DEQXPremate PlusDEQX Premate PlusDEQX Premate Plus (silver, current model) LIKE NEW, 9/10 CONDITION. ORIGINAL OWNER6 MONTHS LEFT IN TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY Why selling: I'm selling my entire system. There's nothing wrong with it; ...3440.00

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DEQX Premate Plus (silver, current model)



Why selling: I'm selling my entire system. There's nothing wrong with it; in fact it's outstanding. It's just *way* too much equipment for my listening area, which is my bedroom. I got carried away and bought what I wanted, rather than what I realistically had space for. My speakers weigh 165 lbs subwoofers partially block my closet doors...etc. (I'm happy to share pictures if you want to see this.) I'm going to downsize to a much smaller system, or headphones.

I’m the original owner. This component has stayed in one place, in a climate-controlled, smoke-free home, with no pets and no kids. It is in like-new condition. The new price is $5500. I bought it <1.5 years ago (new, from an authorized dealer) and have hardly used it. So basically, you can get a like-new product but pay a lot less. 

I've sold two products on Audiogon, and have positive feedback for both. On eBay I have 100% positive feedback from 58 buyers and sellers over a period of almost two decades. (Username: cgwells.) I’m an experienced online buyer and seller, and I pride myself on good communication and transactions that benefit both parties. (That’s the purpose of a market—to help both the buyer and seller—and I consider us to be on the same team.) For serious potential buyers, I’ll do whatever you need to be reassured of the quality of the component you’ll be getting. I encourage phone calls (if desired) and will provide additional photos on request. I’ll even gladly tell you what I consider to be the weaknesses of the product, because nothing is perfect. 

If you are reading this listing, you probably know that DEQX products have received extraordinary praise from a variety of print and online reviewers over a period of years. Many reviewers describe being shocked by what DEQX does in audio show demonstrations. In some ways, DEQX is unique and combines features that no other product on the market has, including:

— Preamplifier 


— Speaker correction

— Room correction

— Network player 

The fundamental DEQX technology, the core that makes their products unique, is measured speaker and room correction. (For example, I had a bass-boom problem in my smallish listening room. The DEQX can just…edit that away. The bass is controlled, no longer ill-defined and shaking the walls.) It is a complicated technology and frankly the details are beyond my ability to explain; you can find many descriptions, of varying technical complexity, online, including at the DEQX website and in professional reviews.

In high-end audio (as in any consumer market), some products are higher value than others. There are many reasons for that, but that’s the bottom line. DEQX is a high-value product. It performs multiple functions, and does them well. Many companies in audio (and you probably know which ones) would add a significantly higher price premium for this.

The significant advantages of the Premate Plus over the standard Premate are software upgradeability and network connectivity. The Premate Plus can be kept up-to-date via software upgrades, and can be used as a network streamer, including as a Roon Ready player. (If you are a Roon user, message me about this.) The standard Premate cannot do these things. That’s why I bought the “Plus” model after discussing the differences with DEQX. 

Sample Reviews:

“When I told him that I was familiar with the Paradigms, he played some music that sounded just fine. Then he clicked his mouse. The sound was transformed from the familiar to the fabulous. I was dumbfounded. "What have you done?”…John Atkinson, in fact, described himself as "gobsmacked" in response to the transformation wrought by DEQX on the performance of a pair of modest speakers….That’s when I appreciated the real differences between it and the mostly automatic domestic EQ systems in use today. The fundamental difference is that DEQX first measures each speaker system from a distance only great enough to permit driver/source integration. This makes it possible to approximate anechoic measurements…I see this as critical. Indeed, as I've come to appreciate, the magic of DEQX is its ability to make the speaker more perfect than is otherwise possible within the constraints of money, size, and passive circuitry…Why would you not want to improve whatever speaker you have?…DEQX's speaker calibration is an unmitigated success. The PreMate's digital and analog performances are outstanding….It made my very good speakers undeniably better, smoother and cleaner, and endowed them with a bigger soundstage. It made dense, complicated music easier to resolve, and all music more of a joy to hear. Add to that the PreMate's DAC, whose outstanding performance was clearly revealed…A paradigm for future stereo systems should be the one I put together, with source selection, processing, control, DSP, and DAC all contained in a single remote-controlled component: the DEQX PreMate. I can't imagine what more one could ask for.” — Kalman Robinson, Stereophile

The DEQX PreMATE+’s loudspeaker correction proves itself on screen and in-ear that it can take an already great loudspeaker like the KEF LS50 and make it sound (and measure) even better. The audible improvements are more pronounced than switching up cables, server/streamer, DAC or amplifier. Such is the power of low-latency group delay correction through DSP. Australians say “Maaate”, I say “Bloody marvellous!”. And yet, this DEQX box’s software-hardware one-two does quite a bit more than just loudspeaker correction…” — John Darko, Digital Audio Review

You really owe it to yourself to hear the DEQX Mate, or the other DEQX products, for yourself. Only then you will realize that it is so hard to go back to what we once believed to be reality.” —Dave Clark, Positive Feedback

Included will be everything that ships with a DEQX from the factory, with the exception of the cardboard box (which I threw away): remote control, microphone, instruction manual, software CD, etc.

Thank you for looking!

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