Heed AudioObeliskHeed Audio Obelisk with X2 Power Supply!This ad is for a beautiful Heed Audio Obelisk Integrated Amp w/ X2 Power Supply This is a consignment piece from a customer who moved to a Hegel integrated. They are in fully working conditio...1400.00

Heed Audio Obelisk with X2 Power Supply! [Expired]

no longer for sale

This ad is for a beautiful 

Heed Audio Obelisk Integrated Amp 

w/ X2 Power Supply

This is a consignment piece from a customer who moved to a Hegel integrated. They are in fully working condition. Unfortunately, the remote and the original packaging is not available anymore, but we’ll package everything securely for shipping.

During the years of evolution, the Obelisk showed us the nature of RC-coupled amplifiers. By the designing of the current version of this amp, we have found the solution that describes the magic it creates. Transcap technology is now our main path, which we intend to follow, unaccompanied in the world.

The Obelisk is rated at a great healthy 50 watts per channel. Don’t be fooled by the kilowatt amps, this fifty is like a valve-amp fifty. And more, as a Transcap amplifier is rather different in this aspect. With this kind of power the Si is capable of astonishing dynamic authority and massive transients any time. Further on, there are the X2 or X4 power supplies, which converts the Si-system into a preamp/power amp combo with dual mono power amplifiers. Now that’s something classy!

The Obelisk X-2 power supply (in fact, a dual-mono power amp PSU) holds the ante at a full 50wpc, while allowing the original on-board power supply of the Obelisk to dedicate itself entirely to its preamp section. In other words, with the addition of this single device, the Obelisk evolves into a fully-fledged dual-mono pre/power combination. It is a substantial technical upgrade, and consequently a leap forward in sonic performance: it catapults the single-box integrated Obelisk into a much higher league.

Condition is pretty good, 7/10, with the usual wear on the fascia (see pics)

The unit is currently in our store in Southern California (San Diego area).

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