Krell EVOLUTION 222Krell  EVOLUTION 222   ------- Krell EVOLUTION 222 -----KRELL PRE 222 EVO((( Audio Solutions ))) Nice 1 owner Krell Evolution 222 .. No original box . Unit has a small scratch on top.. Also a small nick on the side.. Front looks clean. a little discoloration on the ...4998.00

Krell EVOLUTION 222 ------- Krell EVOLUTION 222 -----KRELL PRE 222 EVO [Expired]

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((( Audio Solutions )))    Nice 1 owner Krell Evolution 222  .. No original box . Unit has a small scratch on top.. Also a small nick on the side.. Front looks clean. a little discoloration on the logo... Flawless performance! Great price !   
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------------------Specs & Information------------------

The Evolution 222 brings the advanced technologies and inspired design of the Evolution 202 to single chassis format. Often overlooked, the preamplifier is a critical component in the signal chain. A small signal must be carefully amplified without damaging the ephemeral staging and dimensional components of the music.

Heard through the Evolution 202, music emanates from an expanse that outlines the recording venue, transporting you to the moment of creation.

The Evolution 222 is the perfect companion for the Evolution 402 Amplifier and Evolution 505 Source.

Available in silver or black.

1.5 MHz open loop bandwidth in a zero feedback, balanced, Krell Current Mode design terminating in Krell CAST.

All signal gain is realized in a surface mount topology using proprietary multiple-output current mirrors with nearly 500 times the open loop linearity of other designs. Zero negative feedback is used anywhere in the preamp, nor is it necessary. Open-loop distortion is typically less than 50 parts per million.

A complete Evolution (source, preamp, amplifier) system, connected in CAST, reduces the number of voltage gain stages to the minimum, one. The resulting noise floor is approaching the theoretical limit of technology. The volume control is realized with a 16-bit balanced resistor ladder -- bandwidth and transient response of the preamp circuitry are virtually unaffected by the volume setting.

150 VA toroidal transformer drives four 6-amp bridge rectifiers and 19,800 microfarads of filter capacitance.

Krell designed digital control circuit monitors and optimizes the preamplifier's operating parameters.

------------------Product Specs------------------ 
2 pr. CAST via 4-pin bayonet connectors 
2 pr. balanced via XLR connectors 
3 pr. single-ended via RCA connectors 
Tape input 
1 pr. single-ended via RCA connector 
Main outputs 
2 pr. CAST via 4-pin bayonet connectors 
1 pr. balanced via XLR connector 
1 pr. single-ended via RCA connector 
Tape outputs 
1 pr. single-ended via RCA connector, buffered 
Control inputs 
1 RS-232 input via a 9-pin D-subminiature connector 
1 remote IR detector input via a 3-conductor 3.5 mm connector 
1 12 VDC trigger input via a 2-conductor 3.5 mm connector 
1 preamplifier link via an RJ-45 connector 
Control outputs 
2 individually programmable 12 VDC trigger outputs via 2-conductor 3.5 mm connectors (500 milliamps maximum per output) 
1 preamplifier link via an RJ-45 connector 
Power output 
1 phono power output (+/-20 VDC) for KPE via a 9-pin D-subminiature connector 
Input impedance 
CAST: 45 Ohms 
Balanced: 95 k Ohms 
Single-ended: 47.5 k Ohms 
Output impedance 
CAST: >1 M Ohms 
Balanced: 50 Ohms 
Single-ended: 25 Ohms 
12 dB (CAST or balanced output) 
6 dB (single-ended output) 

------------------Volume control------------------ 
Balanced, current-mode, 16-bit, discrete R-2R ladder 
Input overload 
CAST: 14 mA RMS 
Balanced: 14 V RMS 
Single-ended: 7 V RMS 
Output overload 
CAST: 16 mA RMS 
Balanced: 16 V RMS 
Single-ended: 8 V RMS 
Frequency response 
20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.02 dB 
0.1 Hz to 1.5 MHz +0, -3 dB 
Total harmonic distortion plus noise 
Balanced Output: 
99 dB 
"A" weighted: >108 dB 
Power consumption 
Standby: 60 W 
Power on: 65 W 
Power on, with KPE: 75 W 
17.3 in.W x 3.8 in. H x 18.3 in. D 
43.8 cm W x 9.7 cm H x 46.4 cm D 
Shipped: 37 lbs., 16.7 kg 
Preamplifier only: 22 lbs., 10 kg

The Evolution 222 preamplifier does not require a special rack or cabinet for instal- lation. The preamplifier chassis measures 17.3 in. (43.8 cm) wide, 3.8 in. (9.7 cm) high, and 18.3 in. (46.4 cm) deep.

