NADM22NAD M22NAD MASTERS SERIES M22 rated 9/10 for light use. In like-new condition with original box, cloth bag, power cord, magnetic feet, and manual. Selling at a loss to downsize amplifier while upgrading s...1825.00

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NAD MASTERS SERIES M22 rated 9/10 for light use. In like-new condition with original box, cloth bag, power cord, magnetic feet, and manual. Selling at a loss to downsize amplifier while upgrading speakers. Owned for two-months in a smoke-free, pet-free home; no dings or scratches.

NAD M22 Stereo Power Amplifier

Power Output: 250 WPC (8 Ohms and 4 Ohms) THD: <0.005% (20Hz – 20kHz) Frequency Response: 3Hz – 100kHz -2.5dB Inputs: 1 Pair Balanced XLR, 1 Pair Unbalanced RCA, 12V Trigger Outputs: 1 Pair Binding Posts Input Impedance: Balanced – 200 kOhms; Single-Ended – 17 kOhms Damping Factor: >800 at 50Hz and 1kHz (8 Ohm Load) Dimensions: 4.1″ H x 17.1″ W x 14.9″ D Weight: 19.6 Pounds MSRP: $2,999 USD

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Able to drive extremely difficult speaker loads with both authority and finesse, the amp is the subject of numerous awards and sensational reviews:  

"Things might get a bit gushy now, and I apologise for that, but it doesn’t happen often. I absolutely love the M22, everything about it sonically has defied my expectations not only as for how it actually sounds but also because of the class D technology from Hypex and I’m not the only one either! We have a distributor that lives very near and we often have listening sessions when each of us gets something new in house and he vocalised his reservations about class D tech sounding a bit less impactful and weak than the alternative SS solutions. This destroyed that prejudice and he genuinely seemed shocked by the effortless weight and dynamism this amp was able to give music. And this is just the start. [...] The better your input, the better it outputs, it’s that simple. Even with equipment as good as the totaldac and Zodiac Platinum with Atomic Clock, both costing 3x the price the M22 doesn’t seem to hit a ceiling, it doesn’t become the limiting factor in the system, it just continues to deliver. I think it is an outstanding product and great value too." – InEarSound, Josh Coleby

"With an output stage based on the Hypex NC400 NCore module, the class-D M22 is rated at 300Wpc into 8 ohms, and is described by its manufacturer as being DC-coupled from end to end, without so much as an output-blocking relay. Our review sample's packaging was of notably high quality, and the compact M22 impressed KR with its solid feel. KR set about listening, and he praised the M22 for conjuring "a big, wide soundstage populated with colorful instruments and voices." In KR's words, the M22 "is more than fair value in view of its compact size, excellent build quality, the wallop necessary for staggering volume levels, a tolerance for driving difficult loads, and, most of all, its transparent sound." From his test bench, JA reported that the M22 delivered more power than specified, and was so low in noise that he had to alter his test regimen to ensure that he was measuring actual distortion—which was itself very low. His conclusion: "It is the very model of a modern class-D amplifier!" – Stereophile Recommended Components 2017

“The NAD M12 and M22 amps impressed me more than any amplification component I have reviewed in the last several years. Due to the products’ digital DNA, I was prepared to hear a bright, grainy or thin sound. What I heard was in reality the very exact opposite of this. The M12/M22 products offered a sound that was always liquid and emotive. The sound was reminiscent of good old Class A amplification in this regard. They thankfully differed from Class A in being able to deliver huge gobs of power with a lifelike microdynamic structure which impressed me more and more each time I listened to the amps. And the frequency balanced held up even when I pushed the amps.” – Home Theatre HiFi, Jim Clements

"The partner to the excellent M12 preamp/DAC, the M22 is a 250Wpc hybrid Class D amplifier that uses the latest nCore amp technology licensed from Hypex. A paradigm of power and touch, its bass response is startling in its boldness, extension, and iron-fisted grip. It goes deep, exploring more of the dynamic contrasts and harmonic complexities that define the timbre of a bass drum or skin of a tympani or the drumhead of a tom-tom. But the M22 is not just about the bottom octaves—particularly rewarding was the broader more crisply defined frequency extension, color, and open-window transparency. A serious and masterful effort. " – Absolute Sound  2017 Editors' Choice: Power Amplifiers $1,000 - $3,000

"The partnering M22 power amp clocks in at just 9kg but is no ‘lightweight’. Its 250W specification is bested to the tune

of 295W/8ohm and 360W/4ohm with dynamic outputs of 400W/8ohm and 780W/4ohm [and some slight current limiting to 750W/450W into lower 2/1ohm loads – see Graph 1]. The 82dB A-wtd S/N (re. 0dBW) is typical but the load-independent response (–0.1dB/20kHz from 8-1ohm) is very impressive for this class of amp as is the spectacularly low 0.005ohm output impedance. THD is as low as 0.0004% midband." –  HIFI News, Paul Miller (Highly Commended Rating!)

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