Hypex NCoreNC400 Stereo Hypex NCore NC400 Stereo  2x 600W @ 2 OhmSuitable for 110V to 240V AC mains. International sales welcome. Which amp is best for you? Have you considered the absolute transparency of Hypex NCore NC400? NC400 delivers serious power! H...950.00

Hypex NCore NC400 Stereo 2x 600W @ 2 Ohm [Expired]

no longer for sale

Suitable for 110V to 240V AC mains.  International sales welcome. Which amp is best for you?  Have you considered the absolute transparency of Hypex NCore NC400?  NC400 delivers serious power!  Hypex NCore established a new digital power amp benchmark. A rare opportunity to purchase and own a Stereo Hypex NCore NC400 (200/400/600W @ 8/4/2 Ohm, 1 Ohm minimum,) built by renown NC400 builder James Romeyn Music and Audio LLC.  James built NC400 for two-time Grammy winner Alan Silverman of Arf Productions! in New York, two NC400 for Alan's neighbor Loove Labs Studio in New York, and for Norman Rutherford's tracking studio in San Francisco. Alan emailed James that NC400, "...changed the way I listen to music..."            Each Stereo amp has 1200W Hypex power supply with current capacity exactly equal to two (2) 600W regular NC400 mono blocs. This Stereo amp has exact current and voltage capacity of two NC400 mono blocks with 600W PS, and twice the PS current of Stereo NC400 w/single 600W PS. Seller built and sold these amps new October 2015. Factory Hypex parts warranty till October 2017 (Hypex liberally extends warranty dates for stock, non-abused parts). Seller warrants all non-Hypex parts and all workmanship for five years from date of this sale, same as new warranty. Built to every Hypex specification. Includes optional “nAMPON” (negative amp on) switch, which mutes input and reduces idle current to only 4W. Ideal use to maximize service life is toggle up/normal play during the day, toggle down while sleeping or to mute/swap inputs. Class 2 wiring per Hypex spec minimizes noise with unbalanced source.  Neutrik XLR input with gold contacts. Large heavy duty binding posts with gold contacts. 8mm thick natural brushed alloy face plate. To prevent top plate ringing, top damped with self-adhesive asphalt type damping sheet and foam pads on mating surfaces. Every single detail is meticulously covered to insure the absolutely best NC400 performance and longest shelf life. Hypex NCore comprise the world's best value, performance, and long term service for high power audio amplifiers. Weight 8.5 lbs net each amp. XLR input only makes unbalanced source perform almost equal to balanced source when connected per Hypex instructions (contact vendor for more info). Upon request seller shall include generic IEC mains cable.
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