The Evolution 222 preamplifier requires at least two inches of clearance on each side, and at least two inches of clearance above the component to provide ade- quate ventilation. Installation inside cabinetry may require additional ventilation. 
AC Power Guidelines

The Evolution 222 preamplifier has superb regulation and does not require a dedi- cated AC circuit. Avoid connections through extension cords or multiple AC adapters. High quality 15 amp AC strips are acceptable.

------------------Back Panel Inputs------------------ 
(SECTION FOUR: Anatomy of an Evolution 222 continued) 
Figure 3 Evolution 222 Back Panel Inputs

15 Balanced Inputs: B-1, B-2 
16 Single-ended Inputs:S-1,S-2,S-3 
17 Tape Input 
18 CAST Inputs:C-1,C-2 
19 Tape Outputs: 
20 Main Outputs: 
Single-ended Main Output 
Balanced Main Output 
CAST Outputs 
21 CAN Link In/Out 
22 RS-232 Port 
23 RC-5 In 
24 12VDCIn/Out 
25 Phono Power Port 
26 IEC Power Cord Receptacle

Back Panel Description 
See Figure 3 on the previous page 
The preamplifier back panel provides all input and output connections, remote control inputs and outputs, and the power connection. Back panel features and their descriptions follow. 
15 Balanced Inputs: B-1, B-2 
These are balanced analog source inputs with XLR connectors. 
16 Single-ended Inputs: S-1, S-2, S-3 
These are single-ended analog source inputs with RCA connectors. 
17 Tape Input 
This is a single-ended tape input, for use with a tape source. 
18 C-1 and C-2 CAST Inputs 
These are CAST inputs with 4-pin bayonet connectors, for use with Krell CAST-equipped input devices. 
19 Tape Output 
This single-ended analog output is used for recording the selected input source. 
20 Main Outputs 
The Evolution 222 is equipped with one single-ended output with RCA con- nectors, one balanced output with XLR connectors, and two CAST preamplifier outputs with 4-pin bayonet connectors, for use with Krell CAST-equipped amplifiers. 
21 CAN Link 
These RJ-45 link connectors are connected in parallel. They are used to con- nect the Evolution 222 preamplifier to other CAN Link-enabled Krell products.

Remote Connections on the Back Panel 
22 RS-232 
The RS-232 port receives messages from a computer-based control system, providing integrated control of all preamplifier functions. The RS-232 input uses a 9-pin D-subminiature connector. See the Evolution 222 developer's reference, entitled RS-232 Port: Sending Commands and Interpreting Data, for more information. 
23 RC-5 In 
The RC-5 remote connector is used with a third party remote control system that provides RC-5 (IR) data with the carrier intact, via a wired connection. A stereo tip, ring, sleeve 1/8-inch mini connector is used in the following configuration: Tip = RC-5 data, Ring = +5 V, Sleeve = GND. 
24 12 VDC In/Out (12 V Trigger) 
The preamplifier has 2 outputs that send, and one input that receives 12 VDC power on/off (12 V trigger) signals to and from other Krell components and other devices that incorporate a 12 V trigger. This allows you to turn other components on or off, or to and from stand-by, through the remote control. When the Evolution 222 is switched to operational mode and is connected to other components through the 12 V trigger, it sends a signal that will switch other components, allowing whole systems or parts of systems to be easily coordinated. For more information on customizing the 12 V trigger, see Input Trigger, on page 35. Mono 1/8-inch mini connectors are used in the following configuration: Tip = +12 V, Sleeve = GND. 
When the Evolution 222 is in the operational mode, the 12 V trigger provides 12 Volts of DC output. When the component is in the stand-by mode or off, the DC output is 0 Volts. 
A minimum of 30 mA is required to operate the 12 V trigger. 
Consult the owner's reference of the components used in a custom installation to take full advantage of the remote capabilities of the Evolution 222.

Phono Stage Connector 25 Phono Power Port 
This port is used for connecting the preamplifier to a Krell KPE phono stage. 
26 IEC Power Cord Receptacle 
The IEC power connector is for use with the provided IEC standard 15 amp AC power cord.

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