Exogal Ion/CometExogal  Ion/Comet 125wpc Power DAC Amazing review out- Save $1850.Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS/ INTEREST w/ PayPalIntroducing the Exogal Ion/Comet digital POWER-DACUnderwood Hifi is glad to announce that we are the exclusive USA Exogal Distributors and now...4999.00

Exogal Ion/Comet 125wpc Power DAC Amazing review out- Save $1850. [Expired]

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Introducing the Exogal Ion/Comet digital POWER-DAC

Underwood Hifi is glad to announce that we are the exclusive USA Exogal Distributors and now selling exclusively for the factory in the USA

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The Exogal Ion is a high performance true digital amplifier that is designed to be a companion to the Comet DAC. The Ion connects to the Comet via the EXONET Interface and provides 250 watts per channel into 4 ohms and 125 watts per channel into 8 ohms. It drives 2 ohms with no issue. It makes a “Power DAC”. The combo is a small state of the art integrated package that competes with cost no object products. It even has a analog input for your phono stage.

The Ion integrates fully with the Comet and there are no complicated remotes or apps required - the Comet handles it all for you! Five Year US warranty

Here are 2 quotes from the first review out on the package:

"The Exogal Ion PowerDAC, the subject of this review, is small and light at only 9 pounds, aesthetically pleasing, is easily operated, controlled with personal devices such as phones and tablets, and breaks ground with a sound quality experienced by very few audiophiles in the solar system."

"The practical outcome of all this is with the advent of the Exogal Comet and Ion in terms of design and performance, your DAC and your amp have slipped decidedly toward becoming obsolete. Exogal has just killed their performance in a targeted strike."

See the entire review here:

Essentially the Ion/Comet package is a fully digital amplifier that turns the digital signal analog right at your speaker terminals. There are no digital conversions anywhere upstream in the chain (unless you plug an analog source like phono into the analog input of the Comet).

Sonics are pristine. Tight clean bass with exceptional detail and superb imaging. This is what very expensive hi end electronics sound like for multiples of the Comet/Ion’s $6850.00 retail price.

On sale now, for a limited time, at an intro price of only $4990.00.

       We have one demo set available for only $3999.00

Call us as 770-667-5633 to discuss separate Ion intro pricing if you already own a Comet as we have a short term intro deal for USA Comet owners.


POWER OUTPUT: 250W 4 ohms, 125W 8 ohms per channel
POWER OUTPUT 1% THD: 275W 4 ohms, 150W 8 ohms per channel
MINIMUM LOAD: 2 ohms per channel
PEAK OUTPUT CURRENT: 20 amperes per channel
THD: 0.03% THD @ 1W @ all frequencies into 4 ohms
OUTPUT NOISE: 170uVRMS A-weighted 10Hz-20KHz
VOLTAGE GAIN: NA, Digital Input
DAMPING FACTOR: > 30 into 1 ohms, >100 into 4 ohms
OUTPUT IMPEDANCE @ 100Hz: < 0.03 ohms
DYNAMIC RANGE: >105dB, A-weighted
INPUT CONNECTION: EXONET, proprietary digital interface
OUTPUT CONNECTION: 3-way Binding Post (Bare Wire, Banana Jack, Lug)
OPERATING POWER: 800 W Max, Typical 50W
OPERATING VOLTAGES: Universal , 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz
SIZE: 1.875 x 7.45 x 11.5 in., (47.6 x 190 x 292 mm)
WEIGHT: 9 lbs, 4.08 kg

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