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McIntosh MC7270 Amplifier Very Clean and Tested to Perfection [Expired]

no longer for sale

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McIntosh MC7270

This is an modern yet vintage amplifier from legendary amplifier maker McIntosh out of Binghampton NY.  Its modern enough to be reliable and noise free and vintage enough to have the highly sought after solid state sound from McIntosh in the 80/s.  Truly a perfect balance between the two.  

It was manufactured in 1987 and I got it from the original owner in NYC a few weeks back.  I have the original warranty card that has the gentleman’s name so it all adds up.  He took wonderful care of this amplifier, using it with a C34V pre, which is also for sale and a pair XRT18s.  

I have fully tested the unit both on my workbench and in my reference listening room and Im happy to report its working to specifications.  Both rated output and THD are spot on (actually a bit better).  The sound is as expected and is able to drive my Bowers 802D3s with authority and precision.  

Cosmetically its a very clean unit with no signs of pitting or rusting on the chrome as you tend to see in many units.  Since it was always kept in an apartment in NYC it was out of harms way rather than sitting in a damp basement.  All the bulbs work as they should and the meter respond quickly and precisely.   As you can see from the pictures all sides of the metal unit are without any noticeable scratches or dents.  The glass is also perfect without any cracks or peeling of the back paint.  Its truly a great survivor.  

At 270W, this sort of amplifier can drive just about any speaker with authority and ease so in my opinion is a great investment and is surely to increase value over time as most McIntosh pieces do.  

Amp is available for audition and pickup in my Ridgewood NJ private listening room.  Also available for pickup in Union Square NYC.  

Will be double boxed for shipping in a McIntosh box for safe transport.  Includes manual and warranty card.  

Thanks for looking. 

Here are some specs. 

ELECTRICAL: 270w/ch. (540w mono). Response 20-20kHz (+0 -0.25dB). Distortion 0.02%. Noise and hum -100dB. Output impedance 1, 2, 4 and 8 ohms. (2, 4, 8 and 16 ohms in mono). Damping factor 30 or greater. Input impedance 20k. Input sensitivity 0.75v or 2.5v. Sentry Monitor. Power Guard.

FRONT PANEL: Glass panel top. Black anodized bottom. Illuminated. Power level meters (linear watts or dB). Gain controls. Meter sw: watts or hold. Power Guard lamps. Power sw: on or off.

BACK PANEL: Output barrier strips. Audio inputs. AC outlet. Input level sw: 2.5v or .75v. Mode sw: stereo or mono bridge. Fuse. Panloc mounting.

Size 7-1/8"H, 16-3/16"W and 14-1/2"D. Weight 82 lb. Sold from 1985-1991. Last retail price $2499.00

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