Simaudio MOONCP-8 Flagship Preamplifier/ProcessorSimaudio MOON CP-8 Flagship Preamplifier/Processor and HDS-8 HDMI SwitcherUp for sale is a Simaudio MOON CP-8 Flagship Preamplifier/Processor and an HDS-8 HDMI Switcher. The MOON CP-8 is a true flagship Surround Preamplifier / Processor. The CP-8 was designed with sound...5700.00

Simaudio MOON CP-8 Flagship Preamplifier/Processor and HDS-8 HDMI Switcher [Expired]

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Up for sale is a Simaudio MOON CP-8 Flagship Preamplifier/Processor and an HDS-8 HDMI Switcher. The MOON CP-8 is a true flagship Surround Preamplifier / Processor. The CP-8 was designed with sound quality first and foremost in mind, and produces a previously unimaginable level of sonic purity and realism. The CP-8 represents 2 years of research and development by people who are passionate about, and inspired by, both film and music. The ultimate goal was to fully redefine the home-theater experience. The results can best be described as a flawless nerve center for the most sophisticated and high-performance audio/video systems regardless of the source material. Every experience will leave you completely breathless. Outstanding features include: Exceptional digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converters in conjunction with a heavily regulated and oversized power supply which yields unprecedented soundtrack reproduction that the competition's offerings can only hint at. Other features include an ultra rigid chassis and a very carefully laid out circuit design, which created the finest sounding multi-channel processor available today. When used solely as a 2-channel preamplifier for either digital or analog sources, amazing imaging and a lifelike soundstage prevail. The CP-8 utilizes the finest available video processing hardware and software, located on circuit boards independent of audio processing, with a dedicated power supply, resulting in the most realistic picture yet; color accuracy that can be best described as a truly organic experience. The CP-8 also comes with an HDS-8 HDMI Switcher. The HDS-8 is the perfect companion for the CP-8 in applications where there are numerous video source components utilizing HDMI connectivity. It provides 5 inputs and remote control operation, and yields absolutely no measurable or visible signal loss. CP-8 Retail New: $22,000 HDS-8 Retail New: $2,000 I am the original owner and have never had any problems with these units. These units are in VERY good condition with no scratches or imperfections. This unit has always remained in a pet-free, child-free and smoke-free environment. INCLUDES: WRM2 Remote Significant Design Features: • 7.1 Channels with up-to-date HD audio and video decoding • HDMI 1.3a inputs and output • Three-zone multiple source capability • RS-232C and serial IR ports for full custom external control • Dual assignable 12 Volt trigger outputs • HD Video Circuitry using 12-bit/216MHz encoders/decoders with NSV Precision Video that includes Faroudja DCDi video processing, 1080p video pass-through, and up to 1080p analog-video-to- HDMI upscaling • Full-function programmable remote-control with touch-screen • An over-sized power supply with 2 transformers including 1 proprietary toroidal specifically for analog audio circuitry • Power supply voltage regulation includes 20 stages of i²DCf (Independant Inductive DC Filtering) • 6 assignable digital audio inputs • Secondary remote control for basic operation • Hidden control panel allows for full operation and setup without a remote control • 10 DSP simulation playback Modes • Auto Surround Mode for Digital & Analog inputs • 2 subwoofer outputs • Three user-selectable muting levels • "Auto Setup Calibration" (w/ microphone); Auto & Manual room calibration • Audyssey "MultEQ XT" with "Dynamic Volume" and "Dynamic EQ" • Crossover points at 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150 & 250Hz in either 12 dB or 24dB steps • Built-in AM/FM Tuner and RIAA Phono Section (MM) • SIRIUS and XM Satellite Radio ready • Short signal paths for a faster transient response • Designed to remain powered up at all times for optimal performance. Surround Modes: • Dolby True HD • Dolby Digital Plus • Dolby Digital Surround EX • Dolby Pro Logic IIx (cinema, music & game modes) • DTS-HD Master Audio • DTS ES Discrete 6.1 & Matrix 6.1 • DTS Neo:6 Stereo-to-Surround (cinema & music modes) • DTS 96/24 5.1 • 10 DSP simulation playback modes • Audio signal delay for synchronization with video • Auto Surround Mode (for ea. digital & analog input) • Multi-channel Stereo mode for 5, 6, and 7 channels • Active Center Channel for all surround modes.
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