BAT Balanced Audio TechnologyVK-200BAT Balanced Audio Technology VK-200 Possible trade for integrated amplifier.For sale or possible trade for equal value integrated amplifier. This is second of two BAT amplifiers a client had in his system. I am selling them for his widow. A great amp and a steal at t...750.00

BAT Balanced Audio Technology VK-200 Possible trade for integrated amplifier. [Expired]

no longer for sale

For sale or possible trade for equal value integrated amplifier. 
This is second of two BAT amplifiers a client had in his system. I am selling them for his widow. 
A great amp and a steal at this price!  As you can see in photos the amp is in excellent condition with one slight scratch on faceplate. Will power just about any speaker there is effortlessly and with finess and naturalness. This amp can easily be made single ended with the addition of a set of Cardas adapters :  
This from BAT's website:  
The Balanced Audio Technology VK-200 offers unparalleled musicality and power in a compact design that integrates easily into the finest systems and living arrangements. Fully balanced topology and a simple, direct signal path yield a superbly transparent instrument that breathes life into music. 
Universal authority 
The VK-200 delivers 100 watts per channel into 8 Ω loads and 200 watts per channel into four-ohn loads. Yet the VK-200's real-world performance transcends even these powerful ratings. Many supposedly higher-powered amplifiers sound closed-in or compressed in direct comparison. The reason is simple. By using only the fastest N-channel devices in a two-stage, single-ended bridge design - without the debilitating effects of negative feedback - the VK-200 responds instantaneously to changes in its input signal. 
Direct connection 
A power amplifier by definition must have at least one gain stage. Most amplifiers, however, are designed with three to five gain blocks as well as negative feedback that recycles the input signal through an infinite loop. The balanced Audio Technology VK-200, by contrast, approaches the ideal of a direct connection. Engineered to use only two gain stages, without feedback, in an innovative single-ended bridge topology, the VK-200 frees the signal to give the listener a direct emotional connection to the music. 
Superb construction 
The VK-200 features the exemplary build quality offered throughout the Balanced Audio Technology line. One look inside reveals an elegant design with none of the extraneous wiring that compromises the sound of lesser power amplifiers. The substantial power transformer of the VK-200 is fully encapsulated and shielded to preserve a low noise floor. Custom oil-filled signal capacitors are used in critical locations. The net result is a balanced power amplifier that combines innovative circuit design and meticulous execution to deliver performance that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. 
Effortless coherence 
Music through the VK-200 reveals an effortless coherence, a transparency and verve, that defy traditional categorization. Power. Delicacy. Detail. Harmonic integrity. The VK-200 reconciles these qualities in a synergy unique among amplifiers in its class.

Output Power: 
200 W per channel into 4 ohms 
100 W per channel into 8 ohms 
Input impedance: 
100 kOhm each phase 
Output impedance: 
0.4 Ohm 
Power supply energy storage: 
180 joules 
25 dB 
Power consumption: 
250 VA at idle 
1000 VA maximum at full power 
19” W x 6.5” H x 18” D 
(48 cm W x 17 cm H x 46 cm D) 
58 lb. (26 kg) unpackaged
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