Transformer Volume Control KitSowter TransformersnewTransformer Volume Control Kit Sowter Transformers TVCThis listing is for a Transformer Volume Control KIT. It DOES NOT include the Sowter 9335 attenuation transformers. They can be purchased here

Transformer Volume Control Kit Sowter Transformers TVC [Expired]

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This listing is for a Transformer Volume Control KIT.  It DOES NOT include the Sowter 9335 attenuation transformers.  They can be purchased here  3-4 hours of assembly is required.


Most TVCs are created using point to point wiring with large rotary switches.  While this method is effective it is not efficient and subject to the "antenna" affect that is caused by 45 plus feet of exposed wiring.


Our kit is a version of our production unit that began with the question of "why not mount the transformers to a PCB?"  We then surrounded the transformers with the best telecom relays we could find and controlled them via ELMA PCB mount gold plated rotary switches.  The resulting TVC has extremely short signal paths and clarity that exceeded our silver wired TVCs.


Please note that this kit was developed with Sowter to be used with their attenuation transformers.  The mounting holes, wiring holes, and color coding match their attenuators.


What you get.

PCB Board

1) 1 PCB with the relays and power supply regulation preassembled and tested

2) 1 9v power supply

3) 1 AC power cord

4) 1 Fuse

5) 1 Purple LED and mounting hardware (any 5mm 3.5v LED will work)

6) 1 ELMA 24 position switch and PCB header

7) 1 ELMA 12 position switch and PCB header

8) 4 RCA phono connectors

9) 4 M3-50 screws



1) 1 project box

2) 4 stick on feet

3) 4 4-40 screws

4) 8 6-32nd cap head screws

5) 4 6-32 3/8th standoffs and nuts

6) 1 set of machine and engraved front and back plates

7) 1 grounding post

8) 2 solid aluminum 1.58” diameter knobs


What you need to do

1) Order the Sowter attenuation transformers

2) Solder in the attenuators, switches, RCAs and LED

3) Assemble in the chassis


If you do not want to order the chassis kit you can deduct $200 from the price.

If you would like SSAKITS to do the assembly we can for a charge of $250.  Units will be built to order.  This means that SSAKITS will need to order the transformers from Sowter.  Total time from order to delivery will be 3-4 weeks.

SSAKITS parent company is in the process of working with vendors to release their entire product line.  Till then, we will make available a limited production of our brand name manual TVC based on the same boards but with a better chassis.  These units are also build to order in a 3-4 week delivery time.  The chassis will be silver but different colors can be had for the engrave.  Please send a message if you are interested and I can make a listing.  Because dealers do not want competing direct sales, listings will only be made for individual purchases.  Cost per unit is $2300.  Once SSAKITS parent company finalizes the dealer agreements this offer will cease and dealer markups will be added.

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