SIM MoonP-3SIM Moon P-3 Pre-AmpI am selling my SIM Moon Pre-Amp. Unit is in excellent condition. Sound is very good. Has Balanced outs. I am second owner of this unit and have been using it as my primary pre-amp for the past...550.00

SIM Moon P-3 Pre-Amp [Expired]

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I am selling my SIM Moon Pre-Amp.  Unit is in excellent condition.  Sound is very good.  Has Balanced outs.  I am second owner of this unit and have been using it as my primary pre-amp for the past 6 years.  Everything functions perfectly.  Only minor flaws in appearance on the side mounted heat sinks and top cover. Faceplate is perfect.  They don't even show up in any of the photos.  Unit does not come with the original spikes as they were not with it when I purchased it.  I do not have the original box but will package it with great care.  I have a downloaded copy of the owners manual included. Unit was 2600.00 new and it still sounds great today.
For those who love specs:

Type      Solid State

Configuration       Stereo

Power Supply Transformer .2kVA

Power Supply Capacitance 12,000µF

Class Of Operation            Class A

Design   Feedback differential

Single-ended inputs   (RCA)            8 pairs

Balanced Inputs   (XLR)    None

Input Device Types           J-FET

Input Impedance 13,000 ohms

Input Sensitivity  200mV - 3.0V RMS

Tape Output        1

Tape Monitor Loop            Yes

Output Device Types        MOSFET

Balanced Outputs   (XLR)  1 Pair

Single-Ended Outputs (RCA)           1 Pair

Output Impedance - Balanced         50 ohms

Output Impedance - Single Ended   100 ohms

Gain Control        RBG cs version

Gain - Balanced   9.5dB

Gain - Single Ended           6.5dB

Signal-to-noise Ratio         85dB @ full output

Maximum Output Voltage - XLR      8 Volts

Maximum Output Voltage - RCA      4 Volts

Frequency Response         20Hz - 20kHz   (+0 / -0.1dB)

Crosstalk @ 1kHz -56dB

IMD       unmeasurable

THD   (20Hz - 20kHz)       0.03%

Headphone output            1   (on rear panel)


Available Faceplate Finishes           Black and Silver

Remote Control   All-Aluminum Full Function

AC Power Requirements    120V / 60Hz     240V / 50Hz

Fuse Replacement - 120V & 230V    1A long slow blow

Number of Chassis            1

Warranty   (USA & Canada)            10 years

Shipping Weight  22 lbs / 10 kgs

Dimensions   (W x H x D)  17 x 4 x 15 in.   (43 x 10 x 38 cm.)


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