NaimSuperNaitFor sale is a mint customer trade-in of the wonderful Naim SuperNait. Do not let the smaller profile and price-point fool you; this integrated has gobs of power, control, finesse, features, and va...3100.00

Naim SuperNait Integrated with 24/192 DAC, HT Bypass, and Upgradeable! [Expired]

no longer for sale

For sale is a mint customer trade-in of the wonderful Naim SuperNait. Do not let the smaller profile and price-point fool you; this integrated has gobs of power, control, finesse, features, and value! This unit was built in 2010 as represented by the 287xxx serial # and is in excellent condition complete with the original double-boxing, remote, owner's manual, link plug (for power supply upgrades), and stock power cord. If you are ready to start toe-tapping with the Naim sound this is definitely a piece to consider. Take a look at what Naim states regarding this incredible value: SUPERNAIT is not just a superbly musical amplifier; it is an analogue and digital audio control and connection hub that just happens to have some of the world's best audio amplification attached. The SUPERNAIT preamplifier section is directly descended from Naim's superlative reference series preamplifiers, and its power amplifier incorporates all the techniques and know-how that give voice to the traditional Naim qualities of rhythmic musicality. Along with sound quality, connectivity is a SUPERNAIT forte. The 21st Century has seen an explosion of music carriers, formats and delivery systems. With analogue inputs through both DIN and phono sockets, digital inputs through both coaxial and optical sockets, a combined digital optical/analogue front panel input and on-board re-clocked digital to analogue conversion, there is very little that SUPERNAIT cannot handle. SUPERNAIT is just as versatile with its outputs. In addition to the power amplifier speaker outputs, it carries separate record, preamplifier, bi-amp/ subwoofer outputs, and a front panel mounted headphone output driven from a separate power amplifier. Independent record and listen selections add to the versatility, and flexible input assignment means any input socket - analogue or digital - can be assigned to any source selection button. The versatility of SUPERNAIT doesn't disguise the fact that it is a world-class amplifier. The preamplifier section is transparent, detailed and fast - just like Naim's other preamplifiers - and the SUPERNAIT power amplifier delivers generous, muscular and musical power into almost any speaker load. An upgrade path has always been a part of the Naim offering. While SUPERNAIT caters for your connectivity needs, we have also covered your future upgrade requirements. SUPERNAIT is probably the only amplifier you will ever need; however, in true Naim style, we have still anticipated you aspiring to greater things in the future. And if you do, a power supply, power amplifier or even a phono stage is only an upgrade away 400VA transient output capability. Custom designed toroidal transformer with seven separate windings Upgradeable with FlatCap, Hi-Cap or SuperCap Bi-ampable On-board DAC powers down when using analogue inputs S/PDIF digital inputs (Coax and Optical) Six analogue Inputs, Five digital inputs Powered input for use with StageLine or SuperLine phono stages Input mapping Subwoofer output Front-panel headphone socket Can be used as a preamplifier or power amplifier Independent listen and record Bi-directional RS232 port for connection for custom install in 'intelligent' homes Remote controlled with remote or optional RS232 The SUPERNAIT is a truly versatile amplifier and its capabilities can easily be expanded. There is a bi-amp out (preamplifier output) DIN socket on the rear panel to enable an external upgrade power amplifier or second (bi-amp) power amplifier to be connected. There are also separate pre-amp out and power-amp in sockets. In normal use these sockets are connected by an external link plug but this can be removed. The link plug should be removed only if a power supply upgrade is to be used or an alternative preamplifier is to connect to the SUPERNAIT power amplifier section. There is also an unfiltered stereo subwoofer output via phono sockets (this duplicates the preamplifier output). The preamplifier section of the SUPERNAIT can be easily upgraded with the addition of a FlatCap, Hi-Cap or SuperCap external power supply. Our Company: Next Level Audio & Video is a premier retailer of the worldÂ’s finest HiFi products. We operate by appointment and offer our clients the opportunity to experience systems not heard elsewhere. We are proud to support our business partners including: Arcam, Burmester, Clearaudio, Dynaudio, Naim, Nordost, Octave, REL, and Soulution. Payment can be made by Check, Cash, Money Order, Credit Card, or PayPal. Credit Card or PayPal adds 3% to the total. Illinois Residents add 7% to the total. Feel free to contact us at the following for questions, appointment requests, and or orders. Office: 630-830-0390 Cell: 630-246-0197 Fax: 630-830-0395 Email: Web: