$27,000 Lamm M2.2 Hybrid Power Amplifier$27,000 Lamm  M2.2 Hybrid Power AmplifierLamm M2.2 Hybrid Power Amplifier "The M2.2 reproduces music with the highest degree of resolution, exquisitely nuanced spatial layering, the trueness of instrumental timbre."...12800.00

$27,000 Lamm M2.2 Hybrid Power Amplifier [Expired]

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Lamm M2.2
Hybrid Power Amplifier

"The M2.2 reproduces music with the highest degree of resolution, exquisitely nuanced spatial layering, the trueness of instrumental timbre." (Jay Fisher, The Robb Report) This listing is for a pair of $27,000 Lamm M2.2 Hybrid monoblock amplifiers for $12,800 or best offer.

This is Lamm's most powerful amplifier model, a 220W class A/AB hybrid. These amps were completely redone at the Lamm factory in 2014, the owner spent over nearly $4,000 with freight on having these amps refurbished at the Lamm factory. This included replacing the expensive Cornell Dubilier electrolytic capacitors and other critical parts to refresh the amps and to make them like new. This is especially meaningful because as reviewer John Johnson, Jr. from Secrets of Home Theater and High fidelity said of these amps: "The capacitors, resistors, inductors, and other items in there are the best that money can buy. No cost-savings parts anywhere." Vladimir Lamm said they were good as new and should be good for 15 years of use without needing anything. 15 years is what you can expect from amps like these because after that you have to replace the caps at least and it's better to do a full job of it like what was just done.

This is a complete set with original manual, power cords and crates.

So these are NOT equivalent to most used Lamms I've seen because they've had all this work done. So these should last longer and perform better than the others and hence our price is a little higher than some of those, though I have seen some for the same as we're asking that hadn't been redone. This price is way below the $15,033 Audiogon private party Blue Book value. And we're a dealer so you also get the confidence and long-term support of buying from a dealer vs. a private individual. But you're certainly not paying the full cost of the refurbishment and these are still priced well below Blue Book even with all that work having been done. We hope that someone will find this to be a very fair deal and get lasting value from the purchase. Having bought used amps before myself only to find they had gone bad and have them damage my speakers I know that I am very sensitive on this issue and I want to be sure that used amps have been recapped and will be ready for many years of use or I don't want to touch them. Of course, if someone just barely has the money to afford the cheapest pair offered and then deal with whatever comes along we understand that and wish that person well. This sale is more targeted to those who want the big savings of buying a used piece of gear but can afford to pay a bit more to have the assurance of buying one that has recently been gone through and redone by Mr. Lamm and his staff.

These are perfect for the audiophile who has hard to drive speakers; they are stable anywhere from 1-16 Ohms which I believe is as wide a range as any amp on the market. Also great if you have an overly "dead" room that you need to pour a lot of power into. Or for someone like me who loves the sound of tubes but isn't willing to give up on bass response. I absolutely can't stand the rolled off bass that some tube amps provide. No matter how beautiful they sound in the upper registers I am done with that sort of amp in minutes, I have to have my bass. These hybrid amps give you the best of both worlds. You get the sweetness the tubes bring to the mids and highs while also enjoying the rocking bass of a solid state output stage. I don't say these things as well as the reviewers, but that is my analysis and I have seriously considered keeping these amps for myself. My main speakers are super efficient and can easily be driven with 7 watt tube amps so I have absolutely no use for the power these provide, and my wife points out that I don't have a good place for them either, but there is something about them that makes me desire them even if they are not the most practical amp for my current situation. That is indicative of just how magical they are.

If you've ever attended an audio show you probably know Vladimir Lamm. He's always there, spinning his immense collection of classical vinyl. Often he has 2 rooms with different reference speakers set up in each one to help everyone find a way to enjoy his incredible electronics. His gear is handmade in Brooklyn, USA which is quite a feat and deserves admiration in itself. These Lamms are among the very finest amps I've ever heard. And they have the power and the capability to drive practically any speaker in existence. Things like massive electrostatic panels that will destroy other high quality amps are no problem for these M2.2's.

