CreekDestiny Creek Destiny  Power AmplifierRare to find Creek Destiny Power Amp. The best ever Creek power amplifier - immaculate craftsmanship (this thing is heavy, which means it will not be cheap to ship), and sound that would shame many...740.00

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Rare to find Creek Destiny Power Amp. The best ever Creek power amplifier - immaculate craftsmanship (this thing is heavy, which means it will not be cheap to ship), and sound that would shame many an esoteric $15k+ amp. Read the report at TNT Audio. Hard to find because people just keep them. I am selling mine because I replaced it with a NAD M22. Extremely diminishing returns, I could have kept either.  
I also have a Creek CD 53 in V.G. condition that I will post soon for 550.00

I should note it can drive 2 sets of speakers. They claim it supports spades on the amplifier end, but I wouldn't know how, I think it just supports banana or cable. If you've spend a lot of money on speaker cables that have a spade amp end... you'll have to figure out how it works. I luckily adhere to banana cables on the amp end. I am just being honest about setup here. They *say* it works. I just wouldn't know how, seems questionable (look at the pic). Maybe you can remove the useless plasticky side banana things. It's just i never had to.
I will pay for shipping, but if you use PayPal that fee is yours to cover.

From the Creek Destiny Power amp brochure:

The Destiny Power amplifier is designed to produce world beating audio performance, through its continued use of custom discrete analogue MOS-FET
circuitry, which was first developed for Creek’s amplification products in 1993. This circuitry has continued to be used with great success since that time and
has evolved to meet the increasing demands for higher power, lower distortion and noise.
The Destiny Power Amplifier uses separate power supplies and voltage referencing circuitry for each channel. Dedicated windings on mains transformer help it to
achieve >100 Watts into 8 Ohm operation and nearly double that into 4 Ohms.
The Destiny Power Amp uses the same protection circuitry as the Destiny Integrated Amplifier under fault conditions. Protection of the amplifier and ancillary
products under fault conditions is facilitated by an array of sensors and measurement circuits feeding-back information to its microcontroller that monitors the
amplifier constantly for over-temperature, over-current, DC offset, power supply status and over-drive situations. If any of these conditions is exceeded the
microcontroller will take the appropriate corrective action. This can include, muting the input signal, separating the speaker outputs and in extreme cases,
switching off the mains supply to the power amplifier circuitry. A log of fault conditions is stored in an internal memory device, which is also used to remember the
last setting used prior to switching off the mains supply.
The Destiny Power amp is unusual in that it has two separate inputs. Firstly it has a non-inverting, input via high quality solid metal, gold plated RCA sockets that
connect to the power amplifier directly. It also has active balanced inputs, via XLR sockets and uses relays to switch between the two inputs. The Destiny Power
Amplifier can select either input from a button on the rear panel or using the Creek SRC2 System Remote Control handset.
Loudspeaker connection can be from bare wire or audio type instrument plugs, through high-grade touch-proof screw terminals that can be switched from the
front panel or remote handset by gold contact high-current relays.
Like the rest of the Destiny range of products, the Power Amplifier can switch into low-current standby operation from the front panel or remote control handset.
Waking up the amplifier can be performed simply via the Creek SRC2. For the ecologically aware consumer, the Destiny power amp draws less than 1Watt of mains
power in standby mode.
The Destiny amplifier’s metal case has been constructed from custom designed extrusions including solid 10mm thick front panel, 4mm thick extruded side and
rear panels that combined with the 3mm thick top and bottom plate to make a very substantial heavyweight product. In addition the buttons and feet are machined
by computer aided manufacturing techniques, to achieve a very high quality finish. To isolate mechanical vibration and improve sonic resolution custom designed
3mm thick moulded washers are stuck to the machined disc feet.
All in all, this is the best Power Amplifier Creek has made so far and will definitely compliment the integrated amplifier to achieve greater levels of current delivery
for difficult loudspeakers loads. They are ideally suited to drive Epos Loudspeakers.
Technical Specification
Power in to 8 Ohm both channel driven >100W
Power in to 4 Ohm one channel driven > 250W
Max Current > 25amps
THD < 0.02% 20Hz - 20Khz
Frequency Response 1Hz - 30Khz - 1dB
Slew Rate > 50 V per S
Input Sensitivity 589mv for 100W
Separation > 60dB
Signal to Noise > 78dB
1x unbalanced pair
1x balanced pair
Outputs 4
A/B speaker switch Yes
Voltage Switchable 115V / 230V
Power Consumption 400W
Weight 10Kg
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