Resolution AudioOpus 21Resolution Audio Opus 21 Integrated Amplifier & CD Player - "Amazing!"Opus 21 Component System This Opus 21 series of components consist of an integrated amplifier, CD player and power center. S-30 Integrated Amplifier Less power. More music. The ...1400.00

Resolution Audio Opus 21 Integrated Amplifier & CD Player - "Amazing!" [Expired]

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Opus 21 Component System 
This Opus 21 series of components consist of an integrated  amplifier, CD player and power center. 

S-30 Integrated Amplifier      Less power. More music.        The S-30 integrated amplifier is intentionally designed for low power applications, where highly efficient speakers demand the purest electronics. This means smaller power supplies, lower heat dissipation, and simpler circuits.  
The S-30 uses a number of techniques that prove indispensable in amplifier design: eddy-current reduction, four terminal T-network capacitors, and feedback compensation optimized through listening tests. Find out why Martin Colloms called “this small power amplifier of the world’s finest.” 
We invite you to listen for yourself and decide if this is the best amplifier you have ever heard!    
  • 30 watts/channel 
  • 2 line level inputs, 1 balanced input 
  • 1 digital input via cd player 
  • rs-232 input for system controller 
  • integrated remote control 
  • cd player & amp share power supply 

Opus 21 CD Compact Disc Player 
The Opus 21 CD Player is the culmination of 10 years of digital audio development. It couples our refined multi-bit DAC design with an ATAPI-bus drive that enables ideal low-jitter design and reads all discs, including CD-R/W, SACD-hybrid, and copy-protected discs, with ease. By moving the power supply and display to a second chassis, the critical audio circuitry is free of interference, bringing out more detail than ever. Three-dimensional circuit construction, while more costly, dramatically reduces signal path for unparalleled precision.   
We use the finest multi-bit DACs available, as we have yet to find a superior alternative DAC architecture. Our custom DSP-based digital filter uses synchronous upsampling, as we have found that asynchronous designs create audible artifacts. By implementing volume-control in the analog domain, full performance of the converters is maintained independent of listening level.    
  • 4 BurrBrown PCM1704 24-bit converters 
  • 16x digital filter upsamples to 705 kHz/24-bit  
  •  analog-domain volume control • Balanced and single-ended outputs 
  •  digital input operates up to 96 kHz/24-bit enhancing two-channel home theater 

Opus 21 PS (Power Centre) 
The power centre serves not only as an outboard power supply, but also as a central controller for the full Opus system. 
It is included with purchase of the cd player and contains all of the logic necessary to control any Opus series component. When the system is powered-up, the individual components identify themselves to the power centre, which then knows what capabilities are present. 
When the s30 amplifier is added to the system, a 100VA toroidal transformer is added to the power centre to supply the amp’s main output stages. The power centre has provision for a second 100VA transformer for future amplifier products. This flexible design affords all of the benefits of external power supplies, while minimizing the number of separate chassis required. 
Only a single power cord is required for the entire Opus 21 system. 

 All (3) components are in excellent condition. Original remotes, manuals, power cords, umbilical cords, and wood crates included.

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