These units are operationally flawless and complete with all original items. But they do have minor cosmetic nicks and scratches. Nothing major, just looking at them casually they look perfect. Someone who really cares could also touch up most of these flaws with a sharpie, it's easy to do on black finishes like this. But we don't retouch any of the gear we sell, we want you to see it just as it actually is and then you may do as you like. That said, the owner of these cares for his gear extraordinarily well. They have been kept in a dedicated audiophile building that is climate controlled, pet free, kid free and smoke free of course. We've sold many items for this gentleman and we have never had a complaint, return or issue of any kind with any of his items, knock on wood always.

These amps are being sold very reluctantly by our customer who truly loves them. He settled on these after trying a number of other amps and he felt that the Lamm M2.2's blew away anything else he had compared them to, both with his current speakers, which are a Scaena Master Reference system that was previously owned by Harry Pearson, and with his previous Genesis speakers. I watched as he replaced component after component in his system, very actively seeking a better level of sound. He tried products from Aesthetix, Allnic, Audio Research, Synergistic Research, staggeringly expensive cables from Stage III and power strips from HBS in Germany, he redid his grounding with a chem ground system, on and on. But he wouldn't even consider replacing these Lamms, he was convinced that there was nothing anywhere close to the price that could give him sound as good as these had done. But about 2 years ago he bought an Ypsilon VPS 100 tube phono stage from us to replace his Audio Research Reference 2 Phono stage which is a well known and well loved audiophile standard. He found the Ypsilon phono to be an absolute revelation with his Walker Black Diamond table and Clearaudio cartridge. He went on and on about how sweet and clear it was. And so he kept having a hankering to try more Ypsilon.

I mentioned to him the Ypsilon SET 100 Ultimates which, in my opinion, are the finest amps I have ever heard and the finest amps made at any price. I invited him to come with me to a show or to my Ypsilon distributor's home for a full system Ypsilon demo but he really is of the same opinion that I am that unless you try something in your own system with your own gear, room acoustics, recordings and everything else that the demo is of pretty limited value. Sure, you can learn something, particularly about a speaker. And you can rule out some things that just sound bad to you or are not to your taste. But with electronics of the absolute highest quality just going to a show and hearing those in a system you are not intimately familiar with is not going to tell you all that you want to know. And this customer is very astute. He realizes there are many characteristics to every piece of gear and no one thing does everything best. He has certain things that he cares about very deeply. For example, a huge sound stage that is absolutely detailed and accurate is very high on his list. And these Lamm M2.2's gave him that better than any other amp he had ever tried. He knew that he might get the Ypsilons and that maybe the silver transformers would give them a certain sweetness he would love or the SET tubes would bring out more from the music in certain passages, but he felt that if the Ypsilons couldn't match that immersive 3D soundstage he was so used to with these Lamm amps, then he would end up regretting the purchase even if they did have certain good things about them.

So he went back and forth for a long time. But eventually my customer decided to take the plunge, a very big plunge indeed, and to order a pair of the $125,000 top of the line Ypsilon SET 100 Ultimate Monoblocks for his system just before Christmas. And that is why these Lamms are available. He will be the first one to admit that the Ypsilons do sound better although he is shocked at how much more he paid for what he describes as certainly a wonderful and a worthwhile upgrade for a dedicated audiophile such as himself, but not an enormous change by any means, just a nice upgrade that if you can afford that incredible amount of money to do that, then sure, why wouldn't you? He just bought his daughter a Lexus and he keeps telling me that he can't believe he bought a pair of amps that sell for as much as 4 entry level Lexus automobiles. I should say that this man is very down to earth and very frugal. I was humbled when I first arrived at his home to find that while he had a Lloyd Walker Black Diamond turntable and some other goodies I will likely never be able to afford, all housed in a wonderful dedicated building built just for his audio system, his car was an old Toyota truck. And he changes the oil himself. He hates waste, he didn't even buy the Toyota new! He still empathizes with those in need and I have seen how he and his company take pains to help low income citizens. He remembers coming from poverty himself. But, obviously he's had great success or he wouldn't have bought a $125K pair of amps and be having me sell off his used $27K pair which seem cheap by comparison but in terms of normal figures that is still a pretty staggering sum.

