Boulder1060Boulder 1060 2 Channel Power AmplifierHear ye, hear ye! Hello folks! Price dropped AGAIN! This is the equivalent 2-channel power amplifier as a "Bugatti Veyron" vehicle is to cars. There simply ISN'T anything better. People who kno...14500.00

Boulder 1060 2 Channel Power Amplifier [Expired]

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Hear ye, hear ye! Hello folks! Price dropped AGAIN! This is the equivalent 2-channel power amplifier as a "Bugatti Veyron" vehicle is to cars. There simply ISN'T anything better. People who know Boulder amplifiers know it is the very "best of the best". Basically, the specifications are 300W x2 @ 8 ohms, 600 x2 @ 4 ohms, and 1200 W x2 @ 2 ohms. it will perfectly drive 1 ohm speakers, even 0.5 ohms, without any effort! Also, can it be bi-wired? Absolutely YES.The ONLY one or two is SLIGHTLY better, is in the 2000 series (mono or stereo, essentially double the power, available in 110/220V or 220/240V), or, if you want the very finest and most powerful (if you can afford it), the 3050 ($250,000 US per pair(!), 220-240V and mono ONLY). Solid as a granite rock, made entirely in Boulder, Colorado, USA, the made completely of aerospace aluminium CMC machines. This one is fortunately in the 110-120V voltage; the 2000 series, are also available in mono or stereo, 110-120V or 220-240V. Most definitely the 2000 series are much better in the 240V version, after all, it only puts out what is available from the AC wall. The 3050 is available in 220-240V ONLY, as it will certainly shut down your circuit many, many times. Be ready to upgrade your AC lines! I have been in the pro and consumer audio business for 35+ years; and I am certain that there is nothing better (accuracy, extended very low and very high frequencies, damping factor, control, a HUGE 3D sound stage, extended way, way beyond the speakers (in 3D). Even if you have 2 speakers, it sounds holographic The only reason I am selling it, is I am quite older (50+ years), and plan to travel around the world, as long I can do so, They were very slightly used, very little, since roughly 2009, only with the Dynaudio Signature C1 speakers, (well, also the C4s) and they are a perfect match. They have only been at 2 places (under a table). Comes complete with the original crate box (very heavy), the original huge AC power cord, and the beautiful leather booklet of instructions (not that it's hard to use, it only has a power switch...either on, or off). I highly suggested that if you listen to it almost every day, leave it ON, since it isn't contracting and expanding (heating and cooling, as engines do), besides it SOUNDS the best, a MUCH longer life is expected. Even though it is 7-8 years old, it will performing for at least another 20+ years; it sounds brand new. I also own an older pair of Jeff Rowland 7 monoblocks; they were bought in the late 1980s / early 1990s and they are still perfectly working as they were essentially brand new. But no, it sounds not NOT AT ALL as superb as the Boulder power amplifier. I am perfectly willing to answer any questions, and they are tight and secured within it's original crate, and in storage. As it is VERY HEAVY (226 lbs. shipping (with crate); the crate is 26" x 32" x 24"). The ONLY slight issue is a very tiny slightly un-anodized-looking place, approx. 1" x 1", slightly closer to the upper left corner, virtually invisible to the naked eye. There are ABSOLUTELY no tiny scratches, nicks, dents, or ANYTHING else anywhere at all. It is at least a 9/10, but if you want it 10/10, it is easily re-anodized by Boulder, in Colorado in their new factory. Please see their web site, as it is gorgeous. Essentially, this is an amplifier that you will keep, for your entire life. Completely balanced, as it should be. Bi-wiring also, as they have pristine couplers. Asking a small price for this beautiful piece. Will accept a check (until they it is actually cleared) or cash; Paypal please add 3%. Will also work with the buyer to deliver it PERSONALLY if the buyer is actually close-ish to St. Louis, if he/she chooses. Have worked many many years with Music For Pleasure, in St. Louis, and I'm proud that they carry the entire line (I insisted that they did so); they are the only dealers within roughly a 1000 mile radius. The price is pretty much firm, although will make the buyer extremely happy with advice and setting it up. Thanks for looking!
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