Merrill AudoTaranis Stereo Power amplifier based on Merrill Audo Taranis Stereo Power amplifier based on  Product of the year 2016 - Best value AmplifierReviews:Product of the Year for 2016- Best Value Amplifier

Merrill Audo Taranis Stereo Power amplifier based on Product of the year 2016 - Best value Amplifier [Expired]

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Product of the Year for 2016- Best Value Amplifier

"If you are hankering for a really good taste of what the really powerful (and expensive) “superamps” out there have on offer, but can’t, or won’t, pay the price of admission, give the Merrill Audio Taranis a good hard look."
"In fact, the Taranis is not deficient in any area – after listening to the Pass Labs amp for a while, then switching back to the Merrill Audio Taranis, it was quite surprising how it was able to reproduce the signals it was fed with a musicality that belies its relatively low asking price." 
   Early reviews:

"the amp sounds incredible and I'm sure it's not even all the way broken in yet. The highs are silky smooth, it has terrific scale, with tons of detail." Paul G, PA

Three Formal Reviews are in and they are indeed Terrific!

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Constructions in with mirror stainless steel front panels, Power meters to show levels and stainless steel back panels. See the pictures. 

Designed using Ncore technology from the VERITAS Monoblocks.

With plenty of power to spare, the Taranis Stereo Power Amplifer

reproduces music with ease, speed and superb detail.

A specially designed high end input stage with a high current drive give the output stage

speed and detail like no other.

The Taranis is designed with ultra low distortion from input to output.

400 watts/8 ohms

600 watts/4 ohms

1.5milli ohms output impedance

100k input impedance

0-50khz +0/-3db Frequency response

26db gain

+/- 80 volt Maximum output

26 Amp Maximu Output

130db Signal to noise

0.005 THD+Noise

Taranis Celtic God of Thunder


  • Silver plated pure copper speaker posts for banana or spades
  • XLR Balanced input with silver plated pins
  • Steel chassis for EMI/RFI protection in and out
  • Power meters with 3db steps.

Upgrade options:

  • Stillpoints Ultramini Risers
  • Waveform Fidelity Power Cord
  • Synergistic Fuse
  • Synergistic Red Fuse
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