Listening to the Lamm's driving the Scaena Master Reference speakers that were Harry Pearson's reference pair of speakers in his listening room in Seacrest, Long Island (we sold Mr. Pearson's Scaenas to our client just before Mr. Pearson passed away) I heard a soundstage that rivaled anything I have ever heard anywhere. Even with the old Genesis speakers, which were dated but still sounded wonderful, the Lamm's delivered sound that put to shame the vast majority of rooms that you hear at audio shows. And I'm talking about a speaker that came out almost 20 years ago driven by an amp that came out over 10 years ago! But they killed most "state of the art" systems. I don't have the gift that the reviewers do for describing what they hear, I wish that I did but I don't. But I think after 30 years in this hobby and 15 in the business I have a pretty good ear for what is truly exceptional audio gear and absolutely I count the M2.2's among the most exceptional pieces I have ever heard. Even if you don't actually NEED all the power that these amps can deliver it is wonderful to have it. Certainly my client did not need anywhere close to this level of power, his speakers have six 18 inch subwoofers that are powered by 2 racks of separate amps so these amps were just driving the mids and highs, and even on his prior Genesis speakers those had separate sub amps also. So these have probably never really been driven hard.

Obviously if you could afford a pair of the Ypsilon Ultimate SET amps and you don't already have a Ypsilon dealer please get in touch. Those are the most musical amps I have ever heard without question. I love Ypsilon beyond any other electronics. Actually I have the very first pair of Ypsilon's new $40,000 Aelius II monoblocks in my house right now which I'm breaking in for the Newport High End Audio Show first week in June. Please come see us in Penthouse Suite 1406 if you'll be attending Newport, we'll have some great raffle prizes you can win from our partner companies Aurender, Golden Ear Digital and Verastarr. We'll be demoing the Aelius II's for the first time anywhere in the world with a full system of Ypsilon electronics, a top of the line $18,000 Aurender W20 music server and speaker designer Robert Lee's acclaimed top of the line Acoustic Zen Maestro loudspeakers. Everything will be wired with award winning cables from Verastarr, their room won a Best of Show at RMAF in 2015 and we are very excited to be showing with all these fine companies and can't wait to see our customers there in Newport.

So yes I absolutely recommend brand new Ypsilon electronics if you can afford it, and the owner of these amps for whom I am consigning the Lamms certainly agrees with me and knows I am going to say this in the ad for his amps. But we both recognize that all of this gear is a luxury. And many people come to Audiogon looking for all the musical value of a brand new piece of gear with dramatically less expense. Which brings us back to these Lamms. Since these are broken in they'll sound better than what you'd get if you go and drop $27K for a brand new pair of Lamms, but they cost well under half that much. Yes, they do have little cosmetic flaws, none of them major, but see the pics below. If you demand absolute cosmetic perfection these ones aren't for you. Then again, if they didn't have those nicks, we'd be selling them for more so you can look at those as saving you money if they don't bother you. In fact, one of the reasons I like Lamm so much is that they seem to just go for a plain look and to put all the money into the sound. While you have so many companies competing to make amps that look so beautiful, and I will admit sometimes I feel a temptation to own one myself, but then I think it over and I go "Hey, this thing could cost a lot less if they just put it in a plain black or silver case and didn't do all that fancying up which isn't going to make it sound any better!"

And since these have been rebuilt and brought up to date if you can live with tiny nicks and scratches then you can have the best of both worlds--you get the price of used amps but the quality and longevity of new. And they're burned in which is a huge plus. It takes a long time to burn in massive amps like this. I was told I need to put at least 600 hours on the Aelius II's before I show them at Newport and probably the same would hold true for these Lamms. So think about how long it would take to put that kind of hours on if you bought a brand new pair. You get that already done for you with these. You're able to buy a pair of Lamm's most powerful class A/AB Hybrid monoblocks for the price you could pay for a basic mass produced McIntosh or Mark Levinson branded amplifier! I mean seriously. I know that $12,800 isn't cheap but compared to the $125,000 amps my customer bought to replace these which he says are just a little bit better, a little closer to that elusive audiophile perfection we all crave, these things are a really good value.

The M2.2 works on all world AC line voltages, they are currently set to work on 120 Volt systems. Voltage conversion is done at Lamm's factory. If you need these to be converted, please contact us and we can get you a quote on what that would cost.  I think it's mainly just the cost of an extra leg of shipping. They come with the original crates in great shape. We get huge freight discounts and can have these delivered anywhere for usually a quite reasonable price. If you need a freight quote please just ask. We have 15 years of experience delivering worldwide with perfect feedback.

