KrellEvolution 7073DDealer Demo. Buy it now or make offer. $21k below retail, and $10.5k below book value. Perfect, 9.5/10 condition, full new Krell warranty. Stereophile Class A rated in 2013. An incredible clas...10500.00

Krell Evolution 7073D CAST EVO 707 3D Black w/ 5 yr warr like new EV-707 3D [Expired]

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Dealer Demo.  Buy it now or make offer.  $21k below retail, and $10.5k below book value.  Perfect, 9.5/10 condition, full new Krell warranty.  Stereophile Class A rated in 2013.  An incredible class A, analog stereo preamp, that happens to also handle your digital/surround needs too.  Buy it now, make offer, or ask questions.  The EV7073D is a direct descendant of Krell's flagship Evolution 2 ($40,000) stereo preamplifier.  Krell Evolution 7073D class-A analog preamp and surround processor, black finish, excellent condition, dealer demonstrator, full five year warranty.  The two-channel analog preamp, used for both vinyl and high resolution digital playback is among the best I've heard in over 22 years of comparing every preamp/power amp out there.  Mated with a Krell power amplifier with CAST inputs you will hear unrivaled speed, focus, transparency, giant soundstage, shocking separation of instruments and voice, pure sonic bliss.  Full 5-year warranty from an authorized Krell dealer.  You won't find a single ding, mark, or scratch anywhere - flawless.  Buy with confidence, see my decade+ of 100% positive feedback.  I ship same day payment is received.  The finest preamp/processor Krell has ever built.  The audio equivalent of a 12-channel Evolution 2 Class-A preamp.  This unit has the latest software and operates perfectly.  

Please note that the preamp is large and requires 3 inches of clearance above it for ventilation, also shelf space should be 20 inches deep for feet and have 13 inches of total height.  

Comes complete, like new, original box, accessories, and a full 5 years of warranty in your name/address that begins when it arrives at your door!  Mint Condition. 9.5/10 See pictures.  AudioGon/PayPal, shipping, and Insurance is all free.  

<from Stereophile, Kalman Rubinson>

Krell Evolution 7073D: $31,500

Krell Evolution 7073D: $31,500. The beefy, impressively built Evolution 7073D Reference weighs 56 lbs, and is nearly 9" high and over 21" deep. It includes Krell's Automatic Setup/EQ and provides single-ended (RCA), balanced (XLR), and CAST connectors for 12 output channels, including seven main channels, four subwoofers, and an additional center-channel. It had a forward, dramatic, and detailed sound with "devastatingly big and tight bass," said KR. "It is as great-sounding a digital processor as it is an analog preamp," he concluded. (Vol.33 No.9 Read Review Online)

Britten's Orchestra, the first multichannel SACD from Reference Recordings, with Michael Stern conducting the Kansas City Symphony (Reference RR-120SACD), was absolutely spectacular for both its dramatic and detailed depiction of the orchestra and the absolute solidity of the bass. And bass there is a-plenty on this disc, to the point that some have criticized it for excess. I can understand that, but, damn, it is delicious, and through the Krell 7073D the bass drum was devastatingly big and tight, and easily distinguished from the timpani in timbre and position. Perhaps that had to do with the way my two subs were set up and fed. Even bigger stuff, like the opening of Act 3 of Wagner's Die Walküre, with Zubin Mehta and the Valencia Community Orchestra (BD, C Major 700804), with the brass choirs and the flying Valkyries, was thoroughly transporting and nearly overwhelming. As I watched the Valkyries swooping and singing, everything matched—there was no "out-of-body" localization of their voices.

Roy Orbison's Black and White Night (Image Entertainment ID4954OBBD), one of my favorite Blu-rays, was just a bit more close-up and lively than I'd experienced it before, as was Willie Nelson's Night and Day (DVD-A, Surrounded By SBE-1001-9), although it was just as immersive as ever.

In transparency and impact, Krell's Evolution 7073D Reference was somewhat more forward and detailed, and offers a soundstage that's a bit more tiered and spatially balanced with regard to depth. This character will, of course, depend on both the source and the room, but the Krell was absolutely convincing with dts-HD Master Audio soundtracks. It garners an overall high recommendation from me. The Krell Evolution 7073D is a comprehensive and completely competent preamplifier-processor. It is the only pre-pro I have used that proved completely immune to audio interruptions caused by the power recycling of a connected display. Moreover, it is as great-sounding a digital processor as it is as an analog preamp . . . and vice versa.

<from> Evolution 707 3D

Reference Surround Processor

The Evolution 707 3D aesthetic extends Krell industrial design and takes surround preamplifier/processor construction to an unprecedented level. Housed in the same chassis as the Krell Evolution 402e stereo power amplifier, the Evolution 707 3D stands nearly 10" tall and weighs in at over 50lbs. The custom machined aluminum chassis includes diamond cut detailing that not only looks incredible but also fronts the resonance free environment that contains the sensitive electronics within its core. The Evolution 707 3D includes our finest audio and video engineering plus the latest in connectivity technology, HDMI™ 1.4, and the Krell Automatic Room Equalization System (ARES) to insure the ultimate home theater experience. The audio signal path is a direct descendant of our flagship Evolution 2 stereo preamplifier. The Evolution 707 3D presents a purity of sound and video resolution previously unavailable in home theater systems.



Based on award-winning preamplifier technology, the Evolution 707 3D includes twelve output stages with two center channel and four subwoofer outputs, in an 8.4 channel configuration. All channels feature Evolution CAST™ circuitry for the most stunning reproduction of today's high-resolution movie soundtracks. CAST™, which is short for Current Audio Signal Transmission, is a proprietary method of sending audio signals between components in the current domain. Krell components connected in Evolution CAST™ act together as an electrically unified whole, free from the deleterious effects normally imposed by connecting cables. Balanced outputs and single ended outputs are also included for use with conventional amplifiers. Preamp mode bypasses all digital circuitry and routes the analog input, stereo or 7.1 multi-channel, directly to the 16-bit balanced resistor ladder volume control for the purest signal path possible.

"devastatingly big and tight bass, It is as

great-sounding a digital processor as it is an

analog preamp "

Kalman Rubinson - Stereophile


ARES analyzes the speakers' capability, position, phase and distance relationships to determine ideal crossover points, delay, and volume settings. Listening room surfaces, speaker positioning and construction play a pivotal role in the overall sound quality of a system. ARES measures these effects against the inherent performance of the system's speakers and corrects for irregular surfaces, problematic speaker locations, and unusual floor plans. A 32 bit dual core DSP running at 1.8 giga operations per second computes equalizer filter coefficients and applies individual curves to each of the 8.4 output channels. A trio of user system memories provides greater flexibility and personalization than other systems on the market. Instead of an averaged result from various listening positions, three individual listening positions may be measured and optimized rather than compromised by an averaging-style system. Alternatively, system memories may be used for different speaker configurations so that one memory can be optimized for two channel listening with full range front speakers, a second memory for movie playback with a crossover and subwoofers engaged, and a third for casual, full range, all-speaker music listening. After each system memory corrects for room anomalies, an optional music or movie curve can be added to the corrected response for an enhanced listening experience. ARES uses on screen prompts to guide the user through the automatic setup and equalization process. The ARES operational range can also be limited to low frequency correction where a majority of sonic irregularities occur. Settings for operation below 63 Hz, 80 Hz, 125 Hz, and 250Hz provide correction in the most troublesome low frequency range while leaving, unaltered, the upper frequency range that helps define a individual speaker's sonic characteristics.



Via the four HDMI™ 1.4 compliant inputs, the Evolution 707 3D decodes Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio lossless surround formats and is compatible with 3D broadcast and Blu-ray content. Additionally, two Cirrus CS497004 DSPs, running in 64-bit dual precision mode, decode Dolby Digital Surround EX, Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 6.1 ES, DTS 5.1, DTS NEO:6, Dolby Pro Logic II modes as well as nine proprietary Krell Music Surround modes. Maximum color depth has been increased from 24 bits to 48 bits and bandwidth from 165MHz to 340 MHz. Full video transcoding permits any composite, S-Video, or component signal to be routed to the component and HDMI™ outputs and includes upconversion to a maximum of 1080p resolution. Furthermore, the Evolution 707 3D is a true "one connection solution" with on-screen display, configuration menus, and status messages available from all active video outputs. HDMI™ 1.4 is at the cutting edge of today's technology and Krell is the first company to offer a complete solution for reference quality home theaters. The Evolution 707 3D combines unmatched audio and video performance with all of the convenience features today's reference home theaters demand.

Home Theater Review

"The Krell Evolution 7073D simply is the best AV preamp I have ever heard to date in my home, at any trade show or anywhere else, for that matter."


Evolution 707 3D

Signal to Noise Ratio

"A" Weighted 96 dB


Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

Unweighted 20 Hz-20 kHz, +0, -.5 dB



Analog Audio

(2) Pair CAST via CAST connectors

(1) Pair Balanced via XLR connectors

(5) Pairs Single-ended via RCA connectors

(1) Discrete 7.1 via RCA connectors

(1) Tape in via RCA connectors

(1) VCR audio in via RCA connectors


Digital Audio

(4) HDMI via HDMI connectors

(4) EIAJ optical via Toslink connectors

(4) Coaxial via RCA connectors


Digital Video

(4) HDMI via HDMI connectors


Analog Video

(3) Component Video via RCA connectors

(4) S-video via DIN connectors

(3) Composite Video via RCA connectors



Analog Audio

(12) CAST via CAST Connectors

R, L, C1, C2, SR, SL, SBR, SBL, S1, S2, S3, S4

(12) Balanced via XLR Connectors

R, L, C1, C2, SR, SL, SBR, SBL, S1, S2, S3, S4

(12) Single-ended via RCA Connectors

R, L, C1, C2, SR, SL, SBR, SBL, S1, S2, S3, S4

(1) Tape out via RCA connectors

(1) VCR audio out via RCA connectors

(1) Zone 2 out via RCA connectors


Digital Audio

(1) EIAJ optical via TosLink connector

(1) Coaxial via RCA connector


Digital Video

(1) HDMI via HDMI connector


Analog Video

(1) Component Video via RCA connectors

(1) Zone 2 Component Video via RCA connectors

(1) S-video via DIN connectors

(1) Zone 2 S-video via DIN connector

(1) Composite Video via RCA connector

(1) Zone 2 Composite Video via RCA connector


(1) IR Receiver for Remote Control

(1) RS-232 via DB9 Female Connector Straight Wired

(1) RC-5 via 1/8" stereo "trs" Receptacle

(1) 12vdc Remote Trigger Input via 1/8" Mono receptacle

(4) 12vdc Remote Trigger Outputs via 1/8 Mono receptacles

(2) Proprietary KRELL CAN ports via RJ-45 Connectors


Digital Decoding Modes

Dolby True HD

Dolby Digital Plus

Dolby Digital 5.1

Dolby Digital EX

Dolby Pro Logic IIX

DTS-HD Master Audio

DTS High Resolution Audio

DTS 5.1

DTS ES Discrete 6.1

DTS ES Matrix 6.1

DTS Neo:6

PCM 5.1

PCM 7.1

PREAMP (Direct Analog Only)

PREAMP 5.1 (Direct Analog Only)


Surround Enhancement Modes

General Admission

Front Row

On Stage

Enhanced Stereo



Full Range + Sub




RS-232 DB9 pin out

1. Data Carrier Detect

2. Received Data

3. Transmitted Data

4. Data Terminal Ready

5. Signal Ground

6. Data Set Ready

7. Request To Send

8. Clear To Send

9. Ring Indicator

RC-5 pin out

Tip = RC-5 data, Ring = +5 V, Sleeve = GND


XLR pin out

Pin 1 (ground) Pin 2 (non-inverting "Hot") Pin 3 (Inverting)


Maximum Input

Balanced 8.2 Vrms

Single Ended 4.1 Vrms


Maximum Output

Balanced 17.8 Vrms

Single Ended 8.9 Vrms


Audio Input Impedance

Balanced 475 KΩ

Single Ended 47 KΩ


Audio Output Impedance

Balanced 150 Ω

Single Ended 150 Ω

Power Consumption Stand-by 178W

Operation 196W



Inches (L) 21.22 x (W) 17.25 x (H) 8.75

Centimeters (L) 53.90 x (W) 43.82 x (H) 22.23



52lbs Unit only

23.59kg Unit only

64lbs Shipping Weight

29.03kg Shipping weight

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