PS AudioBHK Signature 300 series systemPS Audio BHK Signature 300 series system 5 pc.amp(s) preamp, Direct Stream DAC & P10 complete systemHUGE DISCOUNT Oct 13-14-15th - email for details!Listing for Reference stack includes; (1) PS Audio BHK preamp (2) PS Audio BHK 300 Mono Block power amps (1) PS Audio Direct Stream DAC (1) PS A...32000.00

PS Audio BHK Signature 300 series system 5 pc.amp(s) preamp, Direct Stream DAC & P10 complete system [Expired]

no longer for sale

HUGE DISCOUNT Oct 13-14-15th - email for details!

Listing for Reference stack includes;

(1) PS Audio BHK preamp

(2) PS Audio BHK 300 Mono Block power amps

(1) PS Audio Direct Stream DAC

(1) PS Audio PerfectWave P10 Power Plant

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Our BEST recommendation match PS Audio's set-up w/Reference 3A Sema Zen speakers this system has a very modest retail price of $57,000 the Entire set-up on SALE for just $41,700 savings of $15,300


Representing nearly half a century of relentless pursuit and passionate desire to create utterly musical loudspeakers. Sema-Zen sounds powerful, effortless, delicately refined and very coherent all at once.

Extensive listening sessions with diverse variety of music reveals that Sema-Zen is unusually transparent, projects well defined spacious soundstage images with engaging musicality even with a just few good watts.



What's remarkable about the October issue of Stereophile is not the fantastic full reviews of our DirectStream Memory Player and our latest DirectStream DAC firmware. 

What's remarkable is the fact that PS Audio has more components listed in the 2017 Stereophile Recommended Components list than any other manufacturer.

Even better, of the components that landed in a category with a ratings system, all but one received the highest possible rating.

The 2 piece DirectStream DAC & Digital Memory player(DMP) normally sold at $12,000 SALE $8995

State of the art digital pair

“The combo delivers new benchmark setting performance!” The DirectStream DAC requires no introduction. Stereophile Class A+ rated for 3 years running, Product of the year in both Stereophile and TAS, winner of Darko’s Knock Out award. The DirectStream DAC is one of the most remarkable DACs ever built and the reviewers agree. The DirectStream Memory Player unlocks the musical treasures long-buried in your CDs and SACDs. Eight years in research, two in development, the DMP is our crowning achievement in musical reproduction. “I can’t think of a better digital disc player than the PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player and DAC.” Now, MQA, Tidal, and Roon ready with Bridge II.

BHK Signature 300 Mono power amplifier

Only a rare handful of power amplifiers withstand the test of time. The BHK Signature 300 is one such amplifier. Hand built, uncompromising.

The BHK Signature 300 Mono power amplifier culminates one man’s lifelong quest for perfection in power amplification. Bascom H. King’s magnum opus combines a pair of vacuum tubes on its input with a double set of parallel MOSFET outputs capable of 300 watts in 8?, 600 into 4? and more than 1,000 watts into 2?.  The BHK Signature 300 amplifier can drive any loudspeaker to musical perfection and is the most important element in your music reproduction chain



  Stereophile Recommended Component

Class A+ Stereophile rated DirectStream DAC converts any digital input format, such as PCM or DSD to a pure DSD stream and outputs near-perfect analog directly to your power amplifier or preamplifier. Whatever the format, whatever the sample rate, DirectStream is a pure DSD based solution that fulfills the promise of a high-resolution analog performance standard the originators of CDs promised over 30 years ago. Hear what’s been missing in your music for all these years. If you know the sound of music and instruments, and want to hear what’s been missing on your discs, then this DAC is right for you


BHK Signature Preamplifier


Preamplifiers are the the heart of any high-end music system controlling input selection, the critical first amplification stage, volume and balance functions, and the all important electrical isolation between sources and power amplifiers. Place the BHK Signature Preamplifier between your musical sources, such as a phono preamp, DAC, tuner or auxiliary source–and your power amplifier–and magic happens. Suddenly you are enveloped in a wealth of musicality you’ve not yet experienced: deeper, wider soundstaging, improved separation of instruments and voices, Subterranean bass, extended highs, and an openness you have yet to experience without this instrument in the system.


PerfectWave P10 Power Plant


Tried, true, tested, and trusted on the most expensive systems in the world. The PerfectWave P10 is the gold standard for safety, reliability, and high-performance AC power regeneration. P10s are tireless performers: 24/7, 365 days a year—reliably and faithfully powering thousands of high-end audio and video systems around the world. The P10 regenerates new, pure, safe, and unrestricted AC power. No product on the market is more trusted and relied upon than the venerable P10 Power Plant

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