N B SUNIVERSAL IIN B S UNIVERSAL II POWER AMPLIFIERSTHE NBS UNIVERSAL II POWER AMPLIFIER DESIGN OBJECTIVES Universal application: The Universal II amplifier may be used on any AC mains service worldwide without any settings or adjustm...10000.00


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Universal application: The Universal II amplifier may be used on any AC mains service worldwide without any settings or adjustments.

Universal compatibility: The Universal II amplifier is compatible with any source equipment and any loudspeaker load.

Universal enjoyment: The Universal II amplifier is easy to set up, is not fussy to use, and is audibly transparent. You can enjoy the music without concern for the apparatus.

The unit is derived from the original Universal Power Amplifier, which is still available. Here we bring you the same philosophy and performance at a lower power level, lower cost and smaller physical size.


The entire circuitry of the NBS Universal II Power Amplifier uses high speed switching techniques. The AC Mains input is power factor corrected which reduces harmonic contamination of the AC mains by the amplifier. It also improves the efficiency with which the commercial electric power is utilized. This is not done by very many amplifier manufacturers in high-end audio because it is deemed too difficult. It is nevertheless very desirable. NBS has incorporated power factor correction is our power amplifiers for over 14 years.

The AC mains input is protected by a magnetic circuit breaker which is also the main power switch. A high-performance NBS AC mains cable is provided with the unit.

The DC converters operate with zero current  transitions further preventing the generation of electromagnetic interference. The output of the DC converters is tightly regulated for all conditions of AC mains voltage and power output. Very few manufacturers attempt this because it is difficult as well as expensive. However, imperfection of the DC voltage supplied to the amplifier is a first-order source of error. There is no solution but to treat the power system with the same care as the audio system. We have done that.

The balanced and single-ended inputs are separately buffered and summed, so that they may both be used if desired.

Two sets of output terminals are provided as a convenience to facilitate bi-wiring.




We don’t spend much time trying to describe the sound of the amplifier. What you hear is governed by what you feed into it. Always transparent, powerful when required.


AC Mains voltage (without adjustment):                                                      Nominal 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

AC Mains power factor at max output:                                                      >.95

Power output:                                                                                                            180 Watts/8 Ohms, 360 Watts/4 Ohms

Permissible load range:                                                                                          Any load > 1 Ohm

Frequency range:                                                                                          4 Hz – 35 kHz

Voltage gain:                                                                                                            26 dB (2V input for rated output)

                                                                                                                                         (141 mV for 1 Watt/8 Ohms)

Inputs:                                                                                                                              Balanced: XLR Female

                                                                                                                              Single-ended: RCA Female

Outputs:                                                                                                            2 sets: Binding posts

Dimensions:                                                                                                            17” (432mm) Wide

                                                                                                                              16” (406mm) Deep plus connections

                                                                                                                              5.1” (130mm) High including feet

Weight:                                                                                                                              Approx 35 lb. (16 Kg)

Construction:                                                                                                            Machined Aluminum

Accessories: 2-6 FT. BLACK L;ABEL II+ A/C CABLES

Cost:  $18,000.00 PAIR

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