If you're attending Newport and want us to bring them out to the show and deliver them there we could possibly do that for you too.

Since we are selling these on consignment that means we generally won't take trades toward them though in rare cases we might make an exception. Please contact us if you'd like us to consider something of that nature.

My son has gathered some review excerpts for the amps below, and my wife has put in the full specifications for these Lamm M2.2 amplifiers. You will also find the shipping specifications and our policies. High End Zone is a family company and we treat our customers like family too. Thanks for looking, I hope you will continue to read and if these amps would make a great addition to your system then I hope you will take them home.

"The music was never fatiguing with all this detail, because it was detail that was actually in the recording, not an artificial edge that you hear with some amplifiers that use too much negative feedback (in fact, the M2.2 does not use any global negative feedback).
I listened for hours and hours on end. The timbre was correct as well, with no emphasis on any particular region of the audible spectrum.
I don't know if the Lamm M2.2 is the best power amplifier in the world, because I have not heard all the power amplifiers out there. But, I can say that it is one of the best audio products I have ever heard, period. ..... I simply can't imagine anything sounding better than this.
" (from John E. Johnson, Jr.'s Lamm M2.2review.)

In a review for the Robb Report, Jay Fisher had this to say about the Lamm M2.2s:
"The M2.2's scientific instrument styling belies its ability to bring astonishing life to recorded music. This is an honest amp that sounds like neither a solid-state nor a tube amplifier. In fact, it doesn't "sound" like anything except the music."
"Through the most extreme dynamic ranges, from the quiet shuffling of feet backstage to violently explosive orchestral crescendos, recordings are delivered so accurately and effortlessly that the listener is afforded the opportunity to forget about everything but the music.

Here is the description that Lamm gives these Power Amplifiers:
"Model M2.2 is the most powerful amplifier in the line of Lamm hybrid and solid-state audio equipment. It is one of the best creations of its designer's professional career -- a result of years of intensive research directed at attaining the most accurate reproduction of recorded music.

The M2.2 is a masterful blend of design and engineering simplicity. It assures the recreation of a three dimensional sound stage in the home, recording studio, etc. without boundaries and limitations. A distinctive feature of the M2.2 is the extraordinary transparency and localization of perceived sound.

It is a pure class A amplifier, with the exception of the output stage which operates in a highly biased A/AB mode. The M2.2 incorporates high-speed MOS-FET transistors in the output stage with no overall feedback. Special switch-selectable biasing circuit maintains the optimal idle current of the output stage for all load conditions between 1-16 Ohms. It is a hybrid design with the one specially selected 6922 vacuum triode.

The M2.2 is conservatively rated to deliver 220 Watts into 8 and 4 Ohms in a highly biased A/AB mode (high and low impedance settings, respectively); 440 Watts into 2 Ohms, and 600 Watts into 1 Ohm (low impedance setting), continuous. The M2.2 can drive any known speaker. The harmonic structure remains intact regardless of the speaker load, while the extreme clarity is maintained at all power levels."

As you can see, the back of an M2.2 includes:

*Balanced Inputs in the form of 3-pin gold-plated XLR connectors.
With the following Pin assignment: pin 1 = signal ground; pin 2 = non-inverting input (+); pin 3 = inverting input (-).

*Non-inverting Inputs in the form of: brass, gold plated, single-ended RCA connector (connected in parallel with pin 2 of XLR connector).

*Inverting Inputs in the form of: brass, gold plated, single-ended RCA connector (connected in parallel with pin 3 of XLR connector).

*Outputs: Two sets of brass, gold plated binding posts.

If you would like to explore Lamm's seriously thorough presentation of this wonderful amp's specifications, please do so on their web page.

Feel free to contact us if you need to upgrade any of your cables, amp stands or other items in your system to the current spec at the same time through email at Sales@HighEndZone.com or by phone at 575.535.2280 and we'll be happy to assist you with a package deal for everything that you need. Thank you.

We have disabled the "Buy it Now" button on Audiogon because we had a whole run of people 2 years ago who agreed to buy then didn't pay. We prefer to do business the old fashioned way where we exchange emails like gentlemen and conduct a smooth and safe transaction for all parties. Because we don't own this we cannot take much less than the asking price for it. If you make us a low offer there is no way I am going to go to this gentleman and tell him that I have a low offer, that so and so really wants it but his wife won't let him spend more than X amount for it. I'll just ignore the lowball offer and wait til a better one comes in. However, if you want to buy this together with some other items, as part of a package deal, then that would be something we can discuss. Just let me know what items you want.

