Emerald PhysicsEP100.2SE x 2 + DSPeakerAsk us about 6 months NO INTEREST & NO PAYMENTS thru PayPalFREE FREIGHT in the lower 48 states-275 watts mono amps with 350 watt peaks and exceptional sonics, 450 watts at 4 ohms-Digital bass r...2400.00

Emerald Physics EP100.2SE x 2 + DSPeaker 275 watt mono amps & preamp w/DAC & room correction [Expired]

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Ask us about 6 months NO INTEREST & NO PAYMENTS thru PayPal

FREE FREIGHT in the lower 48 states

-275 watts mono amps with 350 watt peaks and exceptional sonics, 450 watts at 4 ohms
-Digital bass room correction with mic
-Full band parametric EQ
-Superb tone controls
-Excellent DAC
-Fine remote controlled pre-amplifier
-The DSPeaker is Class A rated in Stereophile

This ad is for Two (2) Emerald Physics $2200.00 (ea) EP100.2SE power amplifiers and a DSPeaker remote controlled preamp with room correction, DAC, parametric equalizer and tone controls. This $5600.00 package is now $2499.00 for a limited time. The package includes two 275 watt mono amps (8 ohms) and an excellent front end with preamp, DAC, room correction and tone controls. It will outperform most separates and all integrated amps that sell at retail for between $5000-$7500.00. It is amazing on 3.7 and 1.7 Maggies 

The DSPeaker was rated Class A in Stereophile. The Absolute Sound Magazine Sept. 2012: "it is Alladin's Genie except that you get a lot more than three wishes!" Dr Robert E Greene They gave it a Golden Ear award. In their recommended components issue they also gave it a great write-up. The Emerald amps are superb and outperform anything we have heard in the $2500-$4000.00 range individually. This system includes two in mono. They are hybrid amps with a digital output stage and an Emerald analog power supply. Midrange is transparent and detailed while high frequencies are extended and smooth without the dryness that come with most digital amps. Bass is excellent. The preamp with room correction fixes the biggest problem that most audiophiles suffer from. Poor room acoustics. It comes with a mic and automatically fixes the large bass anomalies that plague almost all rooms. It also has a full band parametric equalizer and superb tone controls that allow mediocre software to sound good on hi end systems.

We sold a pair of 100.2SE amps to a customer who emailed:
"I have about 200 hours on the amps.
Here is my opinion, how can you turn a pair of speakers into a 5 speaker home theater?
Buy a pair if emerald physics 100.2SE!

I hooked them up to my pair of Magnepan 3.6 speakers. I had been using either a Bryson 4b or Rogue audio 60 tube amp.
What happened was surprising and amazing. The speakers turned into 5!
They opened up and shot music in several directions. Front, side and yes even rear!
I played CDs and DVDs through them and forgot that it was not a home theater set up because the sound became 3d holographic!
This has to be heard to be believed. I welcome anyone to listen to them at my home"

Info on the amps is as follows:
The 100.2SE is a 100 watts per channel stereo power amplifier with a class D output stage coupled to our custom Emerald Physics analog power supply. The 100.2SE is an upgraded version of our 100.2. It uses upgraded caps, resistors, hand would inductors and a much larger power supply. The SE amp replaces the polyester caps with polypropylene capacitors in critical locations. The SE version uses Nichicon KS series 15000uf/50V caps. We upgrade the output filter inductors. We use a larger torroid core size, which allows us to use fewer turns of a fatter wire to achieve the proper inductance. This will decrease losses and improve the damping factor by 15-20% over the stock amp. We upgrade the power supply bridge rectifiers to use low noise ultra-fast-recovery diodes. The Special Edition amp delivers 20% more current that the standard model. The 100.2SE has both balanced and single ended inputs as well as a mono switch that allows you to start with a single 100wpc stereo amp and end up with a pair of 275 watt mono amps that do over 350 watt peaks into 8 ohms and 450 watts into 4 ohms.. The EP100.2SE is available in black or silver. Users have been blown away with the sonics. The 100.2SE competes with any $4000.00 amp that we have heard. Transparency is superb as is low level detail while the bass is outstanding. Tonal balance is a tad to the warmer side of neutral.

