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Bully Sound Company BSC-80 CLASS A POWER JUST SOUNDS RIGHT! [Expired]

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 Named after a beautiful English Bulldog named Kiko who Bret Diagostino used to refer to as the" CEO",

Bully Sound is devoted to bringing back the magical sound of Class A Amplification without any of its attendant headaches such as unrealistic heat levels and outrageous physical proportions

Because the output circuitry in a class A amplifier is essentially on at full power all of the time, the unit can be hot to the touch and draws a considerable amount of continuous energy from the wall outlet. In order to minimize the amount of heat, BSC chose oversized internal heat sinks. The more heat sink area the more heat is dispersed overall, keeping the unit cooler.They also  added a bias level adjustment switch. The bias switch allows you to reduce the amount of class A bias on the output stage by 50% and eventually approximately 98% or what we call ECO mode. This allows the listener to vary the amount of energy and heat during a particular listening session. This comes in handy during the hot summer months or when critical listening isn't required.

The BSC-60s, 60 watt class A stereo power amplifier shares every feature and is built to the same standards as its big brother the BSC-100m. This 60 Watt per channel amplifier is built around a split 1,368 VA custom toroidal transformer and over 50,000 microfarads of filter capacitance per channel. The BSC-60s amplifier can double its 8 ohm rated output power into 1 ohm producing 480 watts continuously both channels driven.

The BSC-60s is a dual mono design having discrete driver, output and protection circuits.

The output stage for each channel is comprised of 2 massive internally mounted heat sink towers designed to cool the six 230V, 17A, 200W output devices. The towers are optimized to disperse the heat of the 60 watts pure Class A power over a wide cross section reducing the overall chassis temperature. The BSC-60s also allows the user to quickly reduce the Class A bias on the amplifier to a 50% or approximately 30W class A mode and further to a very low power ECO mode via the front panel rotary switch. Bias flexibility allows control over your power demand in different listening situations without limiting power output.

The BSC-60s also boasts aluminum powder coated chassis, custom machined hardcoat anodized front panel and decorative inserts, and solid brass machined gold plated output binding posts. BSC products have a 5 year warranty for parts and labor.

Output power - 60 Watts into 8 ohms, 120 watts into 4 ohms, 240 watts into 2 ohms, 480 watts into 1 ohm both channels driven

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