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1 pair Teddy Pardo Mono Block Amplifiers for sale Model MB-100


The MB100 is a high-end 100W mono power amplifier designed to be used in pairs to create a stereo system. Thanks to its relatively small size several units can be used in a muti-chanel system.

The MB100 drive capabilities are much higher than its size or its 100W power suggests.

Like all our power amplifiers, the soundstage is large and 3-dimentional, instruments breathe, and there is a sense of air and space between them.

The MB100 provides a realistic and natural sound, capable of driving with full control and accuracy, the most demanding speakers.

Each channel is powered by four ultra low noise regulators which provide stable current to the power amplifiers.

To illustrate the importance of a power supply in a power amplifier imagine that you need to precisely move a heavy weight back and forth. In order to do so you will need something stable to hold as a reference. Now imagine that your reference moves while you pull or release it, your task will become very difficult and the movement of the weight cannot be precise.

The power supply is the amplifier's reference. While no power supply is perfect, actually they are almost always quite far from that.

The transformer which is the heart of the power supply is made of copper wire which has its own impedance. Due to that impedance, when current is drawn from the transformer its output voltage drops, usually by 3-10% depending on the transformer quality and the current being drawn. To minimize this effect most manufacturers use large oversized transformers that have lower impedance, and huge smoothing capacitors that serve as power reserve. Even with oversized transformers and a large bank of huge capacitors the ripple on the power rail remains in the order of several volts! Furthermore, this power is rarely filtered and contains noise at all audible frequencies, having a detrimental effect on sound quality.
To overcome this problem, some high end manufacturers use linear regulators in their power supplies. Linear regulators which are based on a feedback mechanism indeed reduce the ripple, but still suffer from a relatively high level of noise and other deficiencies inherent to way they operate.

The MB100 is based on a different approach. It uses a proprietary ultra low noise zero feedback regulator, a high power version of the SuperTeddyReg, which provides clean and stable power supply to the amplifier. This results in a natural sound with quiet background which reveals every micro detail of the music, while maintaining a powerful and controlled bass.

In addition to the sound advantages, using this power supply it is possible to build reasonably sized amplifiers with a sound quality which surpasses much larger and heavier amplifiers. A MB100 sounds much bigger and controlled than many 100-200W amplifiers costing several times its price, and indeed, the amount of controlled bass that the MB100 provides is often among the first things that strikes the listener.

The MB100 is built using the best available components: low noise Tantalum and PPS capacitors, 0.01% precision resistors, and WBT NextGen sockets and binding posts. All components are mounted on a four layer immersion gold FR4 PCB with a real star ground topology.

We are selling the pair for $1850.00.

Consideration will be shown on purchasing Preamplifiers, DACs, Speaker Cables, etc.

About 150 hours of use only.

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