This amp is very musical. Here are a few user emails:
1) "I think the EP amp is broken in or at least close so when I finally had the both the amp and preamp last night for the first time, even my wife said," That sounds better than your old amp." Actually it was a profound difference. I was blown away by the soundstaging and detail. I couldn't believe the sound coming thru my Gallo 3.1's."

2) "Hi, absolutely love my new 100.2 SE amp. It's far better than I was hoping for, I knew your amp would sound better than my Emotiva XPA-2 after hearing it at RMAF12, but I wasn't prepared for how much better it would make my whole system sound. The imaging is lifelike and solid, grounded, planted firmly in place. I feel like I could reach out and touch the performers and instruments. The soundstage extends completely around me sounding like I have surround speakers behind me, especially with movie soundtracks. Everything sounds so real. I'm hearing the subtleties, nuances and textures I've only heard in live music (my reference), and very occasionally on well set up high end systems. It's super transparent and majorly musical. My food and alcohol expenditures are through the roof with all the musicians coming over and playing for me and hanging out."

3) "What I really like about the Emerald Physics amp it has the tube like sound of the modified Trends and is just as quiet yet has way more MUSICAL power, a greater sense of air, better center fill, and just plain better conveys the aspects of real music that are most important to me when listening to recorded music"

These amps are voltage switchable and work worldwide.
3 years parts & labor warranty. Made in Colorado, USA.

Info on the DSPeaker is as follows:

The DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core is a must-have device for any audiophile who is serious about the sound quality in home environment. It can be used as a room correction device below 500Hz or as room correction plus preamp plus DAC as used here. It also has a full parametric Equalizer and excellent tone controls. It is not only a new generation automatic room correction and one of the most versatile devices to adjust the overall tonal balance, but also a standalone room analyzer. With a press of a button, it offers the same performance and accuracy as the best computer based measurement software accompanied by a professional level sound card and calibrated microphone. Of course, you can even export the measurement data using USB, but then again, you don't really need to. You can see the accurate response on screen, and all the important room corrections have been made automatically. The Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core can be connected to almost every audio system. It is the following 5 products all rolled into one small high performance package:
1) Automatic digital room correction device for the bass
2) Parametric full bandwidth Equalizer
3) Super flexible tone controls that are controlled by the remote control
4) Remote controlled balanced preamplifier
5) High quality DAC with Asynchronous USB and Toslink inputs

Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core is a must-have device for any audiophile who is serious about the sound quality in home environment. The speaker-room interaction is typically the most important performance-limiting factor of any high-end audio system. Every listening space introduces errors that can be in the magnitude of dozen decibels or even more. These errors are most pronounced at the bass and lower midrange regions, where the classic acoustic treatment loses its effectiveness. The Dual core is based on DSPeakers's new Anti-Mode 2.0 algorithm which refines their original, award-winning, Anti-Mode algorithm even further. Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core can be connected to almost every audio system. The package of the two amps and DSPeaker preamp/DAC with room correction sounds superb and offers the great value that Underwood Hifi is known for.

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Amp Specs:
100 watts RMS/ch 8 ohms/ 275 watts in mono into 8 ohms
450 watts in mono into 4 ohms
Digital Amp with custom analog power supply
150 watts RMS/ch 4 ohms Less than
.03% distortion 1 watt 275 watts RMS mono operation
Beautiful metal chassis
350 watts dynamic power in mono into 8 ohms
Extremely efficient (~93%)
Damping: Greater than 300
Dynamic Range: 110dB
2 ohm stable
Input impedance: 60K Ohms XLR/ 30K Ohms RCA
RCA & XLR inputs
3 year warranty
Retail: $2,200.00
Weight: 16 pounds
Made in USA
Gain: 30dB

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