FIRST WATT / PASS LABSB-4 Active two-way stereo crossoverFIRST WATT / PASS LABS B-4 Active two-way stereo crossover Black Friday Sale On Now!BLACK FRIDAY SALE now in progress at Reno Hi Fi! Everything in stock is on sale and the sale is limited to stock on-hand. Please visit Reno Hi Fi to see our HUGE inventory and sale prices. HUGE ...995.00

FIRST WATT / PASS LABS B-4 Active two-way stereo crossover Black Friday Sale On Now! [Expired]

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BLACK FRIDAY SALE now in progress at Reno Hi Fi!  Everything in stock is on sale and the sale is limited to stock on-hand.  Please visit Reno Hi Fi to see our HUGE inventory and sale prices.  HUGE SELECTION OF PASS LABS and First Watt now In Stock!

Reno Hi Fi has a HUGE inventory of New, Demo and Used Pass Labs and First Watt gear all with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and ten-day in-home demo on EVERYTHING in inventory.  Phone: 775-829-7333.

Introducing the New model B-4 active two-way analog crossover with about 400 Million possible settings!  The B-4 is a tremendous value for high performance and flexibility with easy adjustment and is unique in several ways:

First, it uses only direct-coupled matched discrete complementary Jfets (the now unavailable Toshiba 2SK170 and 2SJ74) in unity-gain buffer circuits without feedback. These buffers allow accurate interface between a very wide range of impedances in the filter components. They are adjusted for zero DC offset and do not require coupling capacitors. The filter resistors are high quality 1% Vishay commercial metal film types, and the filter capacitors are Wima polypropylene film types.

Second, the B4 has a fantastic range and variety of filter values and characteristics. Each of the four filters offers 1, 2, 3 or 4 “poles” for each filter, corresponding to 6, 12, 18 or 24 dB/octave slopes. Each of these filter poles is independently adjustable within each filter, allowing wide customization of the character of the filter. Each pole is adjustable from 25 to 6275 Hz in 25 Hz increments, which is 255 settings per Pole, and the possible number of settings for the four poles of each filter is something like 400 million.  With a few simple switches, the B-4 can accommodate “Sallen Key” values or “Linkwitz-Riley” values.   All settings are available without a soldering iron or buying additional components.

The owner’s manual for the B-4 is posted on  More pictures and special offers are on  The B-4’s input impedance is 10K ohms, which will work well with solid state preamps and not with most tube preamps.  There was a "B-4" released years ago-- today we have an All-New B-4.

This ad is for a NEW First Watt B-4 with full three year transferable warranty and Satisfaction is Always Guaranteed from Reno Hi Fi! Includes all factory accessories, owner’s manual, factory AC cord and new factory boxing.  The supplied B-4 power supply has an IEC plug, is auto-sensing, and will work on all standard line voltages worldwide.  We ship worldwide except where First Watt has other local representation: Japan,  Hong Kong, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, England, and Singapore.

The easiest and fastest way to enjoy any gear from Reno Hi Fi is to phone and we’ll put the item on any major credit card or PayPal (all with NO extra fees from Reno Hi Fi); Phone: 775-829-7333. You may also make an offer though Audiogon, and if your offer is accepted you must pay for the item within 24-hours of the acceptance or the acceptance will be canceled (except weekends). Thanks for working with us.   Insured shipping INCLUDED in the USA-48 and Canada (others pay actual shipping charges less $50).  All major credit cards and PayPal accepted with no fee from Reno Hi Fi.

Reno Hi Fi is eager to help you with your upgrade to any First Watt or Pass labs model and we offer a generous trade-in and upgrade policy. Your questions about any models are always welcome.  Reno Hi Fi phone: 775-829-7333.

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