Conrad Johnson/MotifMS-50Conrad Johnson/Motif MS-50 Works/Sounds/Looks greatThis Motif MS-50 has been in my possession for 2 or 3 years and before it I had a CJ MV-60. The sound is not harsh and very liquid. I wouldn't say quite as warm as tubes but in this case I am...750.00

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Conrad Johnson/Motif MS-50 Works/Sounds/Looks great [Expired]

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This Motif MS-50 has been in my possession for   2 or 3 years and before it I had a CJ MV-60.    The sound is not harsh and very liquid.  I wouldn't say quite as warm as tubes but in this case I am comparing it to what I know of tubes.  I have read this is the best sounding solid state amp period.  Don't let the low power rating fool you,  The MS-50 has is rated at 50wpc into 8 ohms but must have lots of current because I would think it could drive all but the most demanding speakers to a reasonable sound level.This piece is in incredible condition for it's age or for that matter for any age.  I will post pictures later on Tuesday the 1st.  There are no scratches, dings or dents at all and the silver brushed aluminum is nearly perfect.  I am going with an integrated amp to save space and  money.  I may even entertain the idea of a CJ integrated.      Please let me know if you need any more pics than what I post or any questions.  Please search for articles on this amp.  I have seen nothing but incredible reviews.  I think Absolute SOund did one on this, the smaller of the two Motif amps.Here is some information about this STEREO AMPLIFIER

MOTIF was Conrad Johnsons best effort to enter the market place of Threshold, Krell, Jeff Rowland and Mark Levinson.

There were three models in the MOTIF line. The MS50 | MS100 | MS200.

The MOTIF MS50 retailed for $2,350 when new. In today's dollars that is $4,950. 

The MOTIF MS50 is conservatively rated at 50 watts per channel. 

An amplifier that retails in today's dollars of $4950 speaks to the build level and price-point of this amplifier. While some may scoff at the 50 watts, I have driven large speakers such as the Eminent Technology LFT-8'S with success.  The build quality is exceptional. I have always thought that the MOTIF MS50 was a superb sounding amplifier that brought life and musicality to my recordings.

The Motif series of gear was Conrad Johnson's "Rolls Royce" solid state product introduced in the late 1980's and is known for their liquid midrange reproduction and tube-like signature. This is a fantastic sounding, audiophile quality amplifier with superb quality construction using MOSFET input and output stages.

The MOTIF MS50 is quite rare and hard to come by. The amp has played with no issues and sounds gorgeous with beautiful extended and grain free high frequencies, neutral midrange and powerful tight bass. Some people have used these amplifiers to power hard to drive speakers such as Magnepans or Thiels. Stereophile’s Tom Norton rated it as one of his favorite amplifiers of all time.

Conrad Johnson designed the amplifier with top of the line power supplies and capacitors and output devices. As you can see from the photographs, the amplifier is hand made and uses nothing but the best quality internal components. 


The face plate is done in argento, slightly brushed with royal blue silk screen lettering The face plate is quarter inch thick and is rack mountable. The case itself is high quality brushed aluminum. On the back are very high quality teflon insulated RCA inputs and 5 way binding posts.


Power: 50 watts per channel RMS both channels driven into 8 ohms from 20Hz to 20KHz at no more than 1% total harmonic distortion or intermodulation distortion.

Sensitivity: 1.1V to rated power.

Phase: Phase correct (non-inverting)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz +0, -.25dB

Hum and noise: 90dB below full power output.

Input impedance: 100K ohms.

Dimensions: 16.75D x 19W x 5.25H inches.

Weight: 40 lbs.

Fuses: There are 5 user replaceable fuses in the MS50. The four fuses

above the input jacks are DC power supply fuses type 3AG 3 amp

fast-blow. The fuse below the input jacks is an AC line fuse, type 3AG

5 amp slo-blow (3 amp slow-blow for 220V operation).
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