Luxman M-5.. C-5.. Luxman  M-5.. C-5..  Pair Power Amp. and Pre Amp Set.Very RARE ********************************************************************************************************************Pair: Luxman M-5. Power Amp. And Luxman C-5. Pre Amp. Gold Ed...9000.00

Luxman M-5.. C-5.. Pair Power Amp. and Pre Amp Set. [Template]

no longer for sale

Very RARE   ********************************************************************************************************************
Pair: Luxman M-5. Power Amp.   And   Luxman C-5. Pre Amp.     
Gold Edition     *******************************************************************************************************************
AC: 220-230 Volt. For Europa     
These devices were purchased in Japan! And these devices were originally 100 volts.  But fortunately, these devices,: On the inside, there is a network switch on 230 volts. And all  devices were switched to 230 volts.  And now these devices can be used in all European countries AC 230 volts.    
All devices optical and technical practical in new a condition.   For them I have, Two Manuals for Luxman M-5. Manual for Luxman C-5. Remote control, And three very thick network cables which were is bought separately for $500    
After purchase, I really used them very seldom. sale reason. I have a small child. and the place of the house isn't enough. Today it is really not possible to find these devices, in such collection a condition.     *******************************************************************************************************************
Please don't hesitate to ask your questions, I will be glad to answer you!  
All Devices Weight: 60Kg.     *******************************************************************************************************************
Shipping Weight, 3 BIG Packet, Each with Double Packing: 80Kg **************************************************************************************************** 1. My video on Youtube, for Optical Condition:     ******************************************************************************************************************** 2. My Video on Youtube, For Optical Condition:     ******************************************************************************************************************** 3. My video test, on Youtube:  
******************************************************************************************************************** I can also sell these devices separately. Please, if you wish to buy one of these devices separately, please send me your message. ********************************************************************************************************************
Please, before purchase, you watch photos, and read the auction description. I am the private seller. I can't give a guarantee.  If you agreed with auction the description. You can participate at auction! The buyer accepts all conditions of auction.   ********************************************************************************************************************
Good luck !!!  
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