ClasseCA-400Classe CA-400 Stereo Power AmplifierIt's time for me to down size again. Selling my beloved Classe CA-400 Stereo Power Amp. Mine has the silver face plate and was very well taken care of. It comes from a pet free, smoke free home. It...2600.00

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It's time for me to down size again. Selling my beloved Classe CA-400 Stereo Power Amp. Mine has the silver face plate and was very well taken care of. It comes from a pet free, smoke free home. It was never turned on and off, it was always left on but I only used it 6 months out of every year. I had another amp for the other six months. The amp is working 100% perfectly and sounds wonderful. I'm only giving it a 8 because of age but it's more like a 8.5 All of my equipment I'm a fanatic about and this amp is no exception. I take extremely good care of all of my stuff and have been told that. I will also be putting my other Classe power amp ( CA-301 ) up for sale as soon as this one goes and you may ask why. Well, I'm getting at a time where I am just desiring something a little smaller and yes, it will be another Classe. Believe me folks, you have no idea how hard it's starting to be for me to part with these amps ( and they are not even sold yet ) as I have come to love their sound over the years especially the CA-400 which is the slightly better of the two I'm selling, but only slightly, very slightly. 400 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 800 watts per channel into 4 ohms. CA-400 FEATURES: Newly developed special Classe 'UHC TRANSFER' power supply section. Current capacity increased 50% above standard units. Magnetic flux controlled transformer cover in a brushed and anodized finish. All new Classe PCB circuit boards with UHC TRANSFER characteristics. Reduction of wiring and connections up to 70%. True differential amplifier circuits from input to output. Both regular and balanced operation are externally switchable. Input Impedance 75 KOhm Output Impedance 0.01 Ohm Gain 29.02 db S/N Ratio: 137 dbr 19" X 23" X 9 1/2" 120 lbs net. If your reading this I'm assuming you already know much about this amp. Specifications and further info are online. This is really a preliminary listing as the pictures and further info will be forth coming. I also can mail you a excellent review from Audio magazine by Mr Cordesman. I will only sell to the lower 48 states, but I would much prefer this amp to be a pick up as shipping for this 120 pound amp will be high. I will however deliver free within a 150 mile radius but I will not drive into New York City or Philadelphia. I also will help with the lifting to get this amp into your home and you would be free to hear it at my place should you wish to hear before you buy. Please, this is a serious listing as this is a serious power amp. I will not respond to any gmails as I have absolutely no interest in spam. Please Note: Up on top where it says accepted method of payment "Paypal" It should read Bank check, money order, or cash. I can't remove the paypal symbol. I don't care to accept paypal because of their high fees and I am not a fan of being paid only $500.00 per month by paypal should I sell something here over a thousand dollars or more. I'm pretty sure nobody would care for that especially if one sold something for $4000.00 as it would take the seller a full 8 months to get all of the four thousand dollars from paypal unless one has a paypal business account which I don't. Hopefully everyone will understand this. I will however bend a little and accept a partial payment of only $500.00 with paypal and the rest will need to be Bank check, money order, or cash if you need to feel a little safer. Please do not send any kind of payment especially paypal without checking with me first Thank you for your interest and feel free to write if you have any questions.
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