WadiaA340 Amplifier Mono Block.Wadia A340 Amplifier Mono Block. 1 pair for sale.Sunny Components Inc1370 E Cypress Street, Suite D Covina, CA-91724.check our website for more products.www.sunnyaudiovideo.comThis sale is for 1 pair of Mono blocks. Wadia has been known for amazi...6000.00

Wadia A340 Amplifier Mono Block. 1 pair for sale. [Expired]

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Sunny Components Inc
1370 E Cypress Street, Suite D
Covina, CA-91724.

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This sale is for 1 pair of Mono blocks.

Wadia has been known for amazing Audio Products.

We at Sunny's have 1 pair of these amazing Mono Blocks available for sale

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The Wadia a340 digital mono amplifier provides 400 watts at 8 ohms or 500 watts at 4 ohms into a single channel. It shares the same sleek, modern industrial design as the 321 decoding computer, making a pair of a340s a perfect choice to use with the 321 to build your audio system.

Due to their electronic switching design, our new generation of amplifiers - including the a340 - are able to deliver massive amounts of power directly to your speakers with very little energy wasted in heat generation and dissipation. The large cooling fins or noisy fans often found in other high power amplifiers are no longer necessary. The result is a greener, compact and energy efficient amplifier.

The Wadia "a315 is no slouch in sonic terms"... but the a340 has a "pacier, more agile delivery, with faster transients and a more succinct, authoritative approach. Tonally, there was more substance, albeit while retaining a similar tonal balance [as the a315], but presented with more impetus. The bottom end was perhaps the biggest beneficiary, given both more slam and precision, but also greater reach and depth." - Audio Video SA

The a340 includes the latest technology from Wadia. It features a comprehensive balanced signal design from input through output stage known as IO Symmetry™ that provides total system differential pairing - resulting in increased audio quality and noise reduction. Frequency Switching Transmission™ (FST) is an adaptive modulation design that reduces distortion at any power level over the entire audio spectrum. Utilizing a feedback technique, it makes real time micro-adjustments to the switching carrier frequency to improve linearity, thereby significantly reducing audio distortion. The higher the amplifier’s power output, the greater observed reduction in distortion. To protect your speakers, Signal Surveyor™ monitors the output signal and stops amplification if unsafe levels of DC voltage are detected.

"Clean, uncluttered aesthetics provide no clue to the big, spacious, and generous delivery of these power amps. Loads of muscle ensure ample authority and pace, but never to the detriment of musical empathy."Audio Video SA

Both balanced and unbalanced inputs are available for connecting your other system components; balanced and unbalanced outputs are also included for ease of connecting bi-amp configurations. Specially designed 5-way binding posts will securely hold your speaker wire; they are designed for easy finger tightening and come with a special tool if even more snug connections are desired. A trigger input and output makes it simple to control the power state of your entire system when the a340 is turned on/off.

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