Vitus AudioRI-100Vitus Audio RI-100 EX-DEMO / MINT / WARRANTYVITUS AUDIO RI-100 Reference Series Integrated Amplifier AC Power: 230 V EX-DEMO / MINT CONDITION / ORIGINAL BOX / REMOTE CONTROL / POWER CORD / WARRANTY CARD / INVOICE Price Catalogue Apr...8999.00

Vitus Audio RI-100 EX-DEMO / MINT / WARRANTY [Expired]

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VITUS AUDIO RI-100 Reference Series Integrated Amplifier AC Power: 230 V EX-DEMO / MINT CONDITION / ORIGINAL BOX / REMOTE CONTROL / POWER CORD / WARRANTY CARD / INVOICE Price Catalogue Aprox: 9770 GBP / 11 000 EUR / 11 500 USD Price This Offer Approx: 7770 GBP / 8760 EUR / 8999 USD Or best offer received ! Do not miss out ! If Your're looking for solid state amplifier with top high-end performance and in trully perfect condition, this is the one. Also available in combo with Vitus' RCD-100 posted in a separate offer on audiogon. Additional discount available for offers on both items. The RI-100 is possibly Vitus’s most popular product. Ignore that it’s a one box integrated, this 300 Watt powerhouse will astound you with the sheer quality of its sound. The RI has purity, transparency and cleanliness that is normally the reserve of a Class A design. It has astonishing levels of grip and slam but is also capable of extreme delicacy. Rich, holographic and wonderfully textural and intimate, the RI-100 seems to tick every box that people are generally looking for in highend audio. “As powerful as the RI-100 is, brute force is not the sonic element that stands out—at least not all the time. From day one, what really struck home was the lack of an electronic signature throughout the frequency spectrum. There was no glaze smudging transients, or any dry powdery whiteness over the treble. The RI-100 was supernaturally quiet. I’d describe its character as relaxed but ready. Sure there was impressive transient speed that seamlessly integrated with a rich tonality. But the RI-100 was not euphonic in the classic tube sense of the word, nor was it etched or pushy like less-desirable solid-state.” From Absolute Sound Review “Vitus Audio RI-100 has carved out a unique segment in the high end—what could be termed “entrylevel elite.” It currently has few challengers, and none that I have yet heard can surpass it. An alpha amp if ever there was one.” From Absolute Sound Review “The RI-100 should add enough power and finesse to a system to satisfy even the most power hungry audio enthusiasts. Vitus has always had a knack for building amps that perform far beyond their stated power specs, and the RI-100 is no different.” Stereo Times / Most Wanted Audio Component Award “As an integrated amp, its 300 watts got every ounce of performance out of both the Fremonts and Sapphires. Soundstaging was fantastic, and the musicality and imaging were spot on, adding a tremendous sense of realism to my listening sessions. There was no segment of its performance that I felt was significantly lacking, and I suspect over time will get even better. This combination of power, musicality and system flexibility is rare.” Stereo Times / Most Wanted Audio Component Award “The RI-100 is lightning-quick. There is no edge or whiteness along for the ride as with many solid state designs. Timbre, pitch, and tone are spot on. There is no romance—all artificial harmonics are stripped away, and you are left with the real thing.Did I mention that bass performance is as good as it gets?” From Positive Feedback Review
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