McIntoshMC2505McIntosh MC2505 Fully Rebuilt by 35+ yr Mac warranty servicer, w/cabinetOffered for sale here is one of my TOP favorite solid state amps of all time, the McIntosh MC2505.I am Stephen Sank of Talking Dog Transducer Co., a widely-known McIntosh expert with nearly 45 year...1450.00

McIntosh MC2505 Fully Rebuilt by 35+ yr Mac warranty servicer, w/cabinet [Expired]

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Offered for sale here is one of my TOP favorite solid state amps of all time, the McIntosh MC2505.

I am Stephen Sank of Talking Dog Transducer Co., a widely-known McIntosh expert with nearly 45 years audio service/design experience, >30 of those years as a Mac warranty servicer, and I have just thoroughly serviced & signicantly(but reversibly) upgraded this unit.  This consisted of replacing and/or supplementing nearly all electrolytic capacitors in the unit with high grade, bulletproof-reliable, best performance Nichicons, rebuilding the power & speaker switches, calibrating the power meters, and finally adjusting bias & offsets.  The upgrading part was the rather copious enlargement of the power supply capacity for the input & driver stages, using Nichicon KZ Muse & FineGold caps, for increased dynamics, especially what many call "microdynamics".  I chose not to do more than this(I could do quite a lot more on request), out of concern for preserving the original character of the amp sound, and respect for many Mac owners' preference for keeping things as original as possible physically.  So, I made no changes that are not easily reversible.

Speaking of bias, this is my preferred early version MC2505, which has adjustable bias & dc offset trim for each channel, and thus has fewer capacitors in the signal path AND has greater bias stability, and does not depend on an easily damaged & unobtainably obsolete part for it's bias stability.  As a result of being this adjustable & more stable version, this unit has never been previously serviced, and thus has 100% original transistors.

Like all MC2505/MC250's, this unit produces 85 watts per channel(both channels simultaneously) continuous RMS power before clipping into 4/8/16ohm load, *70% above* it's 50w/ch rating, and has serious punch for even an amp twice it's size.

Further, as one of my favorite solid state amps, it's just an incredibly musical amp, with more finesse & smoothness, without hiding detail, than an awful lot of tube amps.  But, it's not ruthlessly revealing like a Krell or etc., so is forgiving of a bad recording.  It's an amp that just plain let's you enjoy the music & forget about the gear.  It's simply lovely, while still being exciting & thoroughly involving.

Cosmetically, external appearance when in the cabinet is easily 8.5 of 10.  Glass panel is beautiful, with just the inevitable air-bubble in the back-painted enamel around the headphone jack & panloc openings, only very small scratches on panel frame & end bells, and the cabinet is incredibly nice for it's age, with very minor flaws(much exaggerated by camera flash).  As can be seen from out-of-cabinet rearward photos, the back half of the chassis has quite generous rust speckles, but lettering is 95% intact.  Although not formally a part of the sale, I'm happy to leave in place/include the speaker binding posts("banana jacks") I fitted into the terminal blocks for convenient connection.  It's about the best way to use banana plugs with these amps without altering the chassis to directly mount posts.

While I don't have the original box, I do have >30 years experience in packing glass-front Mac gear for safe shipping, so the amp will arrive safely, barring horrendously abusive shipper handling.  That said, I would be happy to give a $50 discount to anyone able to pick up the amp locally in Tucson, saving me the work of packing & eliminating shipping risk.

Sale includes, only, the MC2505 amp, original cabinet & it's installed panloc brackets.  No other accessories or manuals included.  I would be happy to scan & print a copy of the specific version service manual for this unit, if requested, to include with the amp.

Sold with my usual one year warranty(shipping costs shared).

Payment via paypal or cash on pickup.

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