Naim112/150/Flatcap2Naim 112/150/Flatcap2Up for sale on Audiogon is a Naim NAC112 preamp, NAP150 power amp, and Flatcap2 power supply. Serial numbers are 170xxx for the FC, 171xxx for the amp, and 173xxx for the preamp, which puts mfgyea...1199.00

Naim 112/150/Flatcap2 [Expired]

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Up for sale on Audiogon is a Naim NAC112 preamp, NAP150 power amp, and Flatcap2 power supply.  Serial numbers are 170xxx for the FC, 171xxx for the amp, and 173xxx for the preamp, which puts mfgyear as 2001 for all three.  I've owned the 112/150 (preamp/amp) since 2005 and the FC2 since 2006.  AFAIK I am the second owner of all three. Also includes the remote which originally came with the 112.  The FC2 has what I believe to be the OBM.  I also have the correct power amps manual for this vintage, but the preamp manual is a partial reprint.  The boxes for the preamp and amp do not appear to be original but were apparently supplied to the original owner by Naim, and have Naim packing.  The power cords are also what I believe to be OE, but differ slightly from one another in the molded plug on the IEC end.  They don't have any Naim symbols or nomenclature on the insulation, but again I believe them to be OE, or at least what I got with the units when I received them. Also included is a blocking plug which is to be used when the 150 is powering the preamp (all Naim preamps require a Naim power amp or a Naim power supply to work), and all of the Naim snaics (2) you'll need to make this work. The Stageline N phono stage you see in some of the in situ pics is NFS--I'm planning to use it for phono in a new system.  I depict it here so that you can see that the hot shoe for the 112's aux2 input (where you'd normally plug in a Stageline) is working properly. As well, all lights work, as do all remote functions as well as I can tell. A neat feature is the ability to level match between all of the inputs and adjust the balance, which are functions available only on the remote.  The pause button on the remote has a slightly different feel than all the other buttons do, but I've never been able to test its function, as I don't have a Naim CD player.   Two-stack pic is the 112 being powered by the 150. I've never hooked up the preamp to anything but the power amp or the Flatcap--I'd never think of using a teddycap or any other power device not made by Naim.  I've only used the Naim snaics you see here, or other input wires made by Naim or by Chord (not offered here) for all connections.  I've only used Naim speaker wires, or Nordost Flatlines (which work well with Naim) when the speakers I was using couldn't accept the large Cardas spades on the speaker ends of the Naim wires. Cosmetically I'd rate these as at least 8/10, or about as good as a good store demo.  I'm dropping this to a 7/10 on this conservative rating system due to age.  There is a small portion where the black anodization has been chipped or has worn off on the front top edge of the preamp faceplate, about 1/32" in length and about 7/16" away from the right edge.  I say this in the interest of full disclosure--it's amazing what a black Minwax crayon (available at Home Depot and a must for any owner of black aluminum, black ash, or black vinyl wrap finished equipment) can do.
I'm selling just because I'm changing things around.  I'm switching to planars in my main system, which would perform better with non-Naim amplification.  Always curious about planars, and a recent service experience with a rather well-known British speaker brand (concerning lack of parts availability or interest in servicing my issue) has left a bad taste, and prompted the switch. I MAY sell a third snaic (which connects a Stageline to the preamp), as well as my 26' pair of NACA5 speaker wires, which have Naim plugs on the amp ends and Cardas spades on the speaker ends.   As well, I have three Chord input cables I don't need anymore.  One is a Cobra, another is called Chrysalis, and the third is a stereo mini to 180° DIN.  But none of those are included here.  Please ask.
ASKING $1195 for the 112, 150, and FC, with the accessories as described above (except as noted above) to be sold as-is with no warranties except to be fully functional as described above if connected properly with wires supplied, and supplied with proper US line voltage.  Please, all sales to USA only.
Buyer pays actual shipping cost; FedEx home delivery is the preferred shipping method.  Signature will be required due to insurance.
I MAY be willing to sell the 112/150 or the 112/FC separately, in which case they'd be supplied with one of the power cords and with one snaic or the other, as required.  Kindly send me a message.  And as always, I'll respond to any reasonable offer.
Also am interested in a [current curve-faced] NAPSC (if I can verify that it'll work with my Stageline; currently using an I-supply with a conventional pre), a CD5 italic or newer, and possibly a Nait for a second system.  Again, pls send message.
Thanks for viewing and thanks for using Audiogon.
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