Onkyo/IntegraDTM 40.4 2x80WOnkyo/Integra DTM 40.4   2x80W network/SPOTIFY/etc integrated/rec.ONKYO/INTEGRA DTM 40.4 STEREO NETWORK/STREAMING INTEGRATED/REC.: Just tested….works PERFECT ! Particles in pics are from cleaning cloth, not scratches. Unit is NEW !!! I purchased it 3 years ago...245.00

Onkyo/Integra DTM 40.4 2x80W network/SPOTIFY/etc integrated/rec. [Expired]

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ONKYO/INTEGRA DTM 40.4 STEREO NETWORK/STREAMING INTEGRATED/REC.: Just tested….works PERFECT ! Particles in pics are from cleaning cloth, not scratches. Unit is NEW !!! I purchased it 3 years ago, and plopped it behind my home theater couch, where it has sat. I just hooked it up, updated firmware, tested it thoroughly, played 3 songs from CD, hooked up to my network, signed in and played SPOTIFY….which worked great. I ran it all through the FREE ONKYO/INTEGRA DOWNLOADED APP on my iPAD. This has 2 hours use ONLY, for testing purposes only, never installed for a system. Ran my Gallo Reference 3.1’s (not the most efficient speaker in town) easily. Played just as well (clean loudness), as my Bryston B100sst I just sold. Yes, the $3000 Bryston has more refinement, but this held its own quite well. Also, the Bryston could only dream….of doing all this unit can… This unit will give you FULL network and streaming/ SPOTIFY, etc capability, with superb (for the price) quality sound, For VERY cheap Network Streaming Services The receiver comes loaded with Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM Internet Radio, Slacker, AUPEO! and vTuner. Select a station and search for music available on these services via the Integra remote control app on your smartphone or tablet. Android and iOS. Engineered for pure audio perfection, the DTM-40.4 boasts a superbly crafted discrete amplifier, networking capability, and a host of top-quality audio and video connectivity options, including Zone 2 lineouts, to smoothly orchestrate your home entertainment. Won AWARD under high-end stereo receiver category: Expert Review By William Nam Integra is Onkyo's boutique brand, offering products similar to the lower-priced Onkyo models, but generally with better quality parts, refined circuitry, and improved styling. Since Onkyo is already known for putting out high-quality products, this can only be a good thing. While expensive, high-end two-channel receivers are not exactly mainstream, the Integra DTM-40.4 serves its niche market very well. Discrete amplification and 80 watts per channel ensure excellent sound and power, while the thought-out connectivity delivers lots of versatility. Although the DTM-40.4 is not quite as expensive as some of its high-end competition, it does offer video connectivity as well as audio - something that many receivers both above and below it lack. This connectivity comes in the form of four composite video inputs and two outputs, six analog audio inputs with two outputs, a single phono input, and both subwoofer pre-outs and outputs. On top of this is DLNA capability, as well as iPod/iPhone connectivity-readiness. Perhaps one of the biggest factors contributing to the flexibility of this receiver is its three programmable 12-volt triggers, allowing for easy on/off powering of external components. The DTM-40.4 is also HD Radio-ready, as well as including internet radio, AM/FM, and WiFi when using the optional adapter. Although many of the higher-priced receivers are more focused than the Integra DTM-40.4, this stereo receiver offers excellent sound, control, and flexibility thus making it an outstanding overall choice for the money.Rating: 4.5/5 Another detailed review: http://www.audiostream.com/content/integra-dtm-404-network-stereo-receiver#s4gE0kqlkjTK82El.97 Reason for Sale: Not going to use. Buy from a seller with over a decade (14 years), with a PERFECT rating, with over 145 transactions...:-) PAYPAL & Credit Cards!!!! (paypal/credit card fees(less than paypal)fees, if any, are buyer's responsibility ), BUT will accept personal check from TOP rated Audiogoners, with great feedback (at my discretion) SHIPPING: Shipping is TWO BOXES, audiogon only is letting me enter ONE. Shipping will be double what Audiogon shows. What’s INCLUDED: -Integra DTM 40.4 -AC cord -printed out manual
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