NADM2NAD M2 (retail $5900 mint)This ad is for 1 Nad M2 integrated amplifier with digital inputs. Retail is $5900 US and this unit is in excellent condition with very little use. Trade in from original owner with original pac...1900.00

NAD M2 (retail $5900 mint) [Expired]

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This ad is for 1 Nad M2 integrated amplifier with digital inputs. Retail is $5900 US and this unit is in excellent condition with very little use. Trade in from original owner with original packaging. I never say mint but I can say this unit has less than 100 hours on it.

NAD’2 M2 is characterized by:
• Text-book low distortion with a tendency toward flow and elasticity over rhythmically angular or crackling.
• Developed tone colors with solid textures.
• Immaculately sorted, three-dimensionally locked staging against a very black background and properly scaled sizing and scale. Stage width is occasionally a tad narrower than with other amps.
• Freedom from edges for ideal long-term use yet still highly resolved. Ultimately somewhat soft rather than freshly crisp in the treble.
• Full-featured, the M2 is optimized for its digital inputs.
• Flawless bass on extension and weight, neither soft nor poster child for brutality.
• Impeccable build.

Manufactures Specs;
• Weight: 20.2 kg
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 435 x 148 x 502mm
• Trim: Silver grey
• Output power: 2 x 300/250/200 Watt into 2/4/8 Ohm
• Digital inputs: 1 x AES/EBU, 2 x coaxial, 2 x optical
• Analog inputs: 1 x XLR, 1 x RCA
• Digital outputs: 1 x RCA, 1 x optical
• Other: Speaker terminals accept bananas or spades, 7-stage impedance matching, fixed gain feature for use with preamp, selectable sample rates for analog inputs, 24/192 data acceptance for digital inputs
• Idle power consumption: 80 watts, 1 watt in standby

The M2 is Mister Clean for sure but despite it, not boringly sterile. Quite the contrary in fact. By avoiding all hazing and grey blurs, the resultant sonic image becomes exceptionally elastic, musical, color rich and very non-technical or non-artificial.

Once I had changed my system approach, the NAD M2 provided many nights of extended listening, with one album leading to just one more. And one more. While the M2 is relatively large and heavy for a class-D amplifier, runs warmer than you might expect, and is not inexpensive, when fed high-quality PCM data it offers sound quality that competes with that of the best conventional amplifiers. Given my long-term skepticism about the sonic benefits of PWM amplifiers, that was not what I was expecting. NAD's Masters Series M2 is a winner all the way.

Absolute Sound
Despite costing one-tenth as much as my reference system (all the components of which are outstanding), the M2 was extremely engaging musically. Overall, I preferred the reference system, but not by as much as the price disparity would suggest. I usually wouldn’t judge a $6000 product against one costing more than $50k, but the M2’s outstanding performance in many areas invited the comparison. Moreover, the M2 represents a radically different approach to amplifier design, digital-to-analog conversion, and system architecture. As such, I evaluated how the M2 sounds not just in comparison with similarly priced conventional amplification and digital-to-analog conversion, but how its new technology stacks up on an absolute basis. (You should consider this when reading how the M2 falls short of a reference-quality system. I included those observations not to diminish the great achievement the M2 represents, but to put this new technology in context.) As for the M2 as an alternative to a $3500 conventional integrated amplifier and a $2500 digital-to-analog converter, it’s a slam dunk.
Shipping is set at $80 for Canada and the US.

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