HypexUCD180HG HxR Hypex UCD180HG HxR  Amplifier DiyI'm selling my Hypex UCD180HG Amplifier with upgraded HxR regulators. This is the latest High Grade series module with upgraded HxR regulators and has trickle down technology from the Hypex Ncore ...375.00

Hypex UCD180HG HxR Amplifier Diy [Expired]

no longer for sale

I'm selling my Hypex UCD180HG Amplifier with upgraded HxR regulators. This is the latest High Grade series  module with upgraded HxR regulators and has trickle down technology from the Hypex Ncore modules. 
I built this a couple years ago using premium parts:
Wired with Cardas Litz hookup wire, both the power supply and signal cable and speaker wires.  
Cardas CPBP copper binding posts (can be modified for banana posts)
CMC Red Copper RCA
Premium copper IEC 
Oyaide copper faston power connectors
Create Audio Nano Fuse
Rocker power switch on back
Beautiful Walnut grain front panel and repurposed metal case, rated 6/10 for diy nature.

90 watts per channel into 8ohm. Sound is very resolute and dynamic, with excellent bass. The Cardas wire made a big difference in sound signature, stock wire sounded a little flat. Owned a ClassD Audio SDS series prior to the Hypex, the UCD180 is far superior.
The Power supply was also recapped using recommended caps (Nichicon and Panasonic) from DiyAudio thread increasing capacitance, nice increase in dynamics. Modules attached to aluminum heat sinks. Dual mono modules, for 2 channels with Hypex power supply. These same modules are used in many $$$ commercial amp offerings. These new UCD series amps come surprisingly close to the Ncore performance for a fraction of cost.

$375 plus shipping and paypal    

Pics coming soon.  Local audition welcome. 

What do you look for in a power amplifier? Bet it's the sound. Hypex UcD amplifier modules are designed from the ground up for true fidelity. Available in 180W, 400W and 700W variants, they represent a new generation of switching power converters truly performing as amplifiers.


Flat, fully load-independentfrequency response
Low output impedance
Very low, frequency-independent THD
Very low noise
Consistent top performer in listening trials including class Aand SET amplifiers
Runs on unregulated +/- rails
Pop-free start and stop control
Differential audio input
Overcurrent, shortcurrent and over voltage
DC/AC-coupling selectable
Fits in a 2HE case when mounted on its side
4-layer PCB design
HxR regulator ready


Monitor loudspeakers for recording and mastering studios
Audiophile power amplifiers for professional and consumer use
Public Address systems
Home theatre systems
Active loudspeakers


The UcD circuit is based on phase-shift controlled self-oscillation, with only a single voltage feedback control loop taking off at the loudspeaker terminals. The control function is constructed fully out of passive components, with only the comparator standing in for gain.

Output Power PR 180W 4OHM, THD=1%
Distortion THD < 0.1% typ Po<600W
Distortion THD < 0.008% typ Po=1W
Noise Un 30uV typ
Frequency Response < 10Hz-50kHz +0,-3dB
Output Impedance Zo < 20 mOhm f=1kHz
Output Impedance Zo < 150 mOhm f=20kHz
Efficiency n > 92%
Supply Ripple Rejection PSRR 65dB Both rails

With pre-mounted HxR regulators


The HPR12/HNR12 are high performance voltage regulators targeted at performance-critical audio applications. Key performance parameters exceed that of industry-standard integrated circuits by several orders of magnitude. Kelvin sense connections provide point-of-load (local) regulation with- out requiring physical proximity.

Ultra-low noise
Wide bandwidth
Excellent ripple rejection
Low, load-independent output impedance
Kelvin sense connections
Size and pin compatible with TO-220 style regulators

Preamplifiers and buffers
RIAA input stages
Playback head amplifiers
Performance upgrade for existing products

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