Revelation Audio LabsCryoSilver Reference umbilical power cable kitnewRevelation Audio Labs CryoSilver Reference umbilical power cable kit for Musical Fidelity kW, M3, NuVista, TriVista amplifiersNEWS ALERTRevelation Audio Labs has been chosen three times in a row by Stereophile magazine for their 2018, 2019 and Fall 2019 Recommended Components, published here:

Revelation Audio Labs CryoSilver Reference umbilical power cable kit for Musical Fidelity kW, M3, NuVista, TriVista amplifiers [Expired]

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Revelation Audio Labs has been chosen three times in a row by Stereophile magazine for their 2018, 2019 and Fall 2019 Recommended Components, published here:

Revelation Audio Labs was also chosen by The Absolute Sound magazine for the 2018 Golden Ear Award, published in their September issue (#286) - one of only three cable brands to be awarded the 2018 Golden Ear, the only digital cable chosen, and the only cable under the four thousand dollar ($4,000.00) price point.  Note: since NO CABLE was chosen for the 2019 Golden Ear Award, we currently remain as one of the last few cables to receive a Golden Ear Award.

All cables individually hand crafted in the United States. 

Attention all Musical Fidelity amplifier and power supply kit owners, including Titan, kW Series, Nu-Vista and Tri-Vista amplifiers. Of course you may be aware that the stock umbilical cables are mediocre at best and may be the weakest link in your music chain. Don't replace your amplifier - replace your stock umbilical set and finally unleash the full performance your Musical Fidelity amplifier and power supply combo is capable of. 

Our CryoSilver Reference™ umbilical power cable set for all past and present Musical Fidelity amplifier and power supply combos, including Titan, kW Series, Nu-Vista and Tri-Vista amplifiers is phenomenal, and is in use in fine audiophile systems by music lovers worldwide. But don't take our word for it - here is just one of the many, many unsolicited testimonials we have received from clients using these cables with their Musical Fidelity amplifier combo (quoting): 

     "High-end audio manufacturers always make compromises in design and manufacturing despite proclamations to the contrary. Simply put costs must be reduced in some areas so the manufacturer can emphasize the areas they think are critical to performance and market characteristics. Musical Fidelity, widely regarded as offering the consumer outstanding value, is no exception to this rule. Despite the incredible performance of the entire kW line improvements can be made and Revelation Audio Labs (RAL) has proven to me that replacing the unique power cord arrangement of the kW 500 or kW 750 yields astonishing results. 

  Specifically, RAL manufactured three custom cords which are used to connect the main amplifier unit and separate power supply unit on my kW 500. I first experimented with the preamplifier power cable which is a benign looking piece utilizing DIN connectors on each end. The stock Musical Fidelity cord (back to compromises) is far from special - it does the job but at minimal cost with common wiring and standard plugs. Replacing this cord with RALs immediately yielded incredible results. Suddenly more information from each source was revealed. Additional benefits (which became more apparent following break-in) included more bass control, laser focused imaging and an overall more musical sounding presentation. Following this enhancement I replaced the two amplifier cables which provide dedicated left and right channel power to the main amplifier. Bass output improved markedly over the stock cables and the kW 500's already significant sense of control and pace was further refined.

If you own the kW 500 and/or kW 750 you must investigate these cables! For a simple plug and play solution you will not yield higher returns - the RAL cables provide a quantum leap in performance for a relatively small investment. 

Yes, the Musical Fidelity equipment is fantastic but compromises had to made. Contact RAL and make those compromises a distant sonic memory." - D.H.    

Of course there are quite a number of this cable kit in use in Musical Fidelity amp combos with outstanding results. 

Please visit our web site for a full thesis on our design technologies, but as a brief synopsis, this cable set features: 

 • Five-nines (5N) ultra-pure solid core CryoSilver™ conductors 

 • Big Air™ dielectrics 

 • Clear Teflon isolator tubes 

 • Progressive Hand Wrap™ discreet solid shields for each conductor pole, isolating each conductor/dielectric sub-assembly from all others within the cable, to eliminate EM effects, cross talk, and eddy currents 

 • Triple-layer solid and helically-woven stranded outer shieldings

• All shieldings drained to the power supply end only (to carry absorbed internal and external EMI/RFI noise harmlessly away from the music) 

 • All highest quality connectors, made in Switzerland. Feature silver contacts for seamless material compatibility and synergy with our conductors 

 • All internal condutor-to-connector terminations are treated with Walker Audio E-SST (Extreme Super Silver Treatment) contact enhancement during assembly 

 • Conduits feature our Ceramic MicroSphere™ technology for absorbtion and dissipation of vibrations, resonances and microphonics, both internal to the cable and external, mechanical and air bourne, as well as for the control of EM energy 

 • Cables are fully conditioned on our audiodharma Cable Cooker 2.5 Pro and connector contacts are treated with Walker Audio E-SST Extreme Super Silver Treatment contact enhancer prior to shipment.     

The above Muscial Fidelity power umbilical cable set includes the following three cables: 

Low voltage interconnection leads - two (left and right), 1-meter, 3-pole Neutrik Powercon connectors   

Control interconnection lead - one, 1-meter, 5-pin Neutrik HD XLR connectors, specially wired for use with Musical Fidelity gear.  


The regular cost of the three-cable set is $999 (nearly $1,500 if purchased separately). However, as a member of AudiogoN you may have a set for the discounted price of only $899. Please consider the average $300-price-per-cable on the set and further realize the value this kit represents.  

As with all of our cables, we offer a 30 day risk-free audition period. Use them in your system for a full 30 days - if you are not pleased, you may return them for a refund. However, you may proceed with great confidence as I am pleased to inform you that 100% of our customers who have ordered the M-F umbilical power cables are absolutely thrilled with how they optimize the performance of the Musical Fidelity gear, finally enabling the full sonic potential of the amplifier and power supply kit to be realized. 

Keep this in mind. We are uniquely positioned to custom-build any cable to accommodate your requirements and/or specifications, utilizing our highly reviewed technologies—such as to substitute for an inferior “stock” cable. You will literally be amazed at the performance enhancement such an upgrade will make. Every customer has stated it is the most cost-effective improvement they had ever made to their system, surpassing an equipment replacement upgrade! We would also be delighted to “hot rod” any of our cable designs to your specifications. Our designs are in use in fine audio studios and other professional applications. In fact, it is a little know fact that our digital cables are actually in use in-flight by NASA.


We pay the cost of shipping worldwide.

We prefer PayPal, but will only accept a check or postal money order from U.S. buyer, or only a postal money order from a Canadian buyer.  

We offer a 6-month no-interest financing program. 

Now in our thirteenth year of selling our cables on AudiogoN! View our over one dozen years of great buyer feedback history. What other cable maker selling on AudiogoN can make that claim? We are very proud of our success on AudiogoN, and for all the many people it has enabled us to meet and serve. Thank you for your support!

Revelation Audio Labs does not offer various models, with their respective price points, for a prospective application. This is because each of our cables is simply the very best that it can possibly be, and comparable to the very finest cables available. Yet, our prices are very competitive, because our factory-direct sales eliminate inevitable distributor mark-up.

We sell directly to the end user, to save you money, but our cables are also proudly carried by the insistence of these fine high end audio dealers: 

  High End Cable (United Kingdom) 

  True Audiophile (Portland, OR) 

  Affordable Audio (Playa del Rey, CA) 

  Audio Extreme (Hong Kong) 

  Igal Sabo High End (Israel) 

  ES Audio (South Korea)

Contact - Revelation Audio Labs:  [email protected]

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