Audio AlchemyDPA-1M Monoblock Power AmpAudio Alchemy DPA-1M Monoblock Power Amp AMP PAIR (list $4,000) NEW IN BOX. NEW WIRE ONLY PRICING!NEW ROCK BOTTOM WIRE / CHECK ONLY PRICING , FREE SHIPPING FOR QUICKPAY WITH WIRE. Please serious buyers only, no low ballers. This is a once in decade electronics sale for top performing electro...2595.00

Audio Alchemy DPA-1M Monoblock Power Amp AMP PAIR (list $4,000) NEW IN BOX. NEW WIRE ONLY PRICING! [Expired]

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This is a once in decade electronics sale for top performing electronics. Audio Alchemy has an unheard of price / performance ratio, these list at $4,000 and sell LOWEST at $3,000 / pair.  You will never regret purchasing them, some listeners compare them with Audionet AMP, HEGEL and many other excellent electronics! Beautiful design and looks!
A new-in-box PAIR of Elac Audio Alchemy Monoblocks DPA-1M.

- Inquire about matching Audio Alchemy components - Elac Audio Alchemy = AMAZING BARRIER BREAKING PERFORMANCE IN ITS PRICE RANGE!   
The DPA-1M were credited with the Editor's Choice Award Winner 2016 on TAS and you can read rave reviews everywhere.    
They are powerful, musical and efficient. 325 Watts per channel into 8 ohms each. They have an "outstanding bass extension, control and authority, coupled with explosive dynamics. They also excel at throwing a huge and three-dimensional soundstage with precise image specificity."   -- Robert Harley, TAS.
Analog Class A input stage The input stage is the same essential circuit used in many of the world’s best and most expensive amplifiers: a Class A design built using discrete FETs and powered by a semi-toroidal transformer. Because it’s pure analog all the way through, with no integrated circuits in the signal path, it provides the output stage with an ultra-clean signal and preserves every last tiny detail in the music.
Effortless, efficient power The secret behind this magic is a Class D output stage, which runs about 80% efficiency, compared to about 30% for a typical Class AB amp, and idles at about 20 watts rather than the 100 watts many Class AB designs consume. Because the DPA-1M’s output stage produces so little heat, it doesn’t require large heat sinks, a large chassis, or anything more than just minimal ventilation. Thus, it operates flawlessly whether it’s out on the floor on an amp stand, or tucked away in an equipment cabinet or closet.  
Key features
  • 325 WPC into 8Ω, 400 WPC into 4Ω
  • Class A discrete FET input stage
  • Cool-running Class D output stage
  • XLR and RCA inputs
  • Switchable gain and mute

Buying details.

All gear ships well packed and insured. Wire is the preferred payment form. Please add 3% for Paypal and 3.5% for credit card. Sales in Massachusetts require an additional 6.25% sales tax. All sales are final.

International buyers: Please contact us for a shipping quote to your location.

About Audio Alchemy: 

Founded in the early 1990’s by the legendary designer Peter Madnick who is lead designers for Constellation Audio. 


Robert Harley of TAS recently said of Audio Alchemy’s DPA-1 Stereo Power Amp:

“The sound (of the DDP-1 & the DPA-1M’s) was remarkably transparent, clean, dynamic, and resolved by any measure, and even more so considering the components’ reasonable price.”  

“The Alchemy products threw a large and well-defined soundstage, with outstanding depth, dimensionality, and separation of individual instrumental lines.”

“The Alchemy electronics were fast and dynamic, qualities that brought to the fore subtle rhythmic nuances by great drummers, allowing their kits to take on a lifelike quality.”

“These new products are a far cry from the Alchemy of yore, with much more advanced engineering, upscale casework, and a superb user interface. The DDP-1 and DPA-1 bring terrific sound and stunning value to the category. "

“The DPA-1 stereo amplifier and DPA-1M mono amplifiers ...Their wide dynamics, terrific grip in the bass, and upbeat sonics made them a joy to listen to. .. Even in the context of reference-quality sources and loudspeakers, it was easy to forget that I was  listening to electronics that aren’t stratospherically priced.”

Here’s what Alan Sircom of Hi-Fi+,  said about the "Audio Alchemy DDP-1, PS-5 and DPA-1," in June 2016:

"We’ve all used clichés like ‘punches above its weight’ or ‘giant killer’ a lot in audio, but these terms are richly deserved here. This range is so exciting, so intrinsically ‘right’ sounding, and so much damn fun you can’t help but like it a lot.”

"Audio Alchemy DDP-1 / DPA-1 Review," Stereo magazine (Japan), May 5, 2016:

“The DDP-1 embodies a dream for next-generation high-end audio in a small-sized and high-quality casework... The DPA-1 is a beautiful small-sized device that distinguishes itself from many other heavy-duty high-end devices while  it has a strikingly appealing sound beyond its class, and its massive output power is noteworthy.”

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