If you are the one who decides to purchase this item, thank you and enjoy! Our full store policies are included below the pictures, but for now I would like to let you know about a few of them. For payment, we are happy to accept a cashier's check, a bank wire or PayPal. If PayPal is your preferred payment method then please add the following percentage of your purchase and shipping price to your total to cover the PayPal fees: 3% for domestic buyers or 4% for international buyers. Also, since this is a consignment sale where the equipment does not belong to us but to our customer, we need to ask that the buyer promptly inspect and test the item upon receipt and report any problems found so that if there is a problem found we could withhold funds from paying our customer to deal with the problem. We don't think there will be any problem, but once we have paid him we won't have any recourse if any problem is found. So, please take the time to unpack and test as soon after the equipment arrives as possible. Our policy states that we will hear from you within 10 days of receipt if any discrepancy is found. However, what we really want is to receive your email saying how much this enhances your listening experience right away, just as soon as possible so that we know you are satisfied. But if there is any problem at all then we want to hear about that right away as well, so that we can make it right for you and make this a successful transaction for all concerned!

Also, because we're selling this for a client and have to give him the cash for it, we're not going to take trades unless you make us some trade offer that we consider to be so far in our favor that we can't resist putting in our own money to buy your gear. An exception to this that we would be willing to consider would be that if you want to buy this AND some other items that we sell then we'll try and make you a package deal for all of it. Since this is not ours we cannot discount it much, but we can give you an extra discount on other items we sell to make you a package deal. So if you want some Lansche speakers or Ypsilon amps or any of the many other things we sell, which are listed below, then please email us about it.

We would be happy to sell your gear on consignment if that would help you to purchase this or other items from the High End Zone. In some cases we might sell your gear on consignment even if you don't want to buy more gear from us, if the gear is very nice. Our most successful customers are very busy folks and we understand that if they spend hours answering questions from Audiogoners, that is thousands of dollars that they lost in terms of what they could have earned with that time. We do have some restrictions as to what we can sell because of the manufacturer rules about online sales and so on, but we do our best to help. We can arrange to have the gear picked up from your home or office, or in some cases we can even have someone come in and pack it for you. Then we will handle all the testing, photography, sales of the item and follow up after the sale. Since many people prefer to buy from a dealer and because we have 12 years of perfect feedback on Audiogon and Ebay with no neutrals or negatives ever we can usually get more for your items than you could get yourself. Depending on the exact item, you may net as much or even slightly more having us sell it. And once you factor in the value of your time, it's a clear savings to let us sell the gear for you. So let us know if we can be of service to you in that area.

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The pictures in this listing of Lamm M2.2s are all of the actual M2.2 Power Amplifiers that are for sale.

If you look closely, you may notice that in the angled picture of the face plate above, there is a small nick on the upper corner.

In the picture above you may or may not be able to see a small nick on the top of one of the heat sink fins. Any nicks in the paint that we found were about this size. We do our best to disclose any flaws that we find so that the new owner will not have any surprises. If it were ours to keep we would either give the few small nicks a little black paint and or even use a sharpie to cover them up. But, we believe that is up to the end buyer to decide and so we do our job by pointing them out to you. The next picture here shows a manufacturing flaw in the shape of the back fin.

The next two pictures here are being shown to you in an effort to reveal a cosmetic flaw that is really only noticeable once you remove the caps on the binding posts and even so, you will probably need to zoom in on this to see it - the black paint below the caps has rubbed off a bit. This is only on one of the amps and in no way hinders the functionality.

With the binding posts back on, you can't even tell.

This is a complete set with original manual, power cords and crates.

Here is the shipping info for the $27,000 Lamm M2.2 Power Amplifiers

2 Wooden Crates
Each measuring:
26 inches long X 21 inches wide X 14 inches high

Each Weighing:
100 lbs

Origin: We ship from Gila, NM 88038 / USA

Please email us at Sales@HighEndZone.com if you are sincerely interested in purchasing this and have any questions. We may also be contacted by phone at 575.535.2280.

Thank you for your interest.

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In the case of items that are shipped internationally the buyer is responsible to make sure the item clears customs in a timely manner. We've had cases where buyers waited a long time to pay their customs bill, delaying the release of the item. The trouble with that is we need to know promptly if there is any problem with your item so that we can file a shipping claim if needed or withhold payment from a consignor or a supplier on a defective item, etc. So we now require that any item be picked up from Customs within 5 business days or less in order to preserve the buyer's protections for shipping damage and defective merchandise under our selling policies. We discourage the use of Postal Mail as it may be harder to meet this deadline using that shipping method. Generally FedEx will clear items within one business day.

We can sometimes make an exception to some of the above policies if you change your mind in order to buy something else that we can sell you that costs more. For example, if you make a deal to buy a JL f113 from us and then you decide that what you REALLY want is a Gotham g213, then we can probably work it out to make that switch for you without a restocking fee. That said, please don't buy if you're not sure that you want the item you are buying. If you need to check with your wife, your broker, your business partner, your kids, or the Supreme Court before you buy, please do that. The High End Zone cannot be held responsible for any case of wives beating their husbands for spending too much money on good gear!

The High End Zone is a full service home theater dealer located in Southwest New Mexico. While we are well established as the premier dealer in our small town market, we also serve many clients who have multiple homes or live in far-flung places. The world is increasingly a small place and I delight in talking with and serving clients from all continents and many countries of the world. Depending on your needs we are happy to just sell you gear (note some manufacturers may prohibit us from sending gear to certain places) or we can provide a full service experience including system design, acoustic design and construction, installation, programming, and more. We've done work for very high profile clients with multiple homes and we are also proud to serve many hobbyists who enjoy this hobby on a modest budget. No matter your budget, we'll strive to provide the products you want at a price that is fair with top shelf service.

Some of the many lines we sell include, but are not limited to:

AB Amps
Acoustic Sciences Corporation ASC Tube Traps
Audio Desk
Capriccio Continuo (ATD)
Da-Lite screens
Daniel Hertz (ultimate audio creations of Mr. Mark Levinson)
Dragonfly screens
Extreme Media Servers
Finite Elemente
Golden Acoustics
HB Cable Design
JBL Synthesis
Key Digital
Mark Levinson
Middle Atlantic
PHC (Professional Home Cinema)
Polk Audio
Screen Excellence
Screen Innovations
SE2 Labs
Silverline Audio
Stage III
Stewart Film Screens
Transparent Cables

*List includes lines we are factory direct with as well as lines we get through distribution or through our extensive dealer network. Most customers don't care whether we are factory direct if we provide authentic product and great service at a fair price, but if you care about this or any other issue, please ask us.

Unlike most shops that sell a very small number of lines that they are authorized for and will always try and talk customers in to buying just those few lines, we are willing to sell you virtually any line that you want. Obviously we make a lower profit if we have to get it from another dealer, but our goal is to provide you, the customer, with one stop shopping and top notch service. It's more like the business model of Amazon than the old school brick and mortar stores. We want the customer's business and we will try and earn it by providing competitive pricing and top notch service for you on whatever brands you want. Of course if you are not sure what brands are best for your needs and want us to provide expert analysis of what gear represents the best value for your dollar, we are more than happy to provide that too. We spend a great deal of time and money listening to and viewing a wide range of audio and video systems, as well as bringing in gear for long-term testing in our facilities. Most of the salesmen you might deal with in a home theater store do NOT have a high-end audio video system in their homes. I have 4 such systems, including Runcos in every nook and cranny, and I live with this stuff daily. So I truly know what works well and what is worth spending money on and what is not. And even if I used something for years and loved it, when I hear something better, that is a better value, I switch immediately. My main loyalty is to the customer and your satisfaction--I want you to buy not just one thing from us, but all your gear, for life, and to recommend us to your friends and family. To that end, I will strive to give you the best and most honest advice, fair prices and great service. And I'll try to get you any brand you want, ultimately your system needs to satisfy you, not me.

Our clients certainly enjoy their home audio and video rooms. We do as well and hope you'll also take pleasure and be inspired by the variety of these beautiful installations.

Some aspects of making an informed choice in an audiophile grade listening room or a home theater system are worth a little extra effort. We invite you to contact the High End Zone for help in making your choices, we will make the extra effort worthwhile.

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