Veloce Litho AmpsSaetta Mono Veloce Litho Amps Saetta Mono  MK2This was a trade in for Allnic amps, I lowered the price to $5900.00 ! Need to sell these “new condition” Mono Blocs. Customer states: Latest pair of Saetta Mk II Lithio Series mono hybrid amps...5900.00

Veloce Litho Amps Saetta Mono MK2 [Expired]

no longer for sale

This was a trade in for Allnic amps,  I lowered the price to $5900.00 !

Need  to sell these “new condition” Mono Blocs.

Customer states: Latest pair of Saetta Mk II Lithio Series mono hybrid amps (SN
101.015/017.) in near mint condition purchased (Oct 2015) from authorized
Veloce dealer.

I’m original owner, supplied with OEM boxes, Manual.  Warranty can be transferred to new owner.

The Veloce Lithio™ Series Saetta Monaural Amplifiers are here. Consistent with our design philosophy, the Saetta employs our Hybrid Clean Power™ supply ensuring that only pure DC sourced from batteries touches the audio circuits. Immune from the noise that plagues our AC grid and supremely stable, the Saetta will drive any speaker to its maximum sonic potential.

Hybrid is a word much used these days, for better or worse. The Saetta is a hybrid in the best sense of the word. Taking full sonic advantage of the 6H30 tube (powered by our DC supply) for the driver stage, we put the glory of tubes right where it belongs – front and center! This stage is transformer coupled to a super efficient solid-state output to complete this powerhouse. The result is an amplifier with finesse and serious muscle (320 watts into 8 ohms / 400 watts into 4 ohms) that is stable into any load 2 ohms or greater. The sonic beauty of tubes shines across the musical spectrum, particularly in the midrange and high frequencies. The solid-state output stage takes care of business, controlling bass by virtue of a prodigious damping factor and huge current delivery.

The power of the Saetta, as with all Veloce Audio products, is not limited to the audio system only. There is another kind of power to consider. In this case we are referring to AC power usage. Power savings is on everyone's mind today. No wonder given the current attention focused on efficient LED lighting and low draw appliances. Why not high-end audio gear, we ask?

-Amplifier Inputs; 1 balanced XLR connection
-Loudspeaker Connection; 1 Pair WBT Binding Posts(Accepts Spades / Pins / Bare Wire)
-Vacuum Tube Compliment; (2) 6H30 tubes
-Power Rating; 400 Watts / 4 Ohms, 320 Watts / 8 Ohms
-Gain; 24 dB
-Efficiency; 92% at full power
-Input Impedance; 100 kOhm
-Frequency Response; +0 / -2dB from 5 Hz to 45 kHz
-Residual Noise; < -90 dB
-Power Input; 110/117 or 220/234 Volts AC @ 50-60 Hz
-Charger Stage Output; 42Volts/ 4.5Amps
-Lithium Hybrid Clean Power™ Supply; + / - 40 Volts
-Battery Life between charges; 40 - 60 Hours rated / 16 hour timer
-Finish; Aluminum - black anodized & Chrome
-Weight / Shipping Weight; 32 lbs each / 75 lbs Complete System
-Dimensions; 4.5" H x 14" W x 18" D each amp
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