Luminous Audio Axiom or Axiom sig awesome passive pre amp!Axiom IAfter a brief disappearance the AXIOM is back! NOW OFFERING PRE BURNED-IN AXIOMS for a $35 fee!!!! Have your AXIOM sound smooth and perfect right out of the box for a 3 day wait and an affordable $...135.00

Luminous Audio Axiom or Axiom sig awesome passive pre amp! Axiom I original Axiom/Single in RCA. [Expired]

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After a brief disappearance the AXIOM is back! NOW OFFERING PRE BURNED-IN AXIOMS for a $35 fee!!!! Have your AXIOM sound smooth and perfect right out of the box for a 3 day wait and an affordable $35 fee. Bill has developed a means of quickly "cooking" your Axiom in a 3 day period to allow better sonics upon its arrival.Please take a moment and see all of the killer testimonials recently added to our website at This unit is made in America! Most "new" inexpensive passives are from China. The new ALPS pots used in the new version have continuous smooth rotation in lieu of the steps on the old one. This provides considerably more control over the original Axiom. Part of what makes our passive so good is the lack of inputs. PLEASE NOTE......The standard Axiom unit (in this auction)has one pair of inputs and one pair of outputs. This is a very important part of why the Axiom destroys most any other preamp on the market. Most critical listening is done with cd's anyway, so why not shoot for the ultimate in clarity. The AXIOM is shipped with a Holco resistor unless buyer is willing to upgrade to the caddocks for $25 more. The CADDOCK tf020 resistors are the best in this circuit. I promise this preamp will outperform anything under $3,000 or your $ back!!!! We will only charge $10 plus shipping to cover handling and packaging fees for a returned Axiom. I will email the buyer with a brief questionnaire about his/her system so we can make sure the gain is calibrated for him/her. The unit uses high-quality custom gold RCA inputs,Luminous 4/9's pure silver wire and a smooth Alps precision pot. We also have ordered better looking logo's for the units. See for examples of our cables. You can read a ton of reviews on audio asylum and again, our website has just been updated with MANY testimonials for the AXIOM. Just released! We now have XLR/fully balanced versions available. They are mono-block versions as there isn't enough room in each chassis for a stereo version. It also allows for insanely good channel separation. The pair is only $379 with Neutrik XLRs or for the 3 input version and caddock resistors. We have just added a picture. ***Please note*** The response to the axiom has become overwhelming lately. I really need to rely on e-mail for communication as much as possible. May I humbly request calling us ONLY if you do not have access to e-mail. I promise I can answer all questions via e-mail and more efficiently as I can do so late in the evenings, etc. I have become very difficult to reach during the day and I apologize. Please note that a huge contributor to the Axiom's low price is our use of a prototype/surplus chassis. This chassis is new but a few of them may have a tiny mark or two on them. We throw away any that have anything truly noticeable but the insanely low cost of the Axiom should allow the few of you that wind up with one that has a small mark or two to ignore it. To simplify things, I have set up a link page at: Thank you for understanding. Have more than just a cd player?....well, after years of customer’s recommendations/requests, we have decided to offer a solution for those with multiple inputs. With the small chassis we were unable to add any more RCA jacks for this so we have elected to offer a mono version of the AXIOM. This will offer incredible channel separation as well as additional inputs. For those who are used to the awesome “switch less” version we are still incorporating a direct input on the new units. Two inputs are offered as well as the direct input. However, the new Axiom with multiple inputs may or may not offer three inputs in all systems. Dependent upon the output impedance of your direct source when turned off or on, you may be forced to unplug the direct device when not in use. i.e., the output impedance of your CD player will be in parallel with the other source you have chosen. If the CD player is turned off, it may go to infinity (or still a very high/desirable value) or it may literally short the outputs therefore not allowing any sound on any input. Worse case scenario the customer will still have at least two inputs from which to choose and the “mechanically switchable” direct input. This will require testing via ohmmeter or just simple experimentation. If the direct source is making an effect, it will be very noticeable. See pictures below!A SAMPLING OF OUR INCREDIBLE TESTIMONIALS (Many more can be found on; Hi Tim... The Axiom sounds just as I had expected, which is to say, amazing! Music unveiled like never before, with very tight bass, transparent mids, and highs without limit. String bass and cymbals have far more detail and variety than I had ever realized. Overall, the sound is what I would call "modern", clean and accurate. When I think about these big 25 pound boxes (including my Accuphase) that we use to "preamplify" the signal, it seems rather overkill, especially if you only have one or two sources. Your Axiom is a true wonder. Thanks again, and be well, Robert Got it today! I am slackjawed... amazed! Opened up the soundstage and defines the individual instruments... SUPERB PRODUCT! Thanks!!!Tim, Axiom arrived today. Plugged it into $6000 worth of Naim NAP 135 monoblocks ( Naim, incidentally advise against using any form of passive preamp ) And it is really stunning. Quiet quiesant background ( no hum or hiss of any form ) Detailed and as far as I can hear ... excellent. I am impressed, well done. cheers Dave. Hello Tim, I received the preamp in good condition on Friday and hooked it up that evening. Wow !! What a sound, it was marvelous to hear I could further increase everything one notch !! Definition, space, information, soundstage, transients, zero noise and especially more precision everywhere... How can you beat my "brand X" ??? I am VERY happy ! It seems that the Axiom lets more energy of medium to high frequencies go through. Very well done ! Thanks again for the unexpected satisfaction ;-)) Olivier. Tim, The Axiom is AMAZING!!!...Thanks! Bob. Tim, I received the unit yesterday and just hooked it up. It is a tremendous value! (but I guess that is no news to you!) It sounds even better since my preamp has been out for repairs for 6 weeks. Thanks Ron. Hi Tim, ...The product is fabulous and I will be leaving positive feedback on Audioreview if your product is listed there. I will definitely be spreading the word around here. Congratulations on a simple but great design. The Axiom is truly transparent and I have never heard my system sound so natural. You can quote me on this! I will never go back to active preamps. best regards Steve. Hi Tim, I received the Axiom Passive Preamp today in perfect condition. The Axiom sounds better than I expected. The bass is tight, mids are transparent and highs are clear without becoming abrasive. I guess the word I would use to define the sound using the Axiom would be “PURE”. Best audio purchase I’ve made in a long while. Thanks again, Tom
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