF digital sources on TosLink connectors

  • 1 High-Resolution UpnP Network Source (Ethernet, WiFi)

MM Phono Preamp

  • Trinnov HybriD Technology: innovative RIAA filter, combining an analog circuit for the low-end and a dedicated digital algorithm for the high frequencies.

Hi-Resolution Network Renderer

  • High Resolution file support

  • UpnP Protocol (DLNA Compatible Digital Media Renderer)

  • Supported formats: WAV, AIFF, OGG, FLAC up to 24 bits / 192 kHz

  • Roon ingration – enables the streaming of all the music available on local computers and NAS drives as well as music services like TIDAL, directly to the Amethyst and play them at the highest-possible quality.

AD/DA Converters

  • A/D signal-to-noise ratio: 119 dB (A-weighted)

  • D/A signal-to-noise ratio: 118 dB (A-weighted)

  • High Performance jitter attenuation (better than 50dB above 100Hz)

  • Supported A/D sampling rates: 44.1 / 48 / 88,2 / 96 kHz

  • Supported D/A sampling rates: 44,1 / 48 / 88,2 / 96 / 176,4 / 192 kHz

  • Word Clock Input/output

Easy Setup

  • Insert the Amethyst between your sources and the amplifiers, and connect the microphone

  • Run the step-by-step calibration wizard

  • Select one of the 5 automatically generated compensations

  • Change the target curves and other optimization parameters

  • Store up to 29 user-defined presets

3D Room Calibration Microphone

  • 4 recording capsules in a tetrahedron configuration

  • 3D speaker localization

  • Individual compensation file

  • Frequency response +/- 0.1DB 20Hz-20Khz

  • Spatial accuracy +/- 2 degrees in all directions

  • this is an included accessory. Normal retail is US$1200..

Built-in Room/Speaker Optimizer

  • Step-by-step calibration wizard

  • Multi-point acoustic measurements (Trinnov 3D measurement microphone included)

  • Time/frequency acoustic analysis based on impulse response measurement

  • Loudspeaker/room optimization

  • Target curves

  • Wide listening area

  • Improved phase response

  • Improved tonal balance

  • 2D/3D loudspeaker remapping

  • 64 bits floating point processing

Active Crossovers / Bi-Amplification

  • 2-way intelligent active crossover

  • Available filters: Linkwitz–Riley, Bessel, Butterworth of 2nd, 3rd and 4th order • Measurement and alignment at the listening point

Output formats

  • 1x stereo

  • 2x stereo

  • bi-amp

  • 2.1

  • 2.2

  • LCR

  • LCRS

  • 3.1

  • Quad


  • Dedicated linear power supply with toroidal transformer for the analogue audio circuit

  • Internally switchable 110v / 220v.

Remote Control

  • Built in WiFi Access Point and Client

  • IR remote

  • VNC: remote control through the network from a tablet, smartphone or laptop

  • Gigabit ethernet: Crestron module available in the download section

  • Telnet and RS-232 Protocol


  • Size (w,d,h): 442x445x103 (incl. feet)mm

  • Weight: 10Kg

  • Packaging size (w,d,h): 550,600,220mm

  • Packaging weight: 13.8Kg


The Amethyst is designed and built in France by Trinnov. For further details see

Joel Chevassus of 6Moons awarded the Amethyst the Blue Moon 2014 award

That’s the concentrated know-how hiding inside the Trinnov box which is so impressive. The Trinnov Optimizer to my knowledge is the most subtle correction processor to intelligently balance between truly helpful corrections and those liable to create more problems. If I had to highlight just one special feature of the Amethyst, I would in fact highlight this particular user-friendliness!

The Anethyst was elected ‘Best innovative Solution’ at the 2014 High End Moscow Show, and‘Reference’ by French ‘Haute Fidelite’ magazine 2013. Philippe David of Haute Fidelite reached the folwing verdict in the Aug/Sep 2016 edition ..

This device has impressed both our spirit and our demanding ears. With its clever hardware design and its highly effective acoustic correction software, this piece of cutting-edge technology is able to erase the undesired effects of the speaker/room coupling. Given all its qualities in the processing of sound, such a device should be mandatory. It makes itself indispensable in a high-fidelity installation. An absolute must have!

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