EMM LabsSwitchman 3usedEMM Labs Switchman 3Up for sale EMM Labs SWITCHMAN-3 Fully balanced Professional-grade Multichannel PreampAudiophile multi-channel preamplifier highly regarded by audiophiles and professional recording studio engineer...2790.00

EMM Labs Switchman 3 [Expired]

no longer for sale

Up for sale EMM Labs SWITCHMAN-3 Fully balanced Professional-grade Multichannel Preamp

Audiophile multi-channel preamplifier highly regarded by audiophiles and professional recording studio engineers for 2 channel or multi-channel applications.

In excellent physical and operational condition.

From EMMLabs:
The SwitchMan-3 system is a switching control center. The complete system
consists of the Main Unit and a wired Remote. All user controls and displays are on
the Remote. The Remote draws power from the Main Unit. The following list
summarizes features of this product:
• 4 sets of 6-channel inputs:
2 balanced/unbalanced inputs with XLR connectors
one balanced/unbalanced input with XLR and RCA connectors
one unbalanced input, RCA only
• 6-channel output with two connector sets: balanced (XLR) and unbalanced
• Proprietary, fully electronic volume control system
• Individual level trim and mute functions on all channels, all inputs
• Templates store the system set-up data
• 115/230V 50/60Hz operating voltage
The signal path is made of six electrically identical channels. The gain and noise
characteristics are:
• Maximum gain (balanced IN to balanced OUT) 9 dB
• Gain control range better than 62 dB
• Max. output level 26 dBu
• Max. input level 22 dBu
• S/N (Uout = 2V RMS, A-weighted) > 110 dB
• THD (Uout = 2V RMS) < 0.01%
• Crosstalk better than -80 dB

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