Tortuga AudioLDR3 V2Tortuga Audio LDR3 V2 Most Transparent Passive PreampAbsolute sound review: The unit has: 1. upgraded Neotech UP-OCC 26AWG wiring all-throughout 2. Has custom fir...749.00

Tortuga Audio LDR3 V2 Most Transparent Passive Preamp [Expired]

no longer for sale

Absolute sound review:   
The unit has:   1. upgraded Neotech UP-OCC 26AWG wiring all-throughout   2. Has custom firmware to have INPUT-1 behave as HOME-THEATER by-pass (ie fixed at 1.0 gain). I paid additional $ to get this done and of course it can be reverted at the buyer's expense.

My impressions:   - Given that most DACs and sources can output very large volumes (if directly connected to a power-amp directly), most people dont need gains larger than 1.0. This is the best preamp that is as close to a plan wire as possible. 
- This has the most holographic imaging of all pre-amps that I've used. - This is some cutting-edge technology that uses light-dependent resistors that results in high-precision and utmost clarity in the signal.

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