Burmester Audio956 mkII (Latest Model) Burmester Audio 956 mkII (Latest Model)  250 stereo or 500 mono !Burmester 956 MK II (latest version II) : The stereo power amplifier 956 MK2 extends Burmester’s power amp portfolio consisting of the legendary 911 and 909, which have garner...6795.00

Burmester Audio 956 mkII (Latest Model) 250 stereo or 500 mono ! [Expired]

no longer for sale

     Burmester 956 MK II (latest version II) :

The stereo power amplifier 956 MK2 extends Burmester’s power amp portfolio consisting of the legendary 911 and 909, which have garnered international renown. The 956 MK2 offers an unusually high damping factor with an extremely short rise time to deliver large currents. Thus it combines loads of power with great dynamics and excellent musical timing. Its sound is marked by impressive spatial resolution and warmth. Internal wiring to supply power to the output stages and transfer signals to the speaker binding posts consists of 10 mm high-purity copper wire. This ensures that the high currents of the power amp are transferred without loss to the speakers. This amp coaxes airy sound images and bone-rattling dynamics even from loudspeakers with lowest impedances and complex loads.


The 956 MK2 sports heat sinks in the unmistakable Burmester design that has by now become a classic. Visually as well as technically this power amp incorporates the same design and construction principles that mark its bigger siblings. Just like the 909 and 911, its DC-coupled signal paths are free from distorting capacitors. This guarantees detailed and convincing musicality at any volume and even at difficult orchestral passages. The layout of the circuitry is balanced throughout and together with the Class-A amplification stages provides precise and honest reproduction of any kind of music.


This was very well priced ($20,000 instead of $35,000) one down amp from the 911 MK III. Great looking unit only 1" shorter than the 911 MK III.

Into 4 ohms it has 250 watts per channel stereo or 500 watts mono blocked compared to the 911 MKIII's 350/770. Sounds virtually indistinguishable to the legendary 911MK-III at a fraction of the price.

                                Serial # 561042 / 8+ out of 10 Condition.

                        Price each (second unit available / sold separately)

If you purchase two amplifers (sold separately) Weinhart Design will include custom mil spec Silver handmade Y cables for mono blocking.

                         Original box, missing top in-certs (see pictures).

                                                 No power included.

Two amps can be mono blocked for 500 wpc (more than a single stereo 911 MKIII for cost of a single 911 MK III or, only a little less that the 770 wpc for TWO, mono blocked, 911s).

For mono block operation offer/include my two custom "Y" all silver cables as (the Burmester system takes a balanced XLR feed and splits it into unbalanced inputs to push pull mono block their amps).

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