Absoluta JanusAbsoluta  Janus mint mono-block ampsWe have a beautiful pair of Absoluta Janus monobloc amps for sale. These are in the walnut finish but we can also include a pair of cases in piano black. Glorious sound and beautiful to look at, ...4995.00

Absoluta Janus mint mono-block amps [Template]

no longer for sale

We have a beautiful pair of Absoluta Janus monobloc amps for sale.  These are in the walnut finish but we can also include a pair of cases in piano black.  Glorious sound and beautiful to look at, these amps are 150W into 8 ohms, 300W into 4 ohms and 500W into 2 ohms.  They feature continuous power from 10hz to 300hz.  The Absoluta’s slew rate which determines how quickly an amp can respond to changes in voltage is greater than 160 v/us.  These amps are quick and handle difficult loads very well.  They play Maggie 20.7’s very loud with no strain from great bass all the way up to the top of the frequency range.  The Janus contains both balanced and unbalanced inputs.  Actually there are 2 unbalanced inputs one of which is phase inverted to the other.  This allows maintaining the proper phase regardless of the pre-amp. The covers on these amps can be changed.  Right now the amps have gorgeous walnut covers but a brand new set of piano black covers also goes with the amps.  These are one owner and have no marks on them.  Rated 9 of 10 as they are a few years old.  Amps are packaged in the original factory packaging and ready for shipment.   The weight listed is for both amps and the extra cases.

Selling these for a client who is freeing up cash to purchase some large Nola speakers.  These amps retailed for over $14,000.  They are offered at $5,690.  For more info please email Steven at variety@mindspring.com or phone either 404-373-4279..  www.playhouseaudio.com.  HIgh-end 2 channel audio from Nola, EMM Labs, Bel Canto, Peachtree Audio, Spiral Grooves, Synergistic Research and much more. 

Srajan Ebaen had this to say about Abloluta in 6 moons, “As far as an informal audition in unfamiliar environs can, I'd arrived at personal conviction. Absoluta Sound and Space do deliver sonics which are commensurate with their loudly luxurious countenances. Once the HighEnd Munich 2010 show concludes, one expects to learn what kind of initial international representation this company can sign on during these economically troubled times. Italy and Taiwan are already served. If this product does not enjoy success right away or later, it won't be because of the product. Of that I'm sure. For Giulio Salerno and his investors, the first, second and third hurdles—appearance, build and performance—have been successfully cleared.”



bipolar transistor stereo power amplifier

“infinite slew” current transfer circuit and “quiet overload” protections

ultra-low noise toroidal transformer. Ultrafast, soft recovery rectifiers; non-inductive fuses for semiconductors

Audio inputs
non-inverting single-ended (RCA), inverting single-ended (RCA), balanced (XLR)

Audio outputs
speaker (binding posts suitable for bananas, spades, lugs)

Trigger in (jack 3,5mm, 12VDC-50mA),
Trigger out (jack 3,5mm, 12VDC-250mAmax.)

Output power
150W @ 8 Ohm, 300W @ 4 Ohm,
500W @ 2 Ohm (continuous, 10Hz-300kHz)

Frequency response
5Hz-400kHz (150W @ 8 Ohm, +0/-1dB)

Slew rate
>160V/us (100Vpp @ 8 Ohm)

Signal-to-noise ratio
115dB (linear, ref. 36Vrms out, 20Hz-20kHz)

Harmonic distortion
0,003% (1W @ 8 Ohm)

0,012% (1W@ 8 Ohm, 15kHz + 16kHz)

Intrinsic absolute (single-pole circuit)

20x (26dB)

Input impedance
47 kOhm (single-ended), 100 kOhm (balanced)

Power consumption

L cm 27 x H cm 14,5 x P cm 43

14 Kg