Shure Ur4D+Shure  Ur4D+ Wireless system with two Wireless 58This is a brand new system we bought for touring company, but we're going in a different direction unfortunately so we have to sell. The system is brand-new and comes with two brand new SM 58 wirel...3800.00

Shure Ur4D+ Wireless system with two Wireless 58 [Template]

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This is a brand new system we bought for touring company, but we're going in a different direction unfortunately so we have to sell. The system is brand-new and comes with two brand new SM 58 wireless microphones.... You can change the capsule cartridges and make the mic an 87 or whatever you'd like after purchase. The two body packs would be available at an extra cost. You're literally going to save $2000 on a new system just because we unboxed it! Full warranty!
This Shure UR4D+ dual-channel receiver adds even more flexibility to an already great unit. You get rear-panel RF distribution ports, which allow up to 10 receivers to share an RF signal from a single antenna pair. This URD4+ receiver operates on the L3 Band (638-698MHz).
The Shure UHF-R wireless system gives you the tools you need to handle large-scale, no-mistakes-allowed live situations. A Shure UHF-R system provides 2,400 selectable frequencies across a 60 MHz bandwidth, with up to 40 compatible systems per band. Shure's Advance Track Tuning shifts the RF filter along with the selected frequency, maximizing signal isolation from interference. The UHF-R system also features networked automatic setup to minimize time and effort, plus infrared transmitter sync. Integrated Wireless Workbench software with Ethernet and USB compatibility gives you advanced, real-time control and monitoring of large systems. Shure's famous Audio Reference Companding technology ensures exceptional audio quality.
Shure UHF-R Wireless Systems master the high pressure and extreme conditions of any large-scale touring or installation environment while delivering unparalleled Shure sound. The UR4D receiver features rock-solid engineering, the latest technology and the most robust RF performance to arm you with all the features and flexibility you need to tightly control up to 108 systems for the most elaborate productions.
Shure's exclusive Track Tuning filter enables UHF-R systems to employ increased bandwidth without increased interference. The filter moves with frequency selection, maximizing isolation of signal from interference, and maximizing compatibility. With Track Tuning, the UHR-F systems make previous bandwidth limitations for high-fidelity wireless irrelevant!
The UHF-R systems deliver premium-quality audio utilizing Audio Reference Companding. This technology applies a variable companding ratio rather than a fixed ratio to eliminate "breathing" and other wireless artifacts. Audio Reference Companding also increases dynamic range to provide a signal that's clear and clean.
Shure UR4D+ Dual-channel Wireless Diversity Receiver Features: L3 band (638-698MHz) 2,400 selectable frequencies across 60MHz bandwidth Track Tuning filtering technology Up to 40 preset compatible systems per band Up to 108 systems with multiple bands Networked automatic frequency selection Infrared automatic transmitter sync (including custom group upload) Flash memory to store six 60-ch custom frequency groups Shure's patented Audio Reference Companding Multi-function bit-mapped backlit LCD USB and Ethernet network control and monitoring AMX/Crestron compatibility RF distribution ports on rear panel Remoteable antennas For maximum wireless performance, go with Shure's UHF-R and the UR4D+ receiver!
Worry-free Wireless! All of the Shure wireless systems are 100% compliant with the Federal Communication Commission's new rules governing wireless systems. You can be confident that these systems will work safely and within the permitted frequency/power ranges, just as they are. However, please be aware that by choosing to use systems that operate in the 700MHz range or by modifying a new wireless system you receive from us, you may cause your system to operate outside the FCC's new guidelines. If that's the case, you may need a license to operate the unit. To find out more, visit the FCC's wireless microphone website at or give them a call at (888) CALL-FCC.
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