TagMcLaren AudioAV192RTagMcLaren Audio AV192RFully Loaded AV192R with video upscaler up to 2K. Still one of the best AV Pro/Pro units ever produced. The Tag McLaren features include: The is unit has all the options retail was $32,0...2500.00

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Fully Loaded AV192R with video upscaler up to 2K. Still one of the best AV Pro/Pro units ever produced. The Tag McLaren features include: The is unit has all the options retail was $32,000 ,base price is $18,000, Scaler $8900, FM Tuner $1800, plus external out board supply and 7.1 Balanced Outputs. The unit has 5.1 BYPASS for direct analog output. This is a true reference grade audio component with that sounds as good as anything you can buy today. The blue book value says $10,500 not including the above upgrades. So if you’re looking for Excellent 2 channel preamp with outstanding DAC that has analog Stereo and Surround sound capability with 1080i output (HD looks very analog as far as the picture looks like film.) THX Ultra2 including THX Music Mode and THX Boundary Gain ompensation 7.1 output channels plus stereo zone 2 with independent volume control Two digital signal processors = 1200 MFLOPs = 6 x AV32R Almost unlimited surround sound formats, including Mono,True Stereo Direct or Direct +Sub,Bypass, Stereo, Pro Logic, Pro Logic II Music/Movie,Dolby Digital, THX Surround EX (Dolby EX), Dolby Digital +Matrix, DTS, DTS-ES 6.1 Matrix, DTS-ES6.1 Discrete, DTS 96/24, Party, TMS 5/7 192 kHz/ 24bit precision, high signal-to-noise DA converters User configurable bass redirection rules EnhancedBass Management 8 channel hi-performance digitalRoom Equalization TMREQ True 5.1 analog bypasses - also configurable as 3 xstereo Front panel camera connections (S-video, composite, analog stereo) Frontpanel headphone socket Front panel RS232 programming input - cable providedReal time clock + event manager Automatic standby control - user configurable Five action switches, two configurable as event trigger inputs 6 x S-videoinputs (+ one at the front) 2 x S-video outputs, 1 with on-screen display 7 xcomposite video inputs (+ one at the front) 2 x composite video outputs, 1 withon-screen display 6 x coaxial RCA digital audio inputs 1 x coaxial digitalaudio input with true 75 Ohm BNC connection 2 x optical digital audio inputs 1x optical + 2 x coaxial digital audio outputs for digital recording 2 x rearpanel mounted remote control connectors Lip sync delay up to 250ms, fordemanding video processing Auto-selection of sources connected via the TAGtronic Bus Multi-channel amplifier support via TAGtronic Bus Alternative listening position Independent 5.1 Bypass volume calibration TAGtronic SynchronizationLink for minimum jitter Straight line technology to allow extended low frequency response Mechanical relays instead of semiconductor-based muting circuitry to eliminate parasitic loading Two stage muting for added convenience, fully user configurable TOROIDAL transformer for excellent supply stability and low noise Enhanced independent linear power supplies for improved sound clarity and balance Multi-layer printed circuit boards for bestsignal-to-noise Mixed construction: surface mount for high-speed processing,leaded for sensitive analog circuitry High contrast, long life Vacuum Fluorescent display Precision machined solid Aluminum Front Panel and volume knob First time set-up wizard for easeof installation Learning, back-lit remote control with eight memory banks. Video Scaler Module VSM2048. VSM2048 upscales to 2048 lines (2K through DVI output)
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