Bryston28BSST-2 (PAIR) BlackBryston 28BSST-2 (PAIR) Black Ref 1,000 Watt Mono's !BLACK: 28BSST² Single-Channel (Mono) Amplifier's PAIR: ...10495.00

Bryston 28BSST-2 (PAIR) Black Ref 1,000 Watt Mono's ! [Expired]

no longer for sale

   BLACK: 28BSST² Single-Channel (Mono) Amplifier's PAIR:


            Listed in The Absolute Sound 2012 High-End Audio Buyer's Guide

               "Recommended Component" Class A, 2010 - Stereophile

                      "Recommended Component" 2009 - Stereophile

       "Editors' Choice Award Winner, 2010" - The Absolute Sound Magazine

          "Editors' Choice Award Winner, 2008" - The Absolute Sound Magazine

                  17"  BLACK & comes with a factory transferable warranty.

                                        Serial #000538 & #000539

It is no secret the Bryston 28BSST-2 is a Weinhart Design Reference amplifier and Weinhart Design's preferred Solid State amplifier.  It can drive virtually ANY Speaker and has the best low level sound, best sound stage, signal to noise and overall performance to be found ANYWHERE especially at this price point !

We are ONLY selling our demo's as we will be doing the West Coast's debut of the NEW BRYSTON 28B-3 within a few days and using them as the Showroom's new Reference Amplifiers !!

Please make it a point to come in and hear (by appointment) these amassing amplifiers and hear what is possible?

Silver Store demo's (one pair) with transferable 20 year warranty andd also listed on Audiogon a Black Pair with transferable warranty.

                  Silver 28B-SST2 pair Serial #SSST-2 000262 & #SSST-2 000263

  Link to Bryston's web:

The Bryston 28BSST² is our flagship power amplifier, a single channel (mono) amplifier which sounds incredibly detailed and musical at very low levels and maintains that same sophistication and drive capability with even the most difficult inefficient speakers, large or small.

                                                        Power Capabilities:

  • 1,000 Watts into 8 Ohms !
  • 2,000 VA Power Supply


  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs
  • Selectable gain at 23 or 29dB
  • No fans or other moving parts
  • Convection cooled and housed in a fully aluminum chassis


  • Available with silver or black faceplate (4U + .55”)
  • 17” (without handles) or 19” (with handles) faceplate available (non-rack mountable)

                28BSST² Single-Channel (Mono) Amplifier - FAQ's:

Why isn't the 28BSST² rated at 4 Ohms?

The 28BSST²’s power is not officially rated at 4 Ohms because its internal breaker is rated at 12 Amperes or 80% of the carrying capacity of the power cord, as required by law. This works out to 1440 Watts from the wall plug and the 28BSST² will deliver over 2000 Watts continuous into 4 Ohms. For musical purposes, the average power to the speakers would be far less than that level, so the breaker will not open.

The current into 8 Ohms measures 15.8 Amperes peak, or a bit over 11 Amps continuous at 1000 Watts. Of course the 28BSST² is actually capable of more than 1000 Watts into 8 Ohms. At clipping, around 1350 Watts the current is 18.5 Amps peak, 13 Amps continuous. Into 4 Ohms those figures would be higher, close to twice as high, especially under musical conditions. That is never a problem because the 28BSST² is capable of over 100 Amperes peak and 32 Amperes continuous when the breaker is bypassed under lab conditions.

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