KrellFPB-250mcKrell FPB-250mc Mono Blocks in Factory Boxes********************************** FOR SALE / INCLUDED *****************************(2) Krell FPB-250mc Mono Block Amplifiers Original OEM Boxes OEM 12' Power Cords *************************...4250.00

Krell FPB-250mc Mono Blocks in Factory Boxes [Expired]

no longer for sale

********************************** FOR SALE / INCLUDED *****************************
(2) Krell FPB-250mc Mono Block Amplifiers
Original OEM Boxes
OEM 12' Power Cords

***************************************** CONDITION *************************************
These amps have been well cared for in a smoke free, child free environment. Dusted weekly and basically haven't been moved in over 5 years. I am the 2nd owner and rate the condition at 7/10 due to age, there are no significant scratches or dings. The front faces are very very clean, no scratches at all. The top has a couple small dings on the leading edge, I tried to photograph every knick or bump I could find. The top covers were recently replaced with brand new factory ones. The heat sinks have a slight purplish hue from heat over the years (they are 100% Class A) and run pretty warm. The power cord ends and case screws have all been replaced with brand new factory replacements. One of the power cords has a bump / knick in it, otherwise they work and sound great! I will double box them for shipping.

***************************************** INFO *************************************
These amplifiers are 100% CLASS A, fully balanced differential design and will double down their power no matter what the ohm load. Considered by many to be one of the finest sounding Krell series ever made. These are the best sounding amps I have ever heard paired with my Watt Puppies. I have been searching for a decade and have not found anything that sounded better, thats the honest truth. I am moving into a new home and dont have the space for these anymore. I swapped them out for a pair of Rack Mount Bryston 7B SST2 monoblocks, and as nice as the Brystons are, they did not equal these Krells. I am sorry to have to let them go. I ran a pair of Watt Puppy 7s and they absolutely singed with these amps, I cannot get over how loud they played without even coming close to clipping, the dynamics are out of this world. They can truly drive just about any speaker, and the sound stage is spectacular, deep wide, delicate. Not edgey at all! I have rarely heard such dynamics and headroom without any grain or etch on the top end. Very Very wonderful sounding amps. They also have a very small footprint, making them much easier to fit in smaller spaces than other traditional mono blocks.

Call with any questions Thanks! Colin 203-509-6873

******************************* PAYMENT & SHIPPING ***************************
Paypal only (asking price includes the 3% PayPal fee)
Buyer to pay shipping (let me know your zip and I will get you an accurate estimate)

***************************************** SPECS *************************************

Full Power Balanced 250Mc, Monaural Amplifiers
FREQ RESPONSE           20 Hz to 20 kHz, +0dB, -3dB
SNR "A" WEIGHTED       114dB
GAIN                                26.4dB
TOTAL HARMONIC         1kHz <0.03%
DISTORTION (THD)         20kHz <0.03%
INPUT IMPEDANCE        100 kOhms
INPUT SENSITIVITY        2.14rms
OUTPUT POWER            8 Ohms 250w • 4 Ohms 500w • 2 Ohms 1000w
OUTPUT VOLTAGE          Peak to Peak 138V • RMS 49V
POWER DRAW                Stand-by 30W • Idle 150W • Max.     1,700W
INPUTS                            1 Balanced via XLR connectors
                                         1 KRELL CAST via 4-pin bayonet connectors
OUTPUTS                        2 pair (one upper, one lower)
REMOTE CONTROL        Optional
DIMENSIONS (inches)     12.5w x 10.5h x 16.0d
WEIGHT (each)                